Monday, 19 January 2015

Tender Mercy

Hey family!
Well I don't really have a lot to report on since I last wrote you a few days ago....
Haha I think the most interesting thing to report on was that we went  to Lakeside church. 
Haha so probably no one knows anything about Lakeside, but all you need to know is it is a rock n roll church. hahaha we walked in and it was like a rock concert! 
No wonder everybody wants to go to the church, its just a party church.
Haha but ya, it was interesting for sure.
Hmmm sunday... our alarm didn't go off for some reason.... so we accidently slept in till 8:30.....(tender mercy hahaha)..... church starts at 9 and is 15 minutes away! hahaha so we definitely missed ward council, but then managed to get to church only 5 minutes late. 
Then after 2nd ward, one of our investigators texted us to drop us.... awesome.
hahaha so maybe we were being punished for going to that church.
Hahahaha oops.
But on the bright side, today we went ice skating as a zone!
It was fun! hahaha
And tomorrow we have MLC so we get costa vida! 
Well that is about it!

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