Friday, 27 February 2015

Another Great Week in Folsom!

Well it was another great week here in Folsom! I love Folsom! 
We had a lesson with Aubrey on monday night.... she is still kind of skeptical, but she is willing to listen, and seems pretty sincere about knowing  what is true. So we have another appointment with her tonight!
Tuesday we saw a lot of people we saw this guy whose last name is Cashdollar hahaha and his first name is Bill. Isn't that funny? But ya, he is a grumpy less active... hahaa it was kind of funny. We saw the Edwards in the night. Oh my gosh, i'm serious they have got to be the funniest people in the world! I love them! We did service at the thrift store. which was pretty fun. and Oh ya! I found $100 in one of the pant pockets, but obviously I gave it to the manager, but since then people keep giving us money hahaha we try to give it back, but no luck. So for now we are calling it good karma. hahah
Wednesday we saw a lot of people, did some service,  had dinner at the Graysons. Aw I love the Graysons, they are such a solid family. And we did practice teaching with Brother Edmondson, so either i'm a perfect teacher, or brother edmondson knows that i am too old and you can't teach an old dog new tricks. hahaha cause he didn't give me any critiques but he gave sis wright a bunch. hahaha. But it was all good. He is awesome. He just wants to make it to so we are awesome teachers.
Thursday was good. We saw some people, had district meeting. Elder Thomas is our new district leader, and he did a great job! I loved it! hahah our district is really silly. It is just us, and then Elder Thomas and his companion, but then the zone leaders have to come so we are not on a date. hahaha so weird. We got to see Beth this day, she is sooo sweet. And then we had this RM come out with us to see Kody, but Kody bailed for that time. So we went back before dinner and we committed Kody to read the BOM, so it is all good! And then we had dinner at the Edmondsons, saw Sister Huff, and then went to the Pierces. hahaha Sister Wright is crazy about cats, #catlady, but she won't admit it. And at the pierces she was like oooo kitty and was going nuts about their cat, and now whenever the Pierces see her they pretend to stroke a cat and make meowing noises, and sister wright is all offended about it. haahahah so funny, especially because she does that whenever she sees a cat, but they called her out on it. hahahahaaha hilar.
Friday was weekly planning, and then we rode our bikes around for a little bit! It was soo fun! We saw some potentials and stuff like that, but no one too exciting. 
Saturday was great!we met with bishop stoeltzing, and then we did service, saw some people, and then we had dinner at the Medinas! This was great, they are not members, but had us over, and we taught them the restoration and set an appointment to come teach them more!!! we are super excited!!!
Sunday was awesome. Oh man i just love both of these wards! They were just both awesome. In second wards relief society there were some good comments from the lesson, one was "When reverses (or setbacks) come, we need the temple even more". And one sister told a story from her brothers mission. They were in this little town and there was no sun for months, just super overcast, and the missionaries started getting really depressed, and then this members took them on a drive, like up a mountain, and then boom they drove over the clouds, and they could see the sun! So he said "the sunshine is always there, but sometimes from our position we can't see it" So remember in hard times, the sun is ALWAYS there! :) In 4th ward this girl came home from her mission, and her talk was great. And then we had dinner with the Jensens, hilarious. And then saw Tom and Judi.
So it was a good week!
Today ahhh we've been running around like crazy ladies. So sister wright is super talented on the piano, so they asked her if she would play the piano for this musical number when the apostle is here. So we had to drive to the mission office, then drive to elk grove for her to practice with the other sisters. So we left at 11 and didn't get back to Folsom till 3:45.... haahah byebye pday. Oh well. It was for a good cause. And i got to see some missionaries I haven't seen in a while.\
BUT other than that, life is good.
I have my departing interview on friday... hahaha.......... oh well. it is what it is.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Me and Sister Wilson

Our Zone before Transfers!

Mission Life is Great!

