Monday, 19 January 2015

Staying in Folsom

Wow! It feels like I haven't emailed you since LAST YEAR. hahaha good joke right?
things have been SWELL!
It was so nice talking to everybody on Christmas, sounds like everyone is doing great! 
On Saturday KYLA got baptized!!!! It was soooo nice! Kyla is just the coolest girl in the world and now she is baptized! Can you even believe that?
It was a really nice little program too, her bf Tyler gave a talk, then Brooke the bishops daugter gave one, then she got baptized, and Sister Cleverly and I taught while she was getting changed, and then there was a little testimony meeting, and Kyla bore her testimony :') awwww. She is just awesome.
After her baptism Brother Edmondson took us out for sushi, which was nice. And sister Jones came back for the baptism so she came too! It was nice to see her!
Sunday, Kyla got the HOLY GHOST! wooohooo! It was great! We had dinner with the Hunts who are so funny and then we went and saw Joy who is the old lady who gave sister William the ukulele. So we brought our ukuleles and played silver bells for her. Haha its the only duet we knew. She loved it! And then in the night we went to the Edmondsons cause they have invited this less active family over for dinner, so we got to talk to them and it was great.
Then monday.... the great and dreadful day of transfer calls. haha. The beginning of the day was good. We went and did service at this ladies house who can't use her arms, and just saw a lot of other people. Someone brought us pizza for dinner haha, and then we saw the Medinas who are this super cool family who should get baptized asap. They are soo great! So we will see what happens with them.
Then we went to visit these members.......... and the dad usually isn't there and apparently he is kind of less active, and he was trying to prove the gospel wrong. So i was just like noooope, i'm not going to partiicipate in this nonsense. It was horrible. and while we were there we got our transfer calls. Sooooo drum rollllllll..... I am staying in Folsom with Sister Wilson!! And Sister Cleverly went to Lodi. So we were sad because we loved being companions, but we are both getting awesome companions! Seriously both of the sisters are amazing. But it was sad.
Tuesday would usually be pday, but sister cleverly started packing in the morning and then we had a zone lunch so we could have one last hoorah and sign each others bye books. But in the middle of our lunch we get a call from Sister Jardine, and she was like one of the sisters is having a mental breakdown can you go help her? So! We quickly got everyone to sign our books and the sped to carmichael to console this sister. So she was okay, just had a panic attack, and we talked about it, and then her zone leaders came and gave her a blessing, and hopefully she is okay now. Then the rest of tuesday was saying goodbye to people and all of that kind of stuff.
Wednesday was transfers! So we met at the office, and then Sister Wilson came back with me to Folsom! She is going to be a great companion! So then we had a lunch appointment that day, then district meetnig, then an appointment, then it was our zone activity. Hahha. so poor Sister Wilson hasn't even got to unpack at all yet.
But ya, thats about it!
We are going to be in finding mode now! Pray that we will find someone who is being prepared!!!!!! :)
Love you all!!!!!!!!

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