Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Driving in the car with Sister William

Mariachi Band!

Me at the Mission Home!

Sister William
ER room in Folsom!

Sister William rocking out on my Ukulele

Love Everyone!

Okay, but seriously,
So ya,
Monday night we got home from our pday festivities, and Sister William was not feeling good at all. So she laid down and slept all until the morning, and she woke up and still wasn't feeling well, so we spent all day inside, in the afternoon the other sisters came and did splits with us so we could go to our appointment with Francis. So we went over with brother Christensen and brother Christensen gave him a blessing! It was a really good experience! I think Francis was really feeling the spirit! It was great.
So then that night Sister William still wasn't feeling good, and it was starting to go just to her right side. So we were like uh oh, appendix? So we called the nurse and she said to go to the ER. 
So we went there, and bla bla bla a lot of waiting and stuff. She got a couple ultra sounds, and a cat scan, and she got her blood taken. They found out she had a UTI, and they gave her some morphine, and then got her some antibiotics. But the blood tests didn't show that anything was for sure wrong with her appendix, it could have been or could have not been. So ya, eventually the decided to admit her into the hospital, and this was at like 2am. So then sister Jardine came and picked me up, and I got to stay the night at the mission home! hahah can you believe that? Our mission home is not even in our mission, so I left the mission haha. But ya, the bed was RIDICULOUSLY comfortable, and the sheets were SO soft! And hahaha in the morning Sister Jardine told me Elder Holland had slept in that same bed! hahaha. Hilar. So ya, I got to sleep in till 8:30 (score!) and then I went and spent the day with the other sisters. And they were on exchanges, so I got t see Sister Hickman, it was fun! Then ya, the whole day was just kind of crazy, and then in the night, they decided not to do surgery on Sister William and she came home.. and she was feeling totally fine! haha she faield to mention that she had a UTI in the past and it caused her the pain before. So that is probably what it was all along. During our dinner, Sister Hickman had this awesome thought that she shared at dinner. It was from Ether 6, you know when the Jaredites are in the barges. Well it talks about a furious wind that carries them to the promised land. And so she related the wind to trials in life, and we need the wind (our trials) to help us get to the promised land. Our trials help us to become who the Lord wants us to be. Even though sometimes they suck (haha) the Lord always has a plan and has something for us to learn! It was awesome, and perfect for me. Cause I was kind of feeling oh woe is me, the first area I come to that actually has investigators, and we can't even work. hahaha but its all good. My trials are TINY. BARELY EVEN THERE ACTUALLY. 
Thursday we had district meeting, it was all about being bold, which I don't usually have a problem with, but they reminded us to do it wth love. And I feel like it was good for me, to be reminded to treat everyone with love. So LOVE EVERYONE. moral of the story.
The rest of the week was just whatever! we had a couple days where no one answered the door the whole day ( normal) and then  some days where everyone answered!
On saturday we got to do the Folsom community day of Service, so we showed up to help and there were so many volunteers, that there was nothing for us to do! hahaha so a member of a different ward said, I hope you know you still get all the blessings for showing up even though you couldn't serve. hahaha. and then we all went to mcdonalds for breakfast hahahahaha. And we almost won BIG on monopoly. 
Sunday they actually introduced us in church, so that made us feel a little more welcome! hahah and it was good!
So thats about here in the mission field! 
Hope you are all doing great!


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mormon Street

How I Loved El Dorado!

Sister Halblieb 
 Sister Gomm

Brother and Sister Crosby

Brother Dold and Katrina

Brother and Sister Goff

The Seymours

Mimi's Baptism

Sister Boata and Sister Lacusta at Mimi's Baptism

Mimi's Baptism

Life in Folsom!