Hello hello hello!
I hope that you all had a good valentines day!
So transfers, said goodbye to Sister Wilson, that was sad, but its okay we will be friends after out missions so its all good! Got to see allllllllllll the missionaries that are going home. Oh my gosh, soooo many people went home this transfer, and a lot of them are people that I served with for a long time that were so fun. It was sad to see them leave!
Picked up Sister Wright, and then came back to Folsom! 
So we had a good week. Did some service, saw some people. 
Hahah we had dinner at a couples house and they are both special needs. I don't know how they signed up on our calendar, or how safe the food was to eat, but we still ate it. lol, and we are still alive, so far haha.
Valentines day was fun! We got to do service at the veterans hall. So we went and served dinner and haha we sang Love at home. It was fun! But ya, just kind of a regular ol week.
President and Sister Jardine came with their daughter and grandkids, and their 5 year old grandson came and he was wearing Presidents name tag and it was the cutest thing ever!
But ya, I hope you are all doing GREAT!!!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Dying in Folsom!

This is going to be short!
SO for transfers! I AM DYING IN FOLSOM! Can you believe that? haha I'm not surprised. But the big  surprise is: Sister Wilson is getting transferred! Crazy crazy stuff!
SO my new companion will be Sister Wright. She is a super new missionary, but she just got called as an STL, so she should be good. Hahah she has literally only been on her mission the amount that I've been in Folsom. hahaha oh man. 
BUT YA, so thats exciting! 
AND GUESS WHAT! SO we had an awesome lesson with JUDI and she accepted to be baptized on MARCH 14!!!!! SO WE HOPE SHE STAYS TRUE TO THAT! She is totally still scared, but it would be soooooooooo good for her!
Ahahah the count down is officially on!!!

East Sac is so Fun!

Hellllllllooooo Everybody!
Well this was a good week, just like every week :)
Tuesday: we had a special little meeting as a zone, the zone leaders planned it, and it was just supposed to be a meeting to pump everybody up and to help everyone see what a great zone we are in, but everyone decided to take it personally and got upset about it. I thought it was a good meeting, just helped us to see what our potential is. Later that day we did service at the Veterans hall and we painted a womens bathroom haha. That night we met this super funny less active lady, she really liked us and said she might take us out for sushi sometime haha. Then we had dinner with the Edmondsons, he the wml is 4th ward, and she is the rs pres. They are awesome!
Wednesday I was on exchanges in East Sac with Sister Wheelwright!! It was so cool to see her after so long! She has changed so much! It was great. And let me tell you, East Sac is soooooo fun! We were on full time bike! It was awesome! We were biking around talking to everyone! It was a blast! 
Thursday: we saw some people in the morning, did more painting service, but oh ya haha we were fasting, so painting while fasting is not really the best thing. So don't try it. But we survived. We did weekly planning, and then we had dinner at the Stoeltzings, that is the bishop of 4th wrd. But he wasn't there, just his wife, but oh my gosh, I love sister Stoeltzing! she is awesome! haha So that was a lot of fun!
Friday: we had ZONE CONFERENCE! Woohoo! its been so long since we've had a normal zone conference. Basically they did this one because there are so many of us going home that they needed to do one so we could all give our departing testimonies. The theme of zone training was teaching from the scriptures. It was great! And ya i had to give my departing testimony, it seems pretty weird that I only have one transfer left. Yikes. After zone conference we saw these sweet formers and we set up a dinner appointment with them. And we went contacting in old folsom in the night. Hahaha nothing too exciting, but we met some pretty interesting people.
Saturday: was not so good, well I mean it wasn't a bad day, but it wasn't good. Sister Wilson got sick. so we went to service and dinner,but besides that the rest of the day was just kind of staying inside.
Sunday: Same thing, sister wilson woke up really sick, so we only went to 3rd hour of 2nd ward because we said we would teach YW's, and then we went and took the sacrament in 4th ward. But we watched Mountain of the Lord, hahaha, have you seen that? its a great movie about how the salt lake temple was built. And a yw in the ward invited her friend to church, and she came, and gave her a book of mormon and she loved it! So we might have a new investigator in the future! Woohoo!
Well thats about all that is going on!
We have transfers next week, so pday will be on tuesday and I will be figuring out where I am going to die! 
Hope you are doing great!

