Monday, 19 January 2015

Locked in the Clerks Office

Well hello family!
Yesterday was my 16 month birthday! Can you believe that? HOLY time is seriously FLYING! Hahah everytime a member asks me how long i've been out i say "a little over a year" and then my companion laughs, and then I just have to fess up and say how long I've been out, and then everyone gets all trunky on me. hahaha. Oh well... i guess it has to happen one day!
This week was good!
On Tuesday we had MLC, and it was actually so cool! We got to set the mission baptism goal. So it was neat, at first everyone started throwing out random numbers,and they were all sort of close to each other, but then one elder said "I don't know if its a sign or not but i keep seeing the number 711," and he said it was like numbers, or also the gas station 711. And then everyone was sort of laughing, and then I put up my hand and said that I really liked the goal of 711, and then all of a sudden president kind of agreed and then everyone was in unison! It ws cool, cause it started out kind of random, but then the spirit kicked in and everyone was on the same page! And then we said a prayer to you know tell/ ask Heavenly Father if this was the right goal, and the spirit was super strong and every body knew that we had chosen the right number! It was awesome! (part of the reason i liked the goal was cause someone joked that if we reached the goal that we could all get slurpees, and sister jardine said she would buy them, and you all know I would do anything for a slurpee haahahah, jk) But ya it was great!

Wednesday we did service at the thrift shop, and then we decided to just try and do some contacting! It was awesome! We talked to a couple people and some could potentially be interested! We met a hilarious old lady who was like swearing and stuff! hahahha we were cracking up. We had dinner with a lessactive from the 4th ward, she was sooo nice, and we shared the talk "his grace is sufficient" with her, and she was like crying. It was so sad, but so good. so hopefully she can see that the atonement really works for her! And then we had a great lesson with Judi about prayer! 

Thursday we did weekly planning! It was what ever. And we met with the zone leaders to plan our zone training. Aww they are great! seriously awesome zone leaders! We also had a lesson with this apparently really hard to catch less active pmf in the 4th ward. It was really great until the teenage daughter was like, I don't see why we need Jesus Christ, and then put down everything we said. But we bore testimony and continued on! And then that night we got to have a new member lesson with Kyla, awww I love her. She is so great!

Friday: this was our zone training! It was soooooo good! It was all about Peters conversion. We read from a couple different scriptures and talked about how Peter has changed over time. But still we know that at one point, Peter had been with Christ through his whole ministry, but he still wasn't converted. He denied Christ. BUT then he became converted. We all need to work on our conversions. We can't just be satisfied where we are at. Conversion is a process, not a destination. So that is what it was all about. President and Sister Jardine came, and they really enjoyed it too. All in all the spirit was super strong, and we gave some missionaries the opportunity to come up and bear their testimonies and it was cool to see how it influenced them. We used Hollands talk "THe First Great commandment", so everyone should go read it, it is soooo good!

Saturday we went and did service for Carla, she is the lady who can't use her arms, and she was so grateful! And we saw a few other people. Had a really fun dinner with the Hunts and it was good!

Sunday we attended both wards, it was good! Lots of great talks and lessons. And then we had dinner at the Poggemans and they are sooo fun!

Well in other news, we are currently locked in the clerks office right now. We were emailing in here, and then all of a sudden the elders were like sisters, you need to stay in here, there is a really creepy guy in the church. So we locked the door, and then another set of elders came and told us that this guy is apparently doing some crazy stuff, and there are broken windows and doors and blood everywhere........ And I guess the cops are on the way.
We are actually seriously really freaked out right now. 
SO ya, umm I guess the silver lining is we have extra time to email. 
But ya, we don't know whats going on. So I'll keep you posted.


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