Well another day here in Folsom. It is different. I miss El Dorado a lot! Hahah who would have thought I would miss the 30 minute drives everywhere. I miss all of my ward and the people I knew! and it was just so beautiful! But don't get me wrong, it hasn't been bad here in Folsom, its just a lot different. It has a very similar feel to Calgary. Like where we live. Just very suburby feel you know? But all the people are pretty nice and stuff.
It was a good week. Nothing too exciting to report on. Tuesday we had a great lesson with Mike and Christy. They are AWESOME! I really like them! They love the church and excited about learning more, but feel like it is too soon to be baptized... which is too bad. No one will ever know everything, we just keep learning day by day (line by line, precept by precept ;) ). So hopefully they will realize that :). We also met the primary president, she is Sister Harrison. I love her!! She is awesome! We had a lesson with Laurel too, all about family history and the importance of temples. It went well. Laurel is soooooo awesome too! She is also in love with the church, but she can't be baptized right now just cause of a divorce that isn't final. But she is just so excited about everything! Love her and her family!
Basically we've just been meeting a lot of people. And hahah people actually work. So people aren't home in the day... so there have been some days where literally no one answers. 
On Thursday we had district meeting. Our district seems fun! After district meeting Sister Jardine called me and she was asking me how my companion is doing and stuff. And I guess they are trying to assess whether or not she will be able to stay on her mission. Cause on her mission papers, it said that her eyes were totally fine. So they didn't know. And they don't know if she will be able to stay on her mission, or at least in this mission. So they are kind of working with me and trying to figure it out. We actually have an appointment today to figure out if they can do anything to help her eyes out!
On October 25 we are having a Community Day of Service for the whole city of Folsom. So the thing we are helping out with is doing a food drive! Sounds familiar? hahaha. Its funny cause in Calgary we have it mastered and everyone knows what they are doing. Hahah folsom is such a small place and everyone is stressing out. But we can manage to do the whole city of Calgary :). Woohoo! But ya, it was fun.
aghhhh it was so stressful delivering the bags with my companion. I was saying a constant prayer the whole time that she wouldn't disappear or get run over or something. Haha thankfully she didnt!
Friday one of the other sisters had a doctors appointment, so Sister Cleverly came with us! She is soooooo fun! I love her! 
Saturday we had dinner with the Kimbrell family, and they are friends with the Kroffs from my old area, and so the Kroffs came to dinner too! It was sooo good to see them!
And Sunday we finally got to meet our ward. I would say we got a lukewarm welcome.... hahaha great.  They didn't even announce that there were 2 new missionaries.  And the family we had dinner with said "WOW 2 new sisters? Why would they do that to us?" i was like "WE'RE NOT THAT BAD!" hahahaah
ya. So its going to be an adjustment. 
Well That  was my week. Just keep on trucking on......

Friday, 17 October 2014

There Has Been A Change of Plans!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will probably be making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner tonight! hahahah so hope you enjoy your turkey buns! My stomach is grumbling just thinking about that hahahaha
Well you are probably wondering what my subject line means, hahaha so let me tell you!
So Tuesday after emailing was a day full of goodbyes and tears. Very sad! But I knew it was coming! I said goodbye to as many people as I could, but there is not a lot of time, so I just did what we could!
So then Wednesday, we woke up nice and early, finished packing and cleaning, and then the Seymours came and picked me up so they could drop me off at the mission office. Well you know me haha I have a lot of stuff, so there car was pretty full. And so Folsom is on the way to the mission office, so I was like, we should just drop my stuff of at the house I'm going to be living at! So we did that to make our lives easier, but we were late cause of that haha ( I wasn't too concerned, I''ve already trained so it was just going to be the same thing over again) So we get there and we're like half an hour late hahah (oops). But I sit down, and I get all situated, and I'm over tired and sad about leaving El Dorado right? So I'm listening, and then Sister Jardine like motions for me to come to her, so I'm like me? Okay! So I go talk to her and she says "President would like to talk to you"
hahahahaha my first thought is, oh crap! What did I do? And i'm like racking my brain, I've been obedient, nice, I work hard, I couldn't think of anything he would want to talk to me about. So anyways I go and talk to President and he is asking me how I'm doing and stuff, and then he says "I have a special assignment for you"
Now I'm thinking oh great! What language area are they going to put me in? I'm thinking what could this be? So then he tells me that I am going to be the only trainer who knows who my companion is. So he goes on to tell me, that my companion is from Micronesia, her name is Sister William, and basically she is partially blind. She can't really be in the sun, she has to read books an inch away from her eyes, and she just can't really see anything. So he tells me more about the process of picking trainers and trainees, and he knew that I was suppsoed to train, but this is before he even met Sister William, so then after he had met the new missionaries, that is when he prays about who should be their trainer, and he said he prayed about it all night long, and he knew that I was supposed to be her trainer. He even woke up in the night getting that confirmation. So he tells me more and then he gave me a priesthood blessing and ya. So it was a nice little meeting with President Jardine. He said that he knows that I will be able to bless the life of my companion and that he knows that the Lord wants us to be companions. soooo ya! So we talked probably for a good 15-20 minutes, and then we went back with the other missionaries and got our companions.
So sister William hahaha she is about my height and is so cute. So ya, since her problem with her eyes, we are not on bikes..... looks like I will probably be in car my whole mission...... So then we had to go to an eye appointment for her, and 
Soooooo thats my life!

