Monday, 8 December 2014

Sign Language is Cool!

Well this was a good week! It flew by!! And we've been soo busy!
Tuesday we had MLC, it was fun! We got new standards of excellence! I like them, it is helping the missionaries to become more rooted in Christ! It is cool! I think great things will start happening in the mission!  After MLC we had an appointment with Judi, and the most confusing thing happened. Judi said "you don't have to teach me a lesson every time you come over. I've been taught all of the lessons many times and I don't want you to waste your time"..... so we were like... Did Judi just drop us? We still had our lesson, but we don't really know what the deal is with Judi. Then we had a search and rescue that night.... the sisters before us thought they were so creative... basically all it is is ministering visits, but they thought it was all original. But it would have been cool if the ward council actually showed up..................... but they didn't lol. Just the RS presidency! They are great!!
Wednesday we had a meeting with the ZLs to plan zone training, and then had our BOM study with Laurel and then had lunch with Ashley Dean! Then we drove to Carmichael and did team ups with the ASL sisters! It was great to be in a city! I talked to people!  SO FUN! Also it was POURING RAIN! And we went tracting hahaha, also so fun! Also sign language is sooooooooo cool. I am learning how to say Hello my name is Sister Lacusta. Wish me luck! Then we almost died because there is so much rain and the streets were flooding. And we went to starbucks to get hot chocolate and I ordered a white hot chocolate with peppermint and the guy made me a white MOCHA. Luckily they said what it was and i was like noooo i need hot chocolate. We figured the starbucks guy was LOL'ing to himself because he just made the mormon missionary coffee hahahah. That was a close one. Then we had our Relief society parties. Yes both wards were on the same night at the exact same time. They were both really fun! If you're wondering how we went to both it is because we got a time turner just like Hermione has in Harry Potter. jk, we just went to the first 40minss of one and the last 40mins of the other. Then we drove to EL DORADO to go on exchanges! 
Ya so thursday I was with Sister Miller in the greenvalley/bass lake area! It was fun! Then we ended a little early cause we had to meet with the ZL's again to finalize our plans for zone training.
Friday we had zone training! It went really great! We had a council setting, so it was more like a big discussion instead. Then we had to do weekly planninggggggg. And we saw some people. And  there was a tree lighting in downtown folsom we were going to check out but it was pouring rain again......... like the whole week it was like that. I mean it was great cause we need rain! But i feel sooo bad for the biking missionaries! 
Then Saturday was good, we helped Judi put christmas lights up, and saw some other people and thats all i remember.
Sunday, two wards, went great, we ended up having to teach sunday school in 2nd ward and we taught elders quorum in the 4th ward! Then in the evening we watched the first presidency devotional! It was great! 
Well I don't know who else has been handing out he is the gift cards, but mom i'm so proud of you :D
Great work!!!!!!!!
I get to go to the temple tomorrow! And then Wednesday I get to go back to El Dorado with Sister BOata!!!! its gunna be so fun!


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