Sunday, 1 February 2015

Elvis on my Mission?!

Hello Family!
Hope you are all doing great!
We had a good week this week.
Tuesday was kind of a funny day, we went to see that old lady named Maureen,and she lives at a retirement home, and so we went to go see her and Elvis was performing. hahahah apparently they have a monthly birthday party, and it was Maureens turn! So we got to see Elvis perform some songs. hahaha it was kind of a hilarious surprise. Oh and earlier that day we went and did service at this veterans hall, and i cleaned out  a fridge. Haha the lady said " who is good at organizing?" and then everyone turned and looked at me. So I guess i am good at organizing. But ya the fridge was nasty, haha everything is covered in mold. But no longer!
Wednesday we were on exchanges, I was with Sister Phothiworn, she is this super adorable sister from Thailand. Her accent is super thick, but she is seriously great! We went for thai food! She showed me all the good  things! We did service at the thrift shop, the usual. We saw some people and had a good day. And we had 4th ward missionary coorelation. The ward missionaries had some good ideas of what to do to get missionary work rolling. So we will see what happens :).
Thursday we had an awesome district meeting! It was all about being a consecrated missionary! I thought it was so good. We just really need to give it our all. As long as I am doing my best,the Lord will know! The rest of the day was good. We saw some members and saw Kyla! I love Kyla! We got gas and when we went into the gas station to get our receipt the worker said "Are you two Sisters??" And we were like hmmmmmm how should we answer this. hahaha So we said Yes Sister Missionaries! haha but then he meant real sisters. Kind of funny. 
Friday was good. Weekly planning, and then we saw some more people. We had dinner and a lesson with Jeanne. It was good. And then in the evening we went down to old Folsom and did some contacting. There were 2 elders therea nd then we made it a competition of who could contact the most people! haha it was fun.
Saturday: In the morning we decided to go to the farmers market to try and contact people, and hahah the only people we ended up talking to were these two homeless guys, Nick and Kyle. hhahaha so we taught them all about the book of mormon, and then told them we would get them lunch. So we left to go get taco bell cause Sister Wilson had a giftcard, and then we decided to go to the di trailer and get them some stuff. So we got them each a blanket, and some socks and stuff like that, and then we went back, AND THEY WERE GONE! We were like NOOOOO! So we kept driving around trying to find them, but we couldn't see them anywhere. Then we found this old chinese homeless man and decided to give him the taco bell. And then he was like "you want some chicken?" and we're like noooo, then he pulled out  a safeway bag full of stinky chicken. hahahah so then all of a sudden we had this stinky chicken that didn't know what to do with. So then we start driving to find a garbage can and who do we see? NICK AND KYLE! So we gave them the other stuff but told them they missed out on taco bell. hahahaa. what a day. We saw Judi and tried some other people, and had dinner with the Kolanders, then in the evening we saw the Edwards. oh my goshhh they are SO funny! I love them!
Sunday was good. We had both wards and both ward councils, so we were tired ladies. But it was all good. Then we had dinner with the Hollingsworths, they are a super awesome young family! and we tried some referrals we got and then that was it.
BUT in other news. I am pretty sure that I am going to get transferred from folsom, and let me tell you  why. There is an APOSTLE coming to the Folsom stake on MARCH 15 for a special stake conference!!!! SO i am sure I will miss out on that cause I always seem to miss the big honchos! 
WELL Love you all!!!!!!!

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