Monday, 29 September 2014

How Could Anyone Doubt We Believe in Christ!

Hello Family,
WOW! Where has September gone?? it's OVER! (its basically NOVEMBER ALREADY hahahaha that's for you Sister Kim) But seriously, time is flying so fast. This is week 6 of this transfer. So next week pday will be on Tuesday I'm pretty sure.... they didn't know for sure, but that is what it should be. And then we'll find out if I go or stay or WHAT!
So ya
So remember how last week I told you about this awesome referral we had gotten? Well the guy who gave us the referral said that his friend called him and said not to be offended but he didn't want to meet with us :'(. So sad. But oh well, we will roll up our sleeves and move on!
Tuesday: This was just kind of a whatever day we just saw a lot of people and followed up on how peoples friends liked the Luau and stuff
Wednesday: This day was great! We saw a lot of people and they actually let us come in and stuff! woohoo! Hahah one lady was so ridiculous, she opens her door holding a cigarette and like smoke comes out the door and then she sees us and says "Oh i'm sorry I don't feel very well cause of all of the smoke from the fire." haahahah i was like .....wait what? Hahah what a lame excuse. But ya, we also had dinner with  the Babbitts at Sizzler hahahaha  and it was sooo funny. People are so funny! Hahahah he saw this lady who was kind of really large, and when she sat down her butt went over the edge, and he said " :O look at that! What is wrong with that lady?" hahahaha and then we had to tell him to be nice. Also they just  did the endless salad bar and Sister Boata and I just ordered from the menu, and so we ate fast cause we were hungry, and they eat slow cause they are older, but then we were done and C was convinced that we didn't eat enough, hahahaha so he was getting up and filling up plates of food for us to eat hahahaha it was so funny. We were so stuffed from our meals too that we were like stop it!!! hahah but ya it was just hilarious.  We had a lesson with Mimi, haha they forgot about our appointment, but we still had the lesson anyways, Mimi is still ready and excited for her baptism! woohoo! Then we went and saw T and F! And T actually hung around and participated :) yay!!!
Thursday: You're never gunna believe this, but a total miracle happened. We woke up and IT WAS POURING RAIN!!!!! WHOOOOAAAAA!!!! IT was amazing!!!!!!  Wooohoooo! We went early to district meeting cause we wanted to set our zone vision. Hahaha basically it was Elder Boddie setting our zone vision. He had all the ideas and was doing  all the talking, and its kind of funny cause he goes home in a week. Hahah but it should be good! THen we had district meeting, it was good! THen we grabbed lunch and went and saw some people. Okay so there is this one house in our area that HAS A CANADA FLAG and everytime I drive by I want to meet them, but this is the problem, like 75% of the houses in our area this house has a gate :( not just one you can swing open (lol I go ahead and open those) but this is one where you need the code or an opener for it). So we were just about to leave from that little area, but then i remembered that house and said LETS TRY THE CANADA FLAG HOUSE! So we went, annnd THE GATE WAS OPEN!!!! So we walked up the driveway annnnnnnD! no one answered the door. hahahahha sorry for all the hype. But i was so excited that the gate was open, but so bummed no one answered. Hopefully I will be able to meet them sometime :). So then we went to see the J Seymours to check up on their missionary work, they are an awesome member missionary family, more than once at church they have asked me if they could have a Book of Mormon cause they had someone they wanted to give it to. Then we had dinner at the Justin Seymours, and as usual it was so fun!
