Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Mission Life is Great!

Hello hello hello!
I hope that you all had a good valentines day!
So transfers, said goodbye to Sister Wilson, that was sad, but its okay we will be friends after out missions so its all good! Got to see allllllllllll the missionaries that are going home. Oh my gosh, soooo many people went home this transfer, and a lot of them are people that I served with for a long time that were so fun. It was sad to see them leave!
Picked up Sister Wright, and then came back to Folsom! 
So we had a good week. Did some service, saw some people. 
Hahah we had dinner at a couples house and they are both special needs. I don't know how they signed up on our calendar, or how safe the food was to eat, but we still ate it. lol, and we are still alive, so far haha.
Valentines day was fun! We got to do service at the veterans hall. So we went and served dinner and haha we sang Love at home. It was fun! But ya, just kind of a regular ol week.
President and Sister Jardine came with their daughter and grandkids, and their 5 year old grandson came and he was wearing Presidents name tag and it was the cutest thing ever!
But ya, I hope you are all doing GREAT!!!!

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