Thursday, 20 November 2014

Love Doing Service!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! :) It was a great day! 22 hahaha i'm old now. Oh well!
So this last week was good! We got to go to Sister Williams new missionary meeting, haha those are always fun! We get together with all of the new missionaries and their trainers. Haha and we split up into trainers and trainees. and haha the trainer meeting was funny cause there were these 2 sisters who just finished being trained and are now training and they had soo many questions hahahah. hilar. Also there is a trio of spanish sisters, and i guess when they are role playing they make one of them do wall sits, and then they have to do it short and powerful so their other companion isn't in a bunch of pain hahaha. so funny. The new missionaries also get the opportunity to bear their testimonies.... Sister William didn't bear hers..... sad :/.....We saw Francis after our meeting and he just had a really good friend die, so he was sad, and so we kind of talked about the Plan of Salvation. 
Wednesday I got to go on exchanges with Sister Parkinson, aww I love her! She is great! This will be our last exchange because she goes home this transfer! So sad! We had a good day, haha a very multicultural day. We went to meet this lady in our ward who is Filipino and she made us Filipino food spontaneously. We also met a lady from Tanzania! she was sooo cool! The rest of the day was just meeting lots of people, and haha we went to Chick Fil A for dinner and someone bought our dinner for us! SO NICE! And then in the evening we went to a RS activity and made the cuuutest crafts! It was a blast!
Thursday was good, we had district meeting and this one was on following the spirit, and how important the spirit is in missionary work. It was a good one. We had our lesson with Beth, she is soooo nice. We had a good rest of the day, then in the evening we had dinner at the Stutz's I looooove them, and then we were supposed to have fhe with Laurel and the family, but it was just us and Laurel, it was good though.
Friday was a mehhhhh day, weekly planning is always kind of whatever! But we had lunch with the Sisters and that was fun!
Saturday: we got to do a service project for 5 hours. Haha we volunteered at a thrift store doing all of the Christmas stuff! Ha WOW you don't need to ever buy anything new! You can get anything at a thrift store! Even christmas stuff! But it was pretty fun, then we tried a bunch of people, and wehad dinner at the Gleasons! Also soo fun, great family!
Sunday was my burfday :)). It was nice, President and Sister Jardine both came to church, its nice to see them! It was the primary presentation! ahhhhh so cute! Okay, mom and dad when we come back you have to come to this ward one time, cause honestly it is such a funny ward! So then we went home for studies, had dinner at the Graysons, they are so nice. Then saw some people, and then we went home and had cake and icecream with Tom and Judi and the sisters came over! hahaha it was fun!
Monday (yesterday): we had interviews with Pres that is why pday got switched, it was good! and then the rest of the day, just trying to meet lots of people and all that good missionary stuff! 
So ya! Hope you are all doing great!
Ha mom and dad hope you are enjoying CALIFORNIA! 
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

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