Thursday, 11 September 2014

Love My New Companion!

So this has been a great week! I love my new companion! hahaha she is hilarious!! And it is so fun having a foreign companion because we do a lot of not socially acceptable things as missionaries, but as soon as you have someone who is foreign they think it is the fact that they are foreign that is weird, not us as the missionaries! And she isn't scared to do anything, and SHE TALKS!!! ahhhhh!!! it's like a miracle! So i think it will be a good transfer. She is kind of hard to understand, but over all her english is pretty dang good! And ohhhhh okay so where she is from is spelt: Kiribati, but it is pronounced Kitibes. Soooo there we have it! Google it! It is a beautiful island! So there is that! Love her!
Wednesday: So this was the day that Sister Wheelwright left. We met up at the other sisters house cause Sister Bishop was also going to the same zone that Sis Wheelwright was going. And then from there Sister Seymour picked me up and we went to the office to pick up Sister Boata! I got to see Sister Gutierrez! This is her last transfer! Can you believe that! Wow! I will miss her! But it is good, and I saw a few other people. So then we loaded Sister Boatas stuff into the car, grabbed some lunch and headed home! So she unpacked and I kind of planned for the lessons we had for that night. Cause we had 3 appointments that DAY! hahah that is about 3 more than we usually have total. lol. But they went really well. At our appointment with Susan we were asking her all sorts of qquestions trying to get a feel for her understanding, and what it would mean if it were true, and so we asked if she thought everything we were tellingher was true (oh ya our lesson was just on the holy ghost and who he is and what he does and how we can learn from him) and then you know we asked her if she had ever felt the holy ghost before to confirm truths to her. And then we asked her if she knows these things are true (cause she said she did)  would she be baptized. And she thought long and hard about it for like a minute (which is a long time when you are just sitting there) and then pretty much she said no..... technically she has been progressing, but if she doens't want to be baptized, then that is not our job you know? Like we love her and we care for her, but ya.... so we will see! Then we went to the transfer dinner, but before we went over there we had to get gas, and our zone has been encouraged to talk to people at gas stations  (cause we don't have a lot of contacting opportunities) and so i see this car pull up and it is an ALBERTA license plate! So obviously i have to talk to them! turns out they were even from CALGARY! and they are snow birds so they come up to Roseville and get away from the cold, haaha not sure why they are here right now. Is it cold back home right now? But ya, it was great. Then we went to the transfer dinner. President Weston (stake pres) saw me and said "I am SO HAPPY you are still here!" so that made me feel good :). After the dinner we went to our appointment with Ryan Lequieu hahahah wow. He is sooooo scientifically minded. It was ridiculous. Last time we learned however that he is a very visiual learner, so we came with 2 mormon messages and a picture for him to learn from. we just wanted to do a VERY SIMPLE plan of salvation, then creation got brought up and spirit and bodies how they are separated. and ryan literally said while talking about the creation " God had NOTHING to do with it" wow. From an 11 year olds mouth. shocked! But hahaha i stumped him. He was talking about how if in a surgery you open up a body does a spirit come out? Then we said no, and then i explained how our spirits and bodies and like a hand and a glove (you know that one?) and then he was like noooooo muscles and brains and blablabla , and then I was like "well what makes your brain work?" and he was speechless hahahaaha. Hilarious. So then we had to go cause we were supposed to have an appointment with Erica, but she wasn't there...... so we visited with the Moodys a bit, and then went to the Bishops so Sister Boata could meet him.
Thursday was a good day! We had district meeting,  good stuff! Only 2 people from our district are from Utah! Can you believe that!? We've got Kiribati, South Korea, Malaysia, Chile, Canada ( ;) ), 2 idahoans, 1 from indianna and 2 from utah! Very diverse district!  So then we saw the Babbitts, and hahah wow they are so old. and ya..... lol then we went and picked up Lily Moody so she could try to see Erica with us, so Erica was home and we had a good lesson about Jospeh Smith and the Book of Mormon..... we invited her to be baptized on Septtember 27 and she said yes!  (but i'm not too sure about her actual commitmennt). Then we had dinner at a mexican restaurant with Brother McAllister. We saw Margaret, Kat and Jay, and then visited with Sister Smith!
Friday: Weekly Planning! And hahaha in the middle of our weekly planning we had lunch with the Nardonis......   We had to drop some things off for sister goff and we were able  to CONTACT like 2 people! Thats a lot in this area! hahaha, Sister Boata is just so bold I love it! She just jumps right in! We had dinner with the Algers, which was good! I wish they would come back to churrrrrch!
Saturday: This was a good day, we started out by doing some service. We had to shovel this giant pile of gravel into a room, and then level it out, and then lay bricks down! It was a lot of fun! Hhaha i always love doing service! Then we had a lesson with Faye, hahah she wanted to learn about the bible but I wanted to teach about the BOOK OF MORMON. hahah so we compromised ;). Also as we were leaving she was like "wait! I thought you were supposed to be leaving!" and i said ya I thought I was too!, then she was like "i'm glad you stayed. If I could have chose, I would have chosen you! You've got what it takes!" hahahahaha hilarious. Love her. Then we had another lesson with Susan..... We had dinner with the Seymours! I love the Seymours!!! Then we went to Brother Dolds and planned out our lesson for SUNDAY cause it was the 5th sunday and we were teaching the 3rd hour!
Sunday: Our lesson in 3rd hour went GREAT! Honestly so perfect! We watched a couple short little videos on the work of salvation and got the members talking about what their role is. We said how EVERY MEMBER IS A MISSIONARY. Then best thing to do when someone asks about the church isn't to overwhelm them with info, but to just say COME AND SEE! And then we talked about what to say if they want to know more ASK THE MISSIONARIES! And then we role played of the members inviting their friends to the WARD LUAU!!!! And everyone is so excited to invite their friends! ahhhh it was awesome! ( oh ya, Both Susan and Erica did NOT come to church.......!) Then wwe went home had lunch, did studies,  and had dinner at Donna Whites, love her. Then visited with Sarah Milton and got some more insight on Dan (her husband) and Mimi! Then we saw the Uptons and then called it a night!
I'm sure great things are going to keep happening here in EL DORADO!
hope you are all doing great!!!!!!

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