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Our Zone at the Folsom Prison 

Colander Family - We love them!

A new investigator at the Folsom Prison!  

Made out of toothpicks by an inmate at the prison.

Folsom Prison

Inmates don't get this excited when they see the gates of Folsom Prison

Gates of the Prison

Me, Johnny Cash and Sister Wilson

Elvis on my Mission?!

Hello Family!
Hope you are all doing great!
We had a good week this week.
Tuesday was kind of a funny day, we went to see that old lady named Maureen,and she lives at a retirement home, and so we went to go see her and Elvis was performing. hahahah apparently they have a monthly birthday party, and it was Maureens turn! So we got to see Elvis perform some songs. hahaha it was kind of a hilarious surprise. Oh and earlier that day we went and did service at this veterans hall, and i cleaned out  a fridge. Haha the lady said " who is good at organizing?" and then everyone turned and looked at me. So I guess i am good at organizing. But ya the fridge was nasty, haha everything is covered in mold. But no longer!
Wednesday we were on exchanges, I was with Sister Phothiworn, she is this super adorable sister from Thailand. Her accent is super thick, but she is seriously great! We went for thai food! She showed me all the good  things! We did service at the thrift shop, the usual. We saw some people and had a good day. And we had 4th ward missionary coorelation. The ward missionaries had some good ideas of what to do to get missionary work rolling. So we will see what happens :).
Thursday we had an awesome district meeting! It was all about being a consecrated missionary! I thought it was so good. We just really need to give it our all. As long as I am doing my best,the Lord will know! The rest of the day was good. We saw some members and saw Kyla! I love Kyla! We got gas and when we went into the gas station to get our receipt the worker said "Are you two Sisters??" And we were like hmmmmmm how should we answer this. hahaha So we said Yes Sister Missionaries! haha but then he meant real sisters. Kind of funny. 
Friday was good. Weekly planning, and then we saw some more people. We had dinner and a lesson with Jeanne. It was good. And then in the evening we went down to old Folsom and did some contacting. There were 2 elders therea nd then we made it a competition of who could contact the most people! haha it was fun.
Saturday: In the morning we decided to go to the farmers market to try and contact people, and hahah the only people we ended up talking to were these two homeless guys, Nick and Kyle. hhahaha so we taught them all about the book of mormon, and then told them we would get them lunch. So we left to go get taco bell cause Sister Wilson had a giftcard, and then we decided to go to the di trailer and get them some stuff. So we got them each a blanket, and some socks and stuff like that, and then we went back, AND THEY WERE GONE! We were like NOOOOO! So we kept driving around trying to find them, but we couldn't see them anywhere. Then we found this old chinese homeless man and decided to give him the taco bell. And then he was like "you want some chicken?" and we're like noooo, then he pulled out  a safeway bag full of stinky chicken. hahahah so then all of a sudden we had this stinky chicken that didn't know what to do with. So then we start driving to find a garbage can and who do we see? NICK AND KYLE! So we gave them the other stuff but told them they missed out on taco bell. hahahaa. what a day. We saw Judi and tried some other people, and had dinner with the Kolanders, then in the evening we saw the Edwards. oh my goshhh they are SO funny! I love them!
Sunday was good. We had both wards and both ward councils, so we were tired ladies. But it was all good. Then we had dinner with the Hollingsworths, they are a super awesome young family! and we tried some referrals we got and then that was it.
BUT in other news. I am pretty sure that I am going to get transferred from folsom, and let me tell you  why. There is an APOSTLE coming to the Folsom stake on MARCH 15 for a special stake conference!!!! SO i am sure I will miss out on that cause I always seem to miss the big honchos! 
WELL Love you all!!!!!!!