Thursday, 11 September 2014

Every Week is a Good Week!

Well this was a good week, every week is a good on the mission!!!!!!
Tuesday we went and did service at a food bank! It was right in our area!! I had no idea it was there! so apparently they used to have a set time where the missionaries would come and do service there, and so we might set that up again! It was just sort of a regular day, seeing people and trying new parts of the area. There is this "street" called Rainbow Way that I really wanted to tract but it is in a really remote part of our area, turns out there are only 2 houses on it, and the one had a gate i think and then the other one the lady was nice but said to come back on the weekend! So we will try her again. We had dinner with the Kroffs at this cute restaurant. hahahah we went there cause they thought there would be some rice for Sister Boata hahahah but no rice. 
Wednesday: We went back to the foodbank to do a little more service and then we went and saw people. We saw Richard Humphrey! Ohhhh i miss Richard Humphrey! I hope that he will just come to church one day! It would just bless him soooooo much! If he could just know that he could be with his wife forever, he would be the happiest man on the planet! Hopefully we can go over sometime with Sister Goff and just invite him to come to church one time. We invited him to the Luau that is coming up and he said he will try to come. We went onto the Res hahaha. Always a good time.  We tried some other people, it was one of those days where not too many people were home. We did a little tracting, no one interested. We met an atheist.... he should be a theist. We had dinner with the Franks and that is always a good time. Brother Frank asked me if I missed utah. hahahaha i said no i do not miss Utah. As we were about to leave the Babbitts walked in!! Awwww love them! So old!  After dinner we went to an appointment with Don Lequieu and brought Brother Blodgett. We were basically just flies on the wall, but it was really good! I think Don actually knows everything, but he just don't know he knows! Does that make sense? Oh ya, we were supposed to have an appointment with Erica but she wasn't there.....
Thursday: We had zone training today! I love zone training! It was a really good one, I guess the theme was making sure we are converted! So it was good! After zone training we went to our rescheduled appointment with Erica annnnnnd she wasn't there again! So we saw Richard Ramirez hahahaha we taught about the word of wisdom and oh my gosh, you would think it was rocket science or something. hahahahaha he did not understand it. He also thinks we can't drink hot chocolate. And then he was going off about the mosaic law. gahhhhhh. the word of wisdom is SIMPLEEEEEE!!!!!! We saw Tammy, hahah always interesting. Then we had dinner with the Sr Davidsons, they are so sweet! Then we rushed down to our lesson with MIMI!!!! Ahhhhh! I was soooo excited we finally got to go over there. And guess what!! DAN SAT IN ON THE LESSON! Wooohooo!!!! (Dan is the non member dad) And so by the end we got Mimi committed to read and pray, and Sarah (her mom) suggested that they DO IT AS A FAMILY!!!!!! Ahhh! So hopefully Dans heart will be softened, cause he knows this is true, he just needs to make the plunge!!!! Ohhhhhhh if Dan would be baptized I wouldn't even care if everyone I talked to the rest of my mission said no!!! It would just be amazing!! I love the Milton family so much!!!!!!! So then we saw Gayle Craft again at her mansion. And we saw the Hulberts! I love them! And we asked them about the referral they gave us like a transfer ago, and they still haven't done anything about it.
Friday we had weekly planning and we had the RS lunch! We went for Sushi!!! wooohooo! ( Not as good as our sushi dates mom) Then we had an appointment with Susan,  and just like i had guessed, she just decided she will stay with her 7da church and so we told her we love her, she should still read from the Book of Mormon, but that we won't be seeing her as often. We also saw Margaret, Then we went and saw Sister Halbleibs horses (Sister Boata loves horses and has never seen them before) and we were supposed to have an appointment with Erica but guess who wasn't there again...... not surprised! So i'm kind of done with that. I don't like people wasting our time! So we saw the Martys and Kat and Jay
Saturday: This was a good day, we did service in the morning, helping someone move (the house was soooo gross lol!!) we also had dinner with Grandpa Jack, the father in law of a member in our ward (grandpa jack is not a member) hhahah lol. Basically it was ridiculous. They invited us over at 4, but told us dinner wouldn't be till 5 hahaha. So we were just talking, it was all fine and dandy, Maggie his wife offered to get us a drink, and then came out with iced tea, so we had to explain the word of wisdom and then basically he was kind of insulting joseph smith and ya, it was ridiculous. They are soooo sweet, but I was sick of sitting there and listening to him be rude, so we got out as quick as we could. We tried a few more people that night and then went home.
Sunday was good. We had ward council, it feels like it had been forever since we've had it. At zone training the zone leaders had asked us all to bear our testimonies in sacrament meeting so  we did. hahaha the ward is probably sick of hearing me at the pulpit.  We had dinner with the Blomquists, love them! and then we went and saw Colonel Babbitt and then we called it a night.
Today for pday we went on a little zone adventure to ICE HOUSE LAKE. it was very beautiful! and that is about it! I don't have anything else too exciting to report on!
I hope everyone is doing GRRRRREAT!


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