Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bike, New Area and New Companion = Adventure for the next 6 weeks!!!

Hello Family!!
WELL are you ready for the results of transfers?
hahahahha this next transfer is going to be AN ADVENTURE
I'm TRAINING AGAIN, but this time in FOLSOM. So this means I am shotgunning the area (which means we are both completely new, we don't know anyone or where anything is) hahahahaah. AND we are on bike. And apparently the area is all hills. hahaahahahaaha. So i'm just cracking up, cause it is going to be so ridiculously crazy.
On the bright side, the temple is in my area, I think I attend the church building right beside it (maybe) and there is lots of great shopping! hahaahha. Sooooo ya. Its gunna be fun! bahahaha

We had a good week! It went by ridiculously fast!
I'll just give the highlights, cause everything will be different next week.
So we had a nice big service project with habitat for hummanity again, it was good! We just painted some more. We had a couple good lessons with Mimi, we actually even went to Activity Days and taught all the girls a lesson on baptism, and we had a fun RS activity that night
Friday we got to watch Meet the Mormons!!! It was so cute!! I loved it !  You'll definitely have to go watch it!
Saturday was CONFERENCE! WOOHOO! So good! I loved Lynn G Robbins talk about which way are you facing! And ahhhh it was all just so gooD!
And Sunday! More conference!!!! SO GOOD! Hahah we watched 3/4 conference sessions at the Seymours! hahaha love them!
But ya, it was a good time!
Then yesterday was man up monday and we did service and then got served a 5 course steak dinner.  Then we saw some more people, had a lesson with Mimi and got our transfer calls! I was really hoping I would stay, but I guess I will start this new adventure! ahahahah
So hope you are all doing GREAT!

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