Friday, 19 December 2014

Back to El Dorado

So yesterday we got CRAZY news!!
We got a text from our zone leaders that we had a special meeting at 7:45 sunday night. And we were like whaaat, cause it was in the middle of a stake christmas activity that we had going on. And then some of the sisters from a different zone texted us and said are you having a meeting with president tonight? And we were like ya! And then we were so excited cause we were thinking  IPADS!!!!
So anyways we get to the meeting, and it is a mission wide conference call haaha. And this is the news.
So they are taking Lodi (my birth place), Stockton, and Manteca zones, and taking 3 zones from the Fresno mission, and are creating the Modesto mission!
haha jk, not until July. So I will be home by then, but still weird!!!
So that is the biggest news.
In other news, We had our temple conference on tuesday. SO FUN!
Wednesday I got to go on exchanges back in EL DORADO!!!!!!!
 Can you beleive that? Oh man it was soooo fun. It felt so good to be back there! We had a super productive day, and I actually got to see a lot of people that I have missed :). We went for lunch with the Jones' it was fun! And then just stopped by other people! But it was good.
Lol, there was some serious anticipation about a big storm that was coming, but it wasn't so bad. But we've been getting tons of rain! I think this is what winter is actually supposed to be like in California. WET. lol. But it is good, it is helping to make up for the drought.
Oh and throughout this week we have had FOUR phones because hahah we got new phones and new numbers so we have the old ones for a little bit longer. So having 4 phones is so crazy. lol.
Hahah friday we had dinner with this awesome couple. they are a part member family, and we hope the husband will join in soon haha!
Saturday we had BOTH ward christmas parties! It was soo fun! They both went really great!
Oh ya hahahaha we had a funny visitor at church on sunday, I'll tell you about him on the phone ( :D ). His name is Hawk hahaha like the bird.
Oh and i guess i won't talk to you till christmas, lol no pday until then! CRRRRAAAAAAAAZY STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, 8 December 2014

Lots of Pictures!

Colander kids, Sister Cleverly and Me!

Me and Sister Cleverly!

Two wards means Two Relief Society Christmas Parties!

Two Wards means Two Relief Society Christmas Parties!

Happy Birthday to Me!  

I'm 22!

So Smokey!

Sister Missionaries Rock!

Ashley Dean how I Love You!

Sister William modelling her new glasses!

Sister William is so cute!

Sister William and me at the Temple!

Thanksgiving Fun!

Don't forget to Give Thanks!

He is the Gift!

Zoo Tree Decorating!

Elders in the Rain

We decorated all the trees at the Zoo!

We were a little wet from the rain.

My new tag??!!

Sign Language is Cool!

Well this was a good week! It flew by!! And we've been soo busy!
Tuesday we had MLC, it was fun! We got new standards of excellence! I like them, it is helping the missionaries to become more rooted in Christ! It is cool! I think great things will start happening in the mission!  After MLC we had an appointment with Judi, and the most confusing thing happened. Judi said "you don't have to teach me a lesson every time you come over. I've been taught all of the lessons many times and I don't want you to waste your time"..... so we were like... Did Judi just drop us? We still had our lesson, but we don't really know what the deal is with Judi. Then we had a search and rescue that night.... the sisters before us thought they were so creative... basically all it is is ministering visits, but they thought it was all original. But it would have been cool if the ward council actually showed up..................... but they didn't lol. Just the RS presidency! They are great!!
Wednesday we had a meeting with the ZLs to plan zone training, and then had our BOM study with Laurel and then had lunch with Ashley Dean! Then we drove to Carmichael and did team ups with the ASL sisters! It was great to be in a city! I talked to people!  SO FUN! Also it was POURING RAIN! And we went tracting hahaha, also so fun! Also sign language is sooooooooo cool. I am learning how to say Hello my name is Sister Lacusta. Wish me luck! Then we almost died because there is so much rain and the streets were flooding. And we went to starbucks to get hot chocolate and I ordered a white hot chocolate with peppermint and the guy made me a white MOCHA. Luckily they said what it was and i was like noooo i need hot chocolate. We figured the starbucks guy was LOL'ing to himself because he just made the mormon missionary coffee hahahah. That was a close one. Then we had our Relief society parties. Yes both wards were on the same night at the exact same time. They were both really fun! If you're wondering how we went to both it is because we got a time turner just like Hermione has in Harry Potter. jk, we just went to the first 40minss of one and the last 40mins of the other. Then we drove to EL DORADO to go on exchanges! 
Ya so thursday I was with Sister Miller in the greenvalley/bass lake area! It was fun! Then we ended a little early cause we had to meet with the ZL's again to finalize our plans for zone training.
Friday we had zone training! It went really great! We had a council setting, so it was more like a big discussion instead. Then we had to do weekly planninggggggg. And we saw some people. And  there was a tree lighting in downtown folsom we were going to check out but it was pouring rain again......... like the whole week it was like that. I mean it was great cause we need rain! But i feel sooo bad for the biking missionaries! 
Then Saturday was good, we helped Judi put christmas lights up, and saw some other people and thats all i remember.
Sunday, two wards, went great, we ended up having to teach sunday school in 2nd ward and we taught elders quorum in the 4th ward! Then in the evening we watched the first presidency devotional! It was great! 
Well I don't know who else has been handing out he is the gift cards, but mom i'm so proud of you :D
Great work!!!!!!!!
I get to go to the temple tomorrow! And then Wednesday I get to go back to El Dorado with Sister BOata!!!! its gunna be so fun!


