Thursday, 20 November 2014

New Assignment - Sister Training Leader

HELLO familia! 
So, this was a good week, nothing super exciting to report on except for transfers! 
So transfers, for the meantime we are going to be in a trio with Sister Cleverly, and we are going to be covering Folsom 2nd and 4th and I am now a Sister Training leader. hahahaa. So that means I get to go on exchanges and stuff with people. So that will be an adventure.
But ya, the week
so Tuesday AFTER pday we finally saw MIKE AND CHRISTY! I couldn't even believe it! They opened the door, and they told us that they had been ignoring us....! So at least the finally let us know. I guess they felt kind of sad during our last lesson because we told them they couldn't be baptized unless they got married, or moved out right? So they thought they would be rejects at church. So we cleared that up, and we set up to go do service over at their house! So we were super excited. 
Wednesday we had our little Book of Mormon study class with Laurel and Sister Stutz. It was good. Laurel was super stressed so we just talked and then we talked about the Book of Mormon.  It was also new news to her that Jesus Christ is coming to the earth again.... so we cleared that one up. Glad we found that out. After that we had lunch with the Sisters which was fun, they are both soooooo funny! Then we went to see Francis, he is still sad so we were just helping to cheer him up.  That night we had dinner with Sister Roberts. Haha pizza again. ( Sister William tells everyone she wants pizza so I think we had pizza almost every night this week hahaha). In the night we tried a whole bunch of people, but no one was home or available............
Thursday was great. We had district meeting, I don't remember what it was on... but I know it was good haha. We had our lesson with Beth, she is so sweet. Her mom, who isn't a member, sat in with us. It was good.  That night we had dinner with the Storers, she is the RS president, and they are awesome! Haha brother Storer is super funny. When the Sacramento temple was being built he took pictures of it every single week, so he made a slideshow and showed it to us, it was pretty cool! Then that night, we went and had fhe with Laurel and Billy and the kids. We had a lesson on the importance of family and then we played Taboo. Hahahaha, not a good game with someone who doesn't have english as their first language, and with babies. Hahah all the kids were just grabbing the taboo buzzer and going crazy hahaha. It was hilarious.
Friday: Sister William got her glasses and her sunglasses! woohoo, she is a happy girl now! She can see so much better, still no where near perfect sight, but for her it is much better. So she is excited. This day was weekly planning, so we did that, and then in the night we had dinner with Tom and Judi! It was fun! haha love them.
Saturday: we got to do a just serve project at the ZOO! haha we hung up christmas lights. It was fun! and then they let us walk around and look at all the animals hahaha. But then we were bummed cause, we were supposed to do service at Mike and Christys but then they cancelled :( so that was kind of a bummer. Then we saw some people and had dinner at the Jensens! Haha it was a fun dinner.  
Sunday: chuuuurch! yay! hahah it was good. Ashley Dean came!!! It was soooo good to see her! We passed the dinner calendar around is RS and YW and literally no one signed up.......................hahahahahah. wowza. Good thing we are so loved. But i guess it works out because now we have the other ward. So hopefully people signed up on theirs. Haha between the 2 wards hopefully someone will want to feed us.
Monday: so oh ya, i've been sick this whole week, and it wasn't getting better at all, so basically monday i just stayed in. So hopefully I will get better soon. But ya then the big transfer call. So it will be a lot of fun! Sister Cleverly is awesome, and haha I get to go back to El Dorado for exchanges! And so the deal with Sister William is, she still doesn't know, but she is going to be leaving saturday :(. President had so many calls and stuff to contact people in Pohnpei, but like no one spoke english and all this stuff, so he's been trying to figure out if she can be a missionary down there. So it sounds like she won't be a fulltime missionary, but she will still be serving. So it will be a sad week. I will be sad to see her leave. I've been thinking about it a lot, obviously, and it is so sad. It just seems so unfair that someone would have to get sent home just cause of how they were born. But we know that no matter what, everything that is unfair will be made right because of Jesus Christ. So I'm sure she will be fine. Hopefully the spirit will help her know that this is what is supposed to happen. It is still sad, but I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for her. So i better start saving my money so I can go to the South Pacific and visit her and Sister Boata!
Well just so you know, Pday won't be till THURSDAY :'( :'(
So talk to you in a whiiiiiiile.
Mom and dad thanks for the birthday packages! You da best!!! :) 
Hope you are all doing great!!!!!!

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