Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Well this was an AWESOME WEEK!
Seriously, so many  great things happening!!!! :D
Soooooo Tuesday: This was a good day, we had a lunch appointment instead of dinner, and it was at the H's, hahaha Brother H is really hard to  understand like he just mumbles and I don't know what he is saying 90% of the time, but a miracle has happened. I think since being companions with Sister Boata I HAVE THE GIFT OF TONGUES!  I could understand everything he said clearly!! hahaha so thats a miracle to be reported.  We saw some other people, helped someone clean their house, hahah she actually left to do other errands and we cleaned. Don't know when the last time she ever swept or vacuumed was lol. We also saw this old LA lady in our ward, and hahah she is kind of blind and hard of hearing, so she can't tell who we are, and then we told her our names and she said "Sister Lakreesha and Sybil Loabwa?" hahaha we were like... yes, close enough lol. So then after seeing other people we went home to have dinner and so then I was just kind of relaxing on my bed after we quickly ate and we got this phone call from a random number. So it is from this guy named Mike from San Diego, and long story short, he had been prompted to ask his work assosciate to meet with the missionaries, so he finally did and the guy said YES! So he gave us his number and address and stuff and we were SO EXCITED! So we did a miracle call and then we headed out to do the Blitz in our area!!!!! Okay so the blitzs are so fun! I felt like an event organizer, I made up  little cards for everyone with tthe people we wanted them to see, and gave them Luau invitations to hand out, so everyone had a nice little packet of people to see and things to do. It was great! We ended up having  a good night. I just saw one lady with Sister Goff. ( Oh so  I don't know if I explained what a blitz was, but it is where our district all gets together and we all go work in one area! And we all split up with members, so instead of just two people going to one place, we had like 20 people going to 10 different places! So we can cover  a lot of ground!! It was great!) Some of the elders forgot to return and report haha but we got the info and it was all good :). Then after we finished up we met up with the sisters to go on exchanges!
Wednesday: ahhhhh so we woke up this morning and it was SOOO SMOKEY! Oh ya I don't think I mentioned, but there is a HUMONGOUS fire going on right now! Like its seriously huge. Its called the King fire and it has burned like 100,000 acres! So ya, it was soooo smokey, so we didn't exercise outside cause we didn't want to be breathing all that smoke.  It was a good day, we just saw lots of people. We had the blitz in Camino, which was sad for the elders because, like 1/3 of the people in their area had been emergency evacuated, but we all still had people to see. I went and saw Rebecca, who is actually a girl we had taught but then had to pass off. So I went with the member from their ward named Sister Smith, and she was so awesome! Loved her! Hahaha apparently ever since then she has been telling the elders that she wishes there were sisters in their ward now. hahaha sorry elders ;). But ya it was a good time! It is fun seeing everyone elses areas!
Thursday: Good day! We had district meeting, it was all about how we can better use members while we do our missionary work. Watch out you guys! You might have to start doing missionary work ;). hahahaha jk. For the closing song the elders did a musical number, it was so cute! After dm we went and saw some people hahah we went to meet this LA i'd never met before and we pull up and him and his teenage son are outside, and hahahahah the son gets up and walks up to our car and opens the back door and hopped inside, hahahahah and then he looked at us and realized we obviously weren't the person he was expecting! hahahaha it was soooo funny. We were laughing pretty hard. The LA was nice though! So then we saw more people, and then went to our Blitz in Georgetown!! wooohooo! i finally got to see Georgetown. It was good! Except, ohhhh noooo I went to this one ladies house, and she had a dog and my allergies went INSANE! Remember that time where they were really bad when I was at home and we figured I was maybe allergic to that perfume? Well it was equal to that hahaha i looked like quazi motto again hahaahh. not cute. Oh well. Also before that we went and saw this 14 year old girl who the elders are trying to work with, and I was telling her about Jesus and God and I was saying how Jesus is our example and we're supposed to follow him and then I was going to say how he was baptized and kind of invite her to be baptized AND THE MEMBER CUT ME OFF!!!!!! I was like WHAT THE HECK!!!! Obviously someone doesn't understand what missionaries do. I was not impressed. lol. When we got home I was like dying cause of my allergies, but i got home and had a package from DARREN! hahahaahahah I was laughing so hard. It was a hilarious package. SHOUT OUT TO ELDER LACUSTA! 