He Is The Gift!

Long time no TALK! hahaah
So I don't have a lot to report on because it has only been a few days since we emailed last, but I wanted to tell you all about this super cool thing the church has going on! It is called 
So I'm sure you've seen it already, but it is this great video that the church has produced. And it really helps us to remember the real reason of Christmas! We know that Christmas isn't about the presents, and the bows, or all of that stuff, it is about Christ! So this video is so sweet and short and really helps us remember the reason for the season.
SO you have to go check it out!
It is on 
So go watch it!

Also, in your December issue of the ensign there are going to be 9 pass along cards. GIVE THEM AWAY! This is the easiest way to do missionary work! Just share with someone what Christmas is all about! 

Okay great :).

We have had fun with these cards, because we are supposed to give 10 out a day! So I've literally been passing them out the window when we pass people on the street!
And for a service project this week we got to go to the zoo and decorate a Christmas tree, and as part of it you could have an 8x11 picture saying who decorated it or whatever. So I had this great idea that we should make a giant He is the Gift card and put it on our tree. So we  decorated this beautiful tree, right by the bobcats, and then put the picture of Mary holding baby Jesus. and we hope everyone will remember what Christmas is all about! :)

In other news, I get to go to MLC tomorrow (we get costa vida for lunch after <3). And I get to do my first exchange this week. Should be fun!
And Kyla decided to move her baptismal date to December 27! woohoo!
But ya, thats about it! Things are GOOD!!!!!!!!!



Good Bye to Sister William

HELLOOOOO! (picture me saying that like Mrs Doubtfire)

