Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Love Everyone!

Okay, but seriously,
So ya,
Monday night we got home from our pday festivities, and Sister William was not feeling good at all. So she laid down and slept all until the morning, and she woke up and still wasn't feeling well, so we spent all day inside, in the afternoon the other sisters came and did splits with us so we could go to our appointment with Francis. So we went over with brother Christensen and brother Christensen gave him a blessing! It was a really good experience! I think Francis was really feeling the spirit! It was great.
So then that night Sister William still wasn't feeling good, and it was starting to go just to her right side. So we were like uh oh, appendix? So we called the nurse and she said to go to the ER. 
So we went there, and bla bla bla a lot of waiting and stuff. She got a couple ultra sounds, and a cat scan, and she got her blood taken. They found out she had a UTI, and they gave her some morphine, and then got her some antibiotics. But the blood tests didn't show that anything was for sure wrong with her appendix, it could have been or could have not been. So ya, eventually the decided to admit her into the hospital, and this was at like 2am. So then sister Jardine came and picked me up, and I got to stay the night at the mission home! hahah can you believe that? Our mission home is not even in our mission, so I left the mission haha. But ya, the bed was RIDICULOUSLY comfortable, and the sheets were SO soft! And hahaha in the morning Sister Jardine told me Elder Holland had slept in that same bed! hahaha. Hilar. So ya, I got to sleep in till 8:30 (score!) and then I went and spent the day with the other sisters. And they were on exchanges, so I got t see Sister Hickman, it was fun! Then ya, the whole day was just kind of crazy, and then in the night, they decided not to do surgery on Sister William and she came home.. and she was feeling totally fine! haha she faield to mention that she had a UTI in the past and it caused her the pain before. So that is probably what it was all along. During our dinner, Sister Hickman had this awesome thought that she shared at dinner. It was from Ether 6, you know when the Jaredites are in the barges. Well it talks about a furious wind that carries them to the promised land. And so she related the wind to trials in life, and we need the wind (our trials) to help us get to the promised land. Our trials help us to become who the Lord wants us to be. Even though sometimes they suck (haha) the Lord always has a plan and has something for us to learn! It was awesome, and perfect for me. Cause I was kind of feeling oh woe is me, the first area I come to that actually has investigators, and we can't even work. hahaha but its all good. My trials are TINY. BARELY EVEN THERE ACTUALLY. 
Thursday we had district meeting, it was all about being bold, which I don't usually have a problem with, but they reminded us to do it wth love. And I feel like it was good for me, to be reminded to treat everyone with love. So LOVE EVERYONE. moral of the story.
The rest of the week was just whatever! we had a couple days where no one answered the door the whole day ( normal) and then  some days where everyone answered!
On saturday we got to do the Folsom community day of Service, so we showed up to help and there were so many volunteers, that there was nothing for us to do! hahaha so a member of a different ward said, I hope you know you still get all the blessings for showing up even though you couldn't serve. hahaha. and then we all went to mcdonalds for breakfast hahahahaha. And we almost won BIG on monopoly. 
Sunday they actually introduced us in church, so that made us feel a little more welcome! hahah and it was good!
So thats about here in the mission field! 
Hope you are all doing great!


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