Monday, 29 September 2014

How Could Anyone Doubt We Believe in Christ!

Hello Family,
WOW! Where has September gone?? it's OVER! (its basically NOVEMBER ALREADY hahahaha that's for you Sister Kim) But seriously, time is flying so fast. This is week 6 of this transfer. So next week pday will be on Tuesday I'm pretty sure.... they didn't know for sure, but that is what it should be. And then we'll find out if I go or stay or WHAT!
So ya
So remember how last week I told you about this awesome referral we had gotten? Well the guy who gave us the referral said that his friend called him and said not to be offended but he didn't want to meet with us :'(. So sad. But oh well, we will roll up our sleeves and move on!
Tuesday: This was just kind of a whatever day we just saw a lot of people and followed up on how peoples friends liked the Luau and stuff
Wednesday: This day was great! We saw a lot of people and they actually let us come in and stuff! woohoo! Hahah one lady was so ridiculous, she opens her door holding a cigarette and like smoke comes out the door and then she sees us and says "Oh i'm sorry I don't feel very well cause of all of the smoke from the fire." haahahah i was like .....wait what? Hahah what a lame excuse. But ya, we also had dinner with  the Babbitts at Sizzler hahahaha  and it was sooo funny. People are so funny! Hahahah he saw this lady who was kind of really large, and when she sat down her butt went over the edge, and he said " :O look at that! What is wrong with that lady?" hahahaha and then we had to tell him to be nice. Also they just  did the endless salad bar and Sister Boata and I just ordered from the menu, and so we ate fast cause we were hungry, and they eat slow cause they are older, but then we were done and C was convinced that we didn't eat enough, hahahaha so he was getting up and filling up plates of food for us to eat hahahaha it was so funny. We were so stuffed from our meals too that we were like stop it!!! hahah but ya it was just hilarious.  We had a lesson with Mimi, haha they forgot about our appointment, but we still had the lesson anyways, Mimi is still ready and excited for her baptism! woohoo! Then we went and saw T and F! And T actually hung around and participated :) yay!!!
Thursday: You're never gunna believe this, but a total miracle happened. We woke up and IT WAS POURING RAIN!!!!! WHOOOOAAAAA!!!! IT was amazing!!!!!!  Wooohoooo! We went early to district meeting cause we wanted to set our zone vision. Hahaha basically it was Elder Boddie setting our zone vision. He had all the ideas and was doing  all the talking, and its kind of funny cause he goes home in a week. Hahah but it should be good! THen we had district meeting, it was good! THen we grabbed lunch and went and saw some people. Okay so there is this one house in our area that HAS A CANADA FLAG and everytime I drive by I want to meet them, but this is the problem, like 75% of the houses in our area this house has a gate :( not just one you can swing open (lol I go ahead and open those) but this is one where you need the code or an opener for it). So we were just about to leave from that little area, but then i remembered that house and said LETS TRY THE CANADA FLAG HOUSE! So we went, annnd THE GATE WAS OPEN!!!! So we walked up the driveway annnnnnnD! no one answered the door. hahahahha sorry for all the hype. But i was so excited that the gate was open, but so bummed no one answered. Hopefully I will be able to meet them sometime :). So then we went to see the J Seymours to check up on their missionary work, they are an awesome member missionary family, more than once at church they have asked me if they could have a Book of Mormon cause they had someone they wanted to give it to. Then we had dinner at the Justin Seymours, and as usual it was so fun!
Friday: This was a good day, just had weekly planning, and then we went to another service project. More painting, hahahah poor Sister Boata, painting is not her strong suit. We had to go scrape like everything she painted off. Hahha but it is all good.  Then we had dinner with someone and went and saw more people
Saturday:Ohhhh hahahah so in the mornings we have been waking up early to go work out at the Hulberts, they have like a mini gym and stuff. And so we wake up at 5:30 and arre on the road at about 5:40, so we are driving, and its dark out, and not too many other cars on the road. and the Hulberts live in a gated community, so I pull up to put the code in and there is a car right behind me.... not too weird, but a little weird for so early in the morning, and then we start driving to their house, and remember where I am everything is spread out and no one lives close to anyone else, so hahah this car is still behind us during our drive, and its like a couple mile drive from where we put the code in, so i'm thinking this is weird, who is behind us, then I turn into the Hulberts drive way AND THE CAR KEEPS FOLLOWING US IN! So i'm driving up their driveway and its still behind