Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hard Work Pays Off!

Well this has been a GREAT week!
It is one of those weeks where I am just feeling super grateful for everything that is going on!
I feel like there is a theme in my mission, where I work super hard and not a lot happens until right before I am about to leave. So i definitely have a testimony of hard work paying off!
I've told so many missionaries, that as long as we are working hard, the Lord will fill in the blanks!
And it is sooo true!
But ya this week
Tuesday I  got to go on exchanges in El Dorado with Sister Tu'atonga. It was a lot of fun, she is hilarious. We did service at the thrift store, and i got a supergood deal on a coat. Haha it was brand new and I got it for $3. woohoo! But ya it was good. My last time back in El Dorado. Oh ya and we had a JW attack us. Hahaha good times.
Wednesday we had an appointment with this lady named Lisa who we hadn't met yet but her mom is a member. So Lisa is dying from cancer and it was sooooo sad. She was in sooo much pain, but she was so grateful we came to see her. In the night we saw Tom and Judi and we retaught Judi the Restoration. 
Thursday we did some service in the morning by helping someone move and then we had district meeting, and then we did service at an old folks home haha. Then we just saw some other people. Nothing too exciting.
Friday: i had my departing interview. It was good. It definitely makes going home seem a little more real! Then we had appointments back to back right after. We saw Kody! And he said he would come to church. And then we saw Lisa again, but the RS pres came with us. While we were at her house we all of a sudden heard this noise and we were like what is that? And we look out the window, and the sun was shining so bright, but then there was HAIL and pouring rain! hahaha it was awesome. We got soaking wet while we were leaving.
Saturday: Was good. We decided to try every single PMF in the 4th ward. haha it ended up being pretty good. tHen in the night we had a RS activity to go to. So that was a lot of fun.
Sunday: JUDI AND KODY CAME TO CHURCH! We were so surprised! It was awesome! And then in the night we had an awesome lesson with Judi. And she is pretty much solid for the 14th!!! yayayayayyyy! So keep her in your prayers still. We committed her to fast with us that day so she would be able to recognize her answer, and then she said in RS she kept thinking, ya i should be baptized. And all this stuff. And then she was listening to other peoples comments, and she realized that she doesn't have to be perfect to join the church. And so she is slowly getting more and more sure of it! So we are so excited for her!!! and we got a sweet referral of this boy who wants to be baptized! So we have an appointment with him on tuesday.
But ya things are great.
We found out it is ELDER BEDNAR who is coming to the mission and to our stake conference! So that will be awesome!!!
But ya it was a cool week where things just kept working out perfectly! Heavenly Father is definitely in every detail of our lives. That is for sure! 
WELL I love you all so much!!!!!

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