Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Courage and Courtesy to be a Missionary!

Wow can you believe it! It is the middle of SEPTEMBER!!! WOW! Hahahah this is insane how fast the time is starting to go! I don't have enough time to do all the things I need to do in this area!!!!!! AHHHHHH! Hopefully I can get some things done! This week was a good week! It went by realllllly fast! 
Tuesday:  This was one of those days where we tried a lot of people, but no one really answered their door...!  We met this new move in hahaha she is LA and I guess her dad always gets her records moved to where ever she moves, so she wasn't too excited to see us haha. Oh well.  We had dinner with Marsha, she is so sweet. And then in the evening we went to have a lesson with Mimi,.... well sometimes things are a little crazy at their house, because t here is a 4 month old baby, a 3 year old and Mimi, then there are 3 dogs, chickens, a trampoline and so many other distractions! And I guess they had just done a costco run and didn't let us in, and there were some other family members there... ahaha, so we ended up just sharing a scripture and talking about rescheduling, Dan also showed us his sweet toy. Hahah Dad I think you would like it. I think it was called "The Voyager" Basically it is a remote control flying thing. It is soooooo cool! Hahahah seriously, and he was telling us cool things people have done with it. Hahaha someone flew it in the middle of a firework show hahaha! how cool would that be! (oh ya it was a camera, so they watched the vid, thats how they know it is cool lol). BUT on the bright side of all of that, Mimi said that she had prayed and she was reading, and she got a small feeling, and she felt like it was true and that she should be baptized!!! woohooo!!!!!
Wednesday: Hahahah what a day. We found this mobile home park, ( score!) I don't think missionaires have ever gone there before... cause I've been here for 6 months and I had never seen it before (#bigareaprobs) so we went there! Hahah there is a no soliciting sign up front..... but we're not selling anything! Soooo we just go right ahead. But ya, it was kind of interesting. One of the houses was booby trapped!!!! ahahahaha we went to go knock on the door and we are walking and then WE GOT SPRAYED BY A SPRINKLER!!! hhaha it was a motion sensor for deer or something I think.... or maybe they say us coming :( hahahah. But either way it was kind of hilarious. It kind of felt good, cause it was so stinking hot. But ya hillarious. We also met this RUDE LADY. She said she was an ex nun. ( lol) and so we are telling her about what we believe you know the usual, and  then she was being pretty rude, and then at the end I was like "and what was your name?" and she was like " WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!?!!!?!!" hahahah like yelling, and then i was like "...well I was just going to say it was nice to meet you....." LOL. CRAZY PEOPLE. We met a lady who at first was really cold..... but then we invited her to church and she was kind of nice. Lol.  We also met a lady who was 99 hahahah! What a day!  Then we stopped by and visited some people. We saw Sister Zenk, and she is  like this super amazing quilter! And she was making these cute little bibs for babies and she showed us some old ones that she had made, and so it was the cutest thing ever I almost died. The bib looked like it was a white button up shirt, and it had a tie and stuff, and then she had this little mini missionary badge that said "Future missionary" !!!!!! It was SO CUTE!!!! But ya, she was really NICE! So that was a nice surprise!!!!! We had dinner with the Seymours, oh my gosh I just love them! Sister Seymour said she doesn't want me to leave! I'm like I don't want to either!!!!! Then after dinner we went and helped Sister Andrews out at her house, we were cleaning out her garage and stuff.
Thursday: This was good. We had district meeting. Elder Black is a great district leader! I feel like he always actually does something that our district needs. This training was a litttle different than a usual training though, it was on happiness. He started out by reading from the talk "The Cost and Blessings of Discipleship" by Elder Holland. And then he was talking about how it takes courage and courtesy to be a missionary. How people often times insult the very  thing that is so important and precious to us, and what do we do? We just have to take it. So it was good, it was like a little pep talk for our district. Cause to be honest. My district is probably the hardest areas in the mission! Hahaha so sometimes we need a little pep talk. Not that anyone is depressed or anything, but its just like, ya what we are doing is WORTH IT! woohhooo! The rest of the afternoon was kind of a lot of trying people and then no one home... haha hate those days. Oh well. Then we had dinner at the Westons, but hahah as we were driving in, we saw President Weston riding away on his bike! hahaha so it was just us and Sister Weston and their daughter who is now stayin there. After dinner we headed to do some service, but haha we were a little late because sister boata is a talker and then she always starts crying..... So we went to the service and it was pretty much already finished.... hahah awesome. So then we saw Kat and called it a night.
Friday: This was a not very exciting day. We had weekly planning, and we saw Ryan cause it was his birthday, lol he got outta there pretty quick. Then we decided we were having exchanges the next day, so we had to arrange that haha.
Saturday: So Sister Boata went with Sister Parkinson and Sister Hickman came with me. Hahaha wow.  Met one of the RUDEST people I've ever met on my misson. Lol it was Sister Hickmans first time meeting someone rude hahahaha ( about time). But ya, it was one of those times where I just wanted to RIP HIM A NEW ONE or just cry. hahaha. But we just quietly left. The stupidest thing though, is that we tracted this lady and she was SOO nice, and said to come back on a weekend, and so we did, and then she was so rude, and then we turn around and therei s her husband and he was even worse. hahahaha. Oh well.  So then we went to a service project, we were painting! That was fun, and then we had dinner, and then we had a BLITZ  Placervilles area!!! wooohoooo! So fun! Basically everyone was just PUMPED about missionary work!! IT was great!
Sunday: Great sunday! Church was great, we had dinner with the Bishop. Then we decided we would try and contact hahaha ( very hard in our area) so we found this like playground, and there were 2 people at it. Hahahha so we talked to them, they were pretty wuick to say they weren't intesterested. Then we walked down the rest of that street and hahahah we saw one person ( i was shocked there was even one person) and then as we were walkng back Sister Seymour saw us and President Weston. hahahaha they both asked if we needed a ride. Lol we were like nooooo! We're trying to find people!!! hahahahaah oh well. But ya it was a good week!!
This next week should be good!
We have the blitz in our area TOMORROW!! wooohooo! and then 2 other blitz's and the LUAU is on saturday!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL BE SOOOOO GREAT!!!!!!!!

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