Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Life in Folsom!

Well another day here in Folsom. It is different. I miss El Dorado a lot! Hahah who would have thought I would miss the 30 minute drives everywhere. I miss all of my ward and the people I knew! and it was just so beautiful! But don't get me wrong, it hasn't been bad here in Folsom, its just a lot different. It has a very similar feel to Calgary. Like where we live. Just very suburby feel you know? But all the people are pretty nice and stuff.
It was a good week. Nothing too exciting to report on. Tuesday we had a great lesson with Mike and Christy. They are AWESOME! I really like them! They love the church and excited about learning more, but feel like it is too soon to be baptized... which is too bad. No one will ever know everything, we just keep learning day by day (line by line, precept by precept ;) ). So hopefully they will realize that :). We also met the primary president, she is Sister Harrison. I love her!! She is awesome! We had a lesson with Laurel too, all about family history and the importance of temples. It went well. Laurel is soooooo awesome too! She is also in love with the church, but she can't be baptized right now just cause of a divorce that isn't final. But she is just so excited about everything! Love her and her family!
Basically we've just been meeting a lot of people. And hahah people actually work. So people aren't home in the day... so there have been some days where literally no one answers. 
On Thursday we had district meeting. Our district seems fun! After district meeting Sister Jardine called me and she was asking me how my companion is doing and stuff. And I guess they are trying to assess whether or not she will be able to stay on her mission. Cause on her mission papers, it said that her eyes were totally fine. So they didn't know. And they don't know if she will be able to stay on her mission, or at least in this mission. So they are kind of working with me and trying to figure it out. We actually have an appointment today to figure out if they can do anything to help her eyes out!
On October 25 we are having a Community Day of Service for the whole city of Folsom. So the thing we are helping out with is doing a food drive! Sounds familiar? hahaha. Its funny cause in Calgary we have it mastered and everyone knows what they are doing. Hahah folsom is such a small place and everyone is stressing out. But we can manage to do the whole city of Calgary :). Woohoo! But ya, it was fun.
aghhhh it was so stressful delivering the bags with my companion. I was saying a constant prayer the whole time that she wouldn't disappear or get run over or something. Haha thankfully she didnt!
Friday one of the other sisters had a doctors appointment, so Sister Cleverly came with us! She is soooooo fun! I love her! 
Saturday we had dinner with the Kimbrell family, and they are friends with the Kroffs from my old area, and so the Kroffs came to dinner too! It was sooo good to see them!
And Sunday we finally got to meet our ward. I would say we got a lukewarm welcome.... hahaha great.  They didn't even announce that there were 2 new missionaries.  And the family we had dinner with said "WOW 2 new sisters? Why would they do that to us?" i was like "WE'RE NOT THAT BAD!" hahahaah
ya. So its going to be an adjustment. 
Well That  was my week. Just keep on trucking on......

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