Friday, 27 February 2015

Another Great Week in Folsom!

Well it was another great week here in Folsom! I love Folsom! 
We had a lesson with Aubrey on monday night.... she is still kind of skeptical, but she is willing to listen, and seems pretty sincere about knowing  what is true. So we have another appointment with her tonight!
Tuesday we saw a lot of people we saw this guy whose last name is Cashdollar hahaha and his first name is Bill. Isn't that funny? But ya, he is a grumpy less active... hahaa it was kind of funny. We saw the Edwards in the night. Oh my gosh, i'm serious they have got to be the funniest people in the world! I love them! We did service at the thrift store. which was pretty fun. and Oh ya! I found $100 in one of the pant pockets, but obviously I gave it to the manager, but since then people keep giving us money hahaha we try to give it back, but no luck. So for now we are calling it good karma. hahah
Wednesday we saw a lot of people, did some service,  had dinner at the Graysons. Aw I love the Graysons, they are such a solid family. And we did practice teaching with Brother Edmondson, so either i'm a perfect teacher, or brother edmondson knows that i am too old and you can't teach an old dog new tricks. hahaha cause he didn't give me any critiques but he gave sis wright a bunch. hahaha. But it was all good. He is awesome. He just wants to make it to so we are awesome teachers.
Thursday was good. We saw some people, had district meeting. Elder Thomas is our new district leader, and he did a great job! I loved it! hahah our district is really silly. It is just us, and then Elder Thomas and his companion, but then the zone leaders have to come so we are not on a date. hahaha so weird. We got to see Beth this day, she is sooo sweet. And then we had this RM come out with us to see Kody, but Kody bailed for that time. So we went back before dinner and we committed Kody to read the BOM, so it is all good! And then we had dinner at the Edmondsons, saw Sister Huff, and then went to the Pierces. hahaha Sister Wright is crazy about cats, #catlady, but she won't admit it. And at the pierces she was like oooo kitty and was going nuts about their cat, and now whenever the Pierces see her they pretend to stroke a cat and make meowing noises, and sister wright is all offended about it. haahahah so funny, especially because she does that whenever she sees a cat, but they called her out on it. hahahahaaha hilar.
Friday was weekly planning, and then we rode our bikes around for a little bit! It was soo fun! We saw some potentials and stuff like that, but no one too exciting. 
Saturday was great!we met with bishop stoeltzing, and then we did service, saw some people, and then we had dinner at the Medinas! This was great, they are not members, but had us over, and we taught them the restoration and set an appointment to come teach them more!!! we are super excited!!!
Sunday was awesome. Oh man i just love both of these wards! They were just both awesome. In second wards relief society there were some good comments from the lesson, one was "When reverses (or setbacks) come, we need the temple even more". And one sister told a story from her brothers mission. They were in this little town and there was no sun for months, just super overcast, and the missionaries started getting really depressed, and then this members took them on a drive, like up a mountain, and then boom they drove over the clouds, and they could see the sun! So he said "the sunshine is always there, but sometimes from our position we can't see it" So remember in hard times, the sun is ALWAYS there! :) In 4th ward this girl came home from her mission, and her talk was great. And then we had dinner with the Jensens, hilarious. And then saw Tom and Judi.
So it was a good week!
Today ahhh we've been running around like crazy ladies. So sister wright is super talented on the piano, so they asked her if she would play the piano for this musical number when the apostle is here. So we had to drive to the mission office, then drive to elk grove for her to practice with the other sisters. So we left at 11 and didn't get back to Folsom till 3:45.... haahah byebye pday. Oh well. It was for a good cause. And i got to see some missionaries I haven't seen in a while.\
BUT other than that, life is good.
I have my departing interview on friday... hahaha.......... oh well. it is what it is.

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