Hahah shotgunning is a joke. I don't know where anything is or who anyone is hahahahaha. The Sisters before us left us with things to do, they were actually teaching quite a few people, so that is a nice change. But they left the area book with hardly any info.... so we're working with that! But it is just totally an adventure.
The ward LOVED the sisters before us... so I think they might have a hard time adjusting to us. Plus this sunday was stake conference, so we didn't even get to meet our ward! hhaahahahah But we did meet our wml, bishop, eq pres and rs pres and they all seem really great! So we will see.
On Saturday we had ZONE CONFERENCE, but only sort of!  Elder Daniel L Johnson of the Seventy came and talked to us! ( I thought we were going to get ipads  but we didn't) It was just a really great meeting about how members and missionaries are supposed to work together! He is funny! You know, most of the general authorities are pretty funny! So I think that means that Heavenly Father will be pretty funny too, don't you think? hahaha who knows! But it was a great meeting.
Saturday night I got to go back to El Dorado for MIMIS BAPTISM!!!! WOOHOO! It was so great! So exciting to see Mimi get baptized. And most of Dans nm family came! So that was really great! The Activity Day girls sang, which was sooo cute. And wow, i know it had only been a few days since I left, but it was SO GOOD TO BE BACK! Before the baptism I went for dinner with the Seymours and I just absolutely love them! Hahaha as I was saying goodbye to go back to Folsom, Dan gave me a hug! hahahaha I was cracking up. And I got a picture with the whole Milton family, so you'll be able to see who I've been talking about now! They are honestly just the greatest family! I love them! 
Then I went back and caught the last part of the adult session of stake conference.
So then Sunday, ohhhhh I forgot to tell you! The people that we live with in Folsom are name Tom and Judi (they are awesome!) Tom is a member, and just recently started returning to the church, and Judi is not a member. But before Stake conference, they have a special meeting before for investigators and recent converts. And so Judi and Tom came! and Judi was crying through the whole thing. It was a REALLY good meeting! The spirit was so strong, and it was all of these rc telling their conversion stories. It was SO COOL. AND it was SO AWESOME to see all of these recent converts!!!! And get this, they are all NORMAL!!!! Can you believe that? hahahahahah.
But ya Stake conference was seriously so good! Elder Johnson is awesome! Such a spiritual and funny guy!  The rest of the day was good too! 
So ya, Folsom is going to be an ADVENTURE! This week we have a few appointments and are going to focus on meeting the members and getting referrals!!!!! Hope it goes well! and I really hope I can get to know this area, cause really we only have one set of eyes hahahaha.
Before shotgunning I said we are going in totally blind, not knowing anyone or where anything is, and now I know how true it is that we are going in blind,,,,,, literally.
Well life is good! 
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bike, New Area and New Companion = Adventure for the next 6 weeks!!!

Hello Family!!
WELL are you ready for the results of transfers?
hahahahha this next transfer is going to be AN ADVENTURE
I'm TRAINING AGAIN, but this time in FOLSOM. So this means I am shotgunning the area (which means we are both completely new, we don't know anyone or where anything is) hahahahaah. AND we are on bike. And apparently the area is all hills. hahaahahahaaha. So i'm just cracking up, cause it is going to be so ridiculously crazy.
On the bright side, the temple is in my area, I think I attend the church building right beside it (maybe) and there is lots of great shopping! hahaahha. Sooooo ya. Its gunna be fun! bahahaha

We had a good week! It went by ridiculously fast!
I'll just give the highlights, cause everything will be different next week.
So we had a nice big service project with habitat for hummanity again, it was good! We just painted some more. We had a couple good lessons with Mimi, we actually even went to Activity Days and taught all the girls a lesson on baptism, and we had a fun RS activity that night
Friday we got to watch Meet the Mormons!!! It was so cute!! I loved it !  You'll definitely have to go watch it!
Saturday was CONFERENCE! WOOHOO! So good! I loved Lynn G Robbins talk about which way are you facing! And ahhhh it was all just so gooD!
And Sunday! More conference!!!! SO GOOD! Hahah we watched 3/4 conference sessions at the Seymours! hahaha love them!
But ya, it was a good time!
Then yesterday was man up monday and we did service and then got served a 5 course steak dinner.  Then we saw some more people, had a lesson with Mimi and got our transfer calls! I was really hoping I would stay, but I guess I will start this new adventure! ahahahah
So hope you are all doing GREAT!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Ward Luau Pictures!

Me and Sister Boata at the Luau!

Fire Dancer and the Sister Missionaries!!

Loving the Luau!

Sister Andrews and Amelia

Me and Sister Brown panning for Gold!  

We all came out together!

Dinner with the Babbit's

It's Raining!   

El Dorado Tapestry!