Friday: This was a good day, weekly planning, and we had lunch with a non member. We went to a sushi place, lol all Sister Boata wanted was rice and she somehow managed to order the only thing on the menu that doesn't come with rice hahahahah. I was cracknig up. Also we shared a scripture and the nm basically lold in our face and said she will never be mormon. LOL. Thanks a lot.  Then in the evening we had a great lesson with Mimi and we picked a date for her to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 11!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! So we were very happy about that! 
Saturday: THE DAY OF THE LUAU FINALLY CAMME!!!!! WOOOHOOO! So ya, first in the morning we saw some people, ohhhhhhh I was soooooo sad we had gotten this referral like 2 months ago and his name is Brian and he was soooo cool and seemed like he was interested but he was getting married and stuff so we had to wait till all of that was done. Well we went over and he said "I talked to my pastor friend and he told me all about the Book of Mormon and I've decided I'm not interested" So in my nice sister missionary way I ask what was the problem and he said " I don't like Mormons qualifications to get into heaven" So then I say.... we believe that  one must have faith in Jesus Christ, repent, be baptized, receive the holy ghost and endure to the end. And he looked surprised. Then he was like, well I don't like the whole 3 heaven thing, then I explained the spirit world, 3 degrees of glory thing. And then he said "Well I was reading the Book of Mormon and I don't like Mormons teachings" hahahhaahh well obviously he didn't read the book of mormon because ITS NOT MORMONS TEACHINGS. Geeee Wizzzz. So basically he asked his friend who is a pastor of NOT OUR CHURCH about our church. So I asked if he had any other questions, and then we were done. PEOPLE ARE SO SILLY!!! and it makes me so sad, people aren't even willing to give us a chance! They don't listen to what we have to say and just listen to what other people think we believe...... ughhhhh so sad. Brian was so cool. But i guess not. Oh well. ON A HAPPIER NOTE THE LUAU!!!!!! IT WAS SOOO GREAT! So we went up early to help set up, and it looked great, and then it started AND THE MEMBERS DID SO GOOD! I WAS SO PROUD! THE ACTUALLY BROUGHT THEIR FRIENDS!!!!! So we were at the front where people walked in and hahahaha we were giving everyone hawaiian names, so we would ask for their name and they were like ohh i'm probably not on the list, hahaha they thought they had to like check in, but noooo we just wanted to give them a hawaiian name. Sorry i don't know what my name was, they didn't have the name Sister. hahahah. So ya, then we decided to divide and conquer! It was great! We met lots of people, and one member brought 2 friends and they were both inteested in learning more!!!!!!!!! One even said he was coming to church the next day!!! WAHOOO! So it was great! There were hula dancers, and a fire dancer! It was awesome! And then it rained a little after!!!!! wow! What a great time!!!!!
Sunday: the guy who said he wanted to come to church ACTUALLY CAME TO CHURCH! his name is Abe! It was great! And it was the primary program and it was soooo cute! And Dan came to see his daughters! It was so great! THe rest of the day was just regular and it was great cause it was sunday and it is PDAY EVE!!! wahooooo!
today! So guess what, I guess I am old now, cause today I went to COLOMA! This is where the soon to be departing missionaries go. It is like 10 minutes outside of my area. hahah so it is more exciting for other people to go to, but it was A LOT of fun to see  everyone! We even got to go gold panning!! Woohooo! So hopefully I can send some pictures, sorry time always goes so fast I hardly ever have time! But it was GREAT! Life is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

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