us! Then we park and they park! And its pitch black outside and we're like WHO IS BEHIND US! So we get out and go start excercising, and I was on the treadmill and couldn't see out the door, and then Sister Boata was like THEY ARE WALKING AROUND! And we'r elike OH MY GOSH! So we text bro Hulbert saying somebody came in behind us, and we asked them if they were expecting any visitors, and then no answer. so we keep exercising, but then we decide to go outside to play pickleball and we see the people and then, hahaha we realized it was just the SEYMOURS! hahahaahah. So it was the opening day of deer hunting season, so they were just scoping out the property to see if there were any deer. hahahahaah wow. bro hulbert later texted back and said "its the seymours coming to hunt, but thanks for looking out for us" hahahaha good times. but the rest of the day, this was one of those days where we tried every single name in our plans! THat doesn't happen very often in this area, cause usually people let us in! Hhaha but no one was home, or they said it was a bad time or something. But we did see the Masseys and hahaha it was so funny, Brother Massey said, "whats it like having a companion who actually talks?" bahahahaha. I said its SO GOOD!  We tried a lot of other people and then we had dinner with Donna and then it was the womens conference!!!!!!!! Okay so first hahah I don't know what you did back home, but they had us meet early and then there was an instant choir, where they literally met up an hour before and learned the songs then performed. and it was good! There was a combo of RS and YW. But then the YW sang come unto Christ and THE BROADCAST WAS SOOOOO GOOOD! All of the talks were AWESOME! And okay, if this meeting was this good I think conference is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!! so ya!!!!!! I loved all of the talks! Sister Goff told us later that when Jean A Stevens, was telling the story about her parents, that her parents were PRESIDENT AND SISTER HINCKLEY! I did not put those pieces together!!!!! WOW! So good! And I loved Sister Mariott, awww so good. And the little videos! So good! I LOVE THE TEMPLE! AND UCHTDORFS! Listening to him speak HOW COULD ANYONE DOUBT THAT WE BELIEVE IN CHRIST! WE KNOW HE LIVES WE KNOW HE LOVES US! WE KNOW HE IS OUR SAVIOUR! BUT OTHER PEOPLE JUST DONT GET THAT. People just need to give us a chance to let them know!!!!! It is all true!!!!!!!!!   But ya, sooooo many good messages and just so inspiring!!!!!!!!!!! After the broadcast we had little refreshments, and every ward in our stake made a "tapestry" to represent the ward! Ours was so cute, and we all signed our names, so my ward is forever in the El Dorado ward :D HOORAY! and when we walked out. MORE RAIN!
Sunday: This was a good fast sunday! ABE came to church! and he loved it! So then after church we went to the blodgetts and had a lesson with him, and he was like crying and loving it and HE brought up baptism before we could even get to it. So we invited him to be baptized on October 25 and he said yes! After I said Joseph Smiths vision he was like "whoa, that gave me chills" then we asked what he thought it meant, and he said he didn't even know, but he just felt good and knew it was a good thing. THE CHURCH IS SOOOOO TRUE AND THE SPIRIT IS SOOO REAL!!!!! So ya, abe is excited to be baptized!!! WOOHOOO! Then we had dinner with the V's, hilarious young couple! We went back home and taught the Goff grandkids a little lesson about prophets and about general conference, then we saw Kat. And okay you are going to laugh at me, and I am seriously concerned for when I come back to the Motherland, but it was 60 degrees outside and IT WAS COLD! I'M GOING TO DIIIIIIIE WHEN I COME HOME! hahahahah i said to Sister Boata, imagine it LITERALLY 100 degrees colder! hahaahahhahaha that is what it is like in the winter. Wow. Hopefully we have a mild winter back home hahahahha.
But anyways it was a good week!
And I have a challenge for you all!
So hahahah apparently at the beginning of my mission President and Sister Lewis gave us a Book of Mormon and we were supposed to read it within the first 6  months of our mission. Well somehow I didn't know that, I have the Book of Mormon, but I didn't do the challenge, SO i decided to do it the last 6 months of my mission! But the challenge is to read the book of mormon within these 6 months and in RED highlight every reference to Christ including his words and attributes, and in BLUE highlight any gospel doctrine or principle found in the Book of Mormon.
SOOOO you should do it too! Just get a blue copy of the Book of Mormon and begin :) It will be amazing!
That is my challenge to you!
We have some lessons planned, zone training, we get to watch meet the mormons AND GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!! WOOHOO!
So I hope you all enjoy conference I'm sure it is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you all SO MUCH!

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