WOW! It sure seems like a lot has happen since I last emailed, but it has been good.
So! We got our transfer calls and you know about all of that, so we got put in a trio with Sister William, Sister Cleverly and I (but I already knew it was just going to be temporary). So we had to pack everything up and move out of Tom and Judi's to go to the house that they had been living in in the Folsom 4th ward. So we did that, and we had to set up a bunk bed and move all this stuff around and haha it was all good. So wednesday was mostly just full of moving stuff around and we had a couple appointments to go to.
Thursday, yikes, this was the day that we knew president was going to tell Sister William she was going home. So we have district meeting at 12, so president and sister jardine came to the church before our district meeting to tell her. So we all went into a classroom and he told her, and it was so sad, Sister William started crying, but she said that she kind of knew it would be coming. She said that she had a dream where she was at home, and she felt like that was what was going to happen. So I was crying too, and we were all talking, but, President has made so many phone calls and was talking to the mission president in Guam and arranged it so she could be a missionary in Micronesia. So Sister William got to call her parents on the phone, and President was kind of ticked, cause her family was already supposed to know that she was coming home, but I guess they had no idea. So whoever was supposed to relay the information did not. But its okay. Then in this zone the districts meet in the same building and just had district meeting right after each other, so the whole zone was there and we were crying, and then they are just like what is going on? And then we didn't stay for district meeting, so we just went home and started packing and stuff, and it was sad. Sister William did great though. It was neat to see how the spirit has helped to prepare her. So she was ready, but it doesn't make it any easier
So friday sister Cleverly and I had a leadership meeting we needed to go to in Sacramento, so we drove there, and on thursday when sister William was talking to her mom on the phone I asked President if Sister William could go to the temple one last time before she left because she loves it and there isn't one near her. So we went to the temple after our meeting. It was so nice to go back so soon! After the temple we went and said goodbye to  some people, had dinner with the Hunts, and then packed some more. We had a great time her last night, we were just all having fun. 
So then saturday morning at 6:45 President and Sister Jardine came and picked Sister William up. It was so sad to see her go, but I know that is what was supposed to happen. Its pretty cool that through everything she was able to come here to Sacramento on her mission, they have the special Society for the Blind where she was able to get her glasses and sunglasses. So it is no accident that she made it here. But it was still sad to see her go. The rest of the day sister Cleverly and I were just unpacking and cleaning up and getting organized and planning. President called us later that day to let us know how things went with dropping off sister William. He said he was feeling pretty bad about her having to go home, but as they watched her get on the escalator, she tripped getting on it, and he said that confirmed that the decision was right. 
Sunday was good. We had TWO wards to go to now! So 2nd ward starts at 9 and 4th starts at 11:30.... but in different buildings. So we only stayed for the first 2 hours of 2nd ward and then left for 4th ward. They are definitely different types of people in the wards.... we will see how it goes. It has also been a little difficult combining because right now it is kind of a "yours and mine" situation. Like 2nd ward is mine and 4th ward is hers. We need to combine so that they are both OURS. Its funny cause investigator-wise we have a lot going on in the 2nd ward, but I don't know the members that well, so  I feel like the members of 2nd ward are being shafted. But 4th ward there isn't many investigators, but sister cleverly has been there for 6 months so she knows the members really well. So we seriously need to get a balance going on.....
Monday was not pday................... hahah jk it was fine! We were so excited to get working because both of us just want to work hard! It is great! We had a bunch of phone calls and stuff to make because we are both STLs so we have to go on exchanges, so we have to call the sisters and their district leaders and just figure out all this stuff. But it is going to be good! In the evening we saw Tom and Judi, and we saw Kyla who is this AWESOME investigator in the 4th ward. And we had a meeting with the Zone leaders and district leaders!
Tuesday was great. We had some service at the thrift store, we were just organizing books! Hahha it was fun! We are the only sisters in the zone now! We were supposed to have an appointment with Francis, but  he wasn't there, but his neighbour is this LA lady named Linda, so she saw us and really wanted to talk to us (which usually isn't the case) and so she just broke down and was crying and stuff and we were able to talk to her. We went to go meet some potentials in 2nd ward and we ended up talking to the is hilariously weird LA lady hahahahahaaha. We had dinner with the bishop of 4th ward, they seem like a great family. And then we had an awesome lesson with Judi and a great lesson with Kyla!
Wednesday: we had a book of mormon study with Laurel, which was great, and we had district meeting, also great! Elder Hale who i've served with before is our district leader! THen we had to go home and pack up our stuff cause we are temporarily living at a different house while the member we live withs family is in town.Then we had a lesson with Kyla, had dinner, did some service, then saw Mike and Christy. AND NOW IT IS PDAY!
But its been great! I really love Sister Cleverly. It is definitely going to take some adjusting to me not being the only one talking. In fact, she is used to taking the lead too, and so she is kind of steamrolling over me sometimes.... but we will figure it out. She is an awesome teacher, and I think great things are going to happen this transfer!
And oh ya President sent us this text, it is an email he received from the Guam Mission President:

President Jardine,
You will be happy to know that Sister William has accepted a "temporary" assignment to serve in the Sapwalap area of Pohnpei for approximately 15 months, with her stake presidents blessing. Thank you for training her well. Please convey our heartfelt appreciation to her companion for being the loving trainer/companion to Sister William. We will keep you posted as events in her life and missionary efforts continue to progress.
Yours in Faith,
President John S. Zarbock

So Sister William will be serving "temporarily" for 15 months. hahaha  I thought that was funny. She will be missed, but it was also cool because did I tell you how this non member lady gave her a ukulele? Well this lady is the mom of a member, and the member said that Sister William really changed his moms view of mormons. So she was able to influence someone :). 

Well its been an adventure! Things might be a little more normal..... but I doubt it ;).