Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sisters teaching Elders Quorum!?

Well I seriously can't really remember what happened this week hahaha
What is up with that? Mission brain.
Monday we carved pumpkins for fhe with Tom and Judi! And hahahah they got moldy before halloween was even here.. sad! But they were cute while they lasted. We also had a small little lesson on Faith! it was good.
Tuesday: This nice non member lady gave Sister William a ukulele so she was pretty excited about that!  Francis wasn't there for his appointment..... :/. We met some of the new couples that moved into the ward. They are all young couples. One was really nice, the other was super awkward hahahah.... so weird. In the evening we went to this relief society activity, and then we went home for exchanges.
Wed: Lol i was with the sister named sister M and she is probably the most annoying/weird person i've ever met. I've had some interesting companions, but nothing like her. hhahahaah. She killed off a sister I came out with. Like I think she made her go crazy cause she is so WEIRD. She was like trying to run my area, and she's only been out for FOUR MONTHS. Ughhh so weird. But we survived the day. We met some nice people, and we had dinner at Sister Reese's. I LOVE Sister Reese.She used to house the missionaries and she served a mission too! She served in Salt Lake working on the Joseph Smith papers! It was kind of cool! 
Thursday was a good day, Sister William had a doctors appointment to go to she got  the A okay on her stomach. We had fhe with Billy and Laurel! It was great! Sister William actually talked!! woohoo! And then we played Sorry. hahahaha it got pretty cut throat. haha jk. It was fun though. I lost :(. 
Friday was Halloween. We weekly planned,  then did service, had a lesson with Beth, and then had an early dinner, and then at 5 we had zone training and zone activity. So the zone training was really good! It was about how we can be better people. A large focus on being humble. I liked it! Then we played ZOMBIES! hahaha i love that game!! So fun!
Saturday: In the morning we went to an 8 year old baptism, and we did a Q&A while she was changing. It was good. Then we just saw more people and in the night we had our coordination with Brother Gleason, he is our wml. I don't think i've even talked about him yet, but he is SO great! I think his family is the only family that likes us in the ward hahahahaha.
Sunday was good! An extra hour of sleep!! woohooo! And we taught elders quorum.... lol. So weird. But the EQpres asked us too so we did! We taught about how important it is to do personal study, and then related that to personal study in missionary work, and how they can do missionary work by doing more than just being a good example. Then in the night we just saw some more people!
So it was a good week! Nothing too exciting! I think Halloween was the highlight!
MOM I hope you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!! :)


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