Wednesday, 11 February 2015

East Sac is so Fun!

Hellllllllooooo Everybody!
Well this was a good week, just like every week :)
Tuesday: we had a special little meeting as a zone, the zone leaders planned it, and it was just supposed to be a meeting to pump everybody up and to help everyone see what a great zone we are in, but everyone decided to take it personally and got upset about it. I thought it was a good meeting, just helped us to see what our potential is. Later that day we did service at the Veterans hall and we painted a womens bathroom haha. That night we met this super funny less active lady, she really liked us and said she might take us out for sushi sometime haha. Then we had dinner with the Edmondsons, he the wml is 4th ward, and she is the rs pres. They are awesome!
Wednesday I was on exchanges in East Sac with Sister Wheelwright!! It was so cool to see her after so long! She has changed so much! It was great. And let me tell you, East Sac is soooooo fun! We were on full time bike! It was awesome! We were biking around talking to everyone! It was a blast! 
Thursday: we saw some people in the morning, did more painting service, but oh ya haha we were fasting, so painting while fasting is not really the best thing. So don't try it. But we survived. We did weekly planning, and then we had dinner at the Stoeltzings, that is the bishop of 4th wrd. But he wasn't there, just his wife, but oh my gosh, I love sister Stoeltzing! she is awesome! haha So that was a lot of fun!
Friday: we had ZONE CONFERENCE! Woohoo! its been so long since we've had a normal zone conference. Basically they did this one because there are so many of us going home that they needed to do one so we could all give our departing testimonies. The theme of zone training was teaching from the scriptures. It was great! And ya i had to give my departing testimony, it seems pretty weird that I only have one transfer left. Yikes. After zone conference we saw these sweet formers and we set up a dinner appointment with them. And we went contacting in old folsom in the night. Hahaha nothing too exciting, but we met some pretty interesting people.
Saturday: was not so good, well I mean it wasn't a bad day, but it wasn't good. Sister Wilson got sick. so we went to service and dinner,but besides that the rest of the day was just kind of staying inside.
Sunday: Same thing, sister wilson woke up really sick, so we only went to 3rd hour of 2nd ward because we said we would teach YW's, and then we went and took the sacrament in 4th ward. But we watched Mountain of the Lord, hahaha, have you seen that? its a great movie about how the salt lake temple was built. And a yw in the ward invited her friend to church, and she came, and gave her a book of mormon and she loved it! So we might have a new investigator in the future! Woohoo!
Well thats about all that is going on!
We have transfers next week, so pday will be on tuesday and I will be figuring out where I am going to die! 
Hope you are doing great!

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