Friday: This was a good day, just had weekly planning, and then we went to another service project. More painting, hahahah poor Sister Boata, painting is not her strong suit. We had to go scrape like everything she painted off. Hahha but it is all good.  Then we had dinner with someone and went and saw more people
Saturday:Ohhhh hahahah so in the mornings we have been waking up early to go work out at the Hulberts, they have like a mini gym and stuff. And so we wake up at 5:30 and arre on the road at about 5:40, so we are driving, and its dark out, and not too many other cars on the road. and the Hulberts live in a gated community, so I pull up to put the code in and there is a car right behind me.... not too weird, but a little weird for so early in the morning, and then we start driving to their house, and remember where I am everything is spread out and no one lives close to anyone else, so hahah this car is still behind us during our drive, and its like a couple mile drive from where we put the code in, so i'm thinking this is weird, who is behind us, then I turn into the Hulberts drive way AND THE CAR KEEPS FOLLOWING US IN! So i'm driving up their driveway and its still behind us! Then we park and they park! And its pitch black outside and we're like WHO IS BEHIND US! So we get out and go start excercising, and I was on the treadmill and couldn't see out the door, and then Sister Boata was like THEY ARE WALKING AROUND! And we'r elike OH MY GOSH! So we text bro Hulbert saying somebody came in behind us, and we asked them if they were expecting any visitors, and then no answer. so we keep exercising, but then we decide to go outside to play pickleball and we see the people and then, hahaha we realized it was just the SEYMOURS! hahahaahah. So it was the opening day of deer hunting season, so they were just scoping out the property to see if there were any deer. hahahahaah wow. bro hulbert later texted back and said "its the seymours coming to hunt, but thanks for looking out for us" hahahaha good times. but the rest of the day, this was one of those days where we tried every single name in our plans! THat doesn't happen very often in this area, cause usually people let us in! Hhaha but no one was home, or they said it was a bad time or something. But we did see the Masseys and hahaha it was so funny, Brother Massey said, "whats it like having a companion who actually talks?" bahahahaha. I said its SO GOOD!  We tried a lot of other people and then we had dinner with Donna and then it was the womens conference!!!!!!!! Okay so first hahah I don't know what you did back home, but they had us meet early and then there was an instant choir, where they literally met up an hour before and learned the songs then performed. and it was good! There was a combo of RS and YW. But then the YW sang come unto Christ and THE BROADCAST WAS SOOOOO GOOOD! All of the talks were AWESOME! And okay, if this meeting was this good I think conference is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!! so ya!!!!!! I loved all of the talks! Sister Goff told us later that when Jean A Stevens, was telling the story about her parents, that her parents were PRESIDENT AND SISTER HINCKLEY! I did not put those pieces together!!!!! WOW! So good! And I loved Sister Mariott, awww so good. And the little videos! So good! I LOVE THE TEMPLE! AND UCHTDORFS! Listening to him speak HOW COULD ANYONE DOUBT THAT WE BELIEVE IN CHRIST! WE KNOW HE LIVES WE KNOW HE LOVES US! WE KNOW HE IS OUR SAVIOUR! BUT OTHER PEOPLE JUST DONT GET THAT. People just need to give us a chance to let them know!!!!! It is all true!!!!!!!!!   But ya, sooooo many good messages and just so inspiring!!!!!!!!!!! After the broadcast we had little refreshments, and every ward in our stake made a "tapestry" to represent the ward! Ours was so cute, and we all signed our names, so my ward is forever in the El Dorado ward :D HOORAY! and when we walked out. MORE RAIN!
Sunday: This was a good fast sunday! ABE came to church! and he loved it! So then after church we went to the blodgetts and had a lesson with him, and he was like crying and loving it and HE brought up baptism before we could even get to it. So we invited him to be baptized on October 25 and he said yes! After I said Joseph Smiths vision he was like "whoa, that gave me chills" then we asked what he thought it meant, and he said he didn't even know, but he just felt good and knew it was a good thing. THE CHURCH IS SOOOOO TRUE AND THE SPIRIT IS SOOO REAL!!!!! So ya, abe is excited to be baptized!!! WOOHOOO! Then we had dinner with the V's, hilarious young couple! We went back home and taught the Goff grandkids a little lesson about prophets and about general conference, then we saw Kat. And okay you are going to laugh at me, and I am seriously concerned for when I come back to the Motherland, but it was 60 degrees outside and IT WAS COLD! I'M GOING TO DIIIIIIIE WHEN I COME HOME! hahahahah i said to Sister Boata, imagine it LITERALLY 100 degrees colder! hahaahahhahaha that is what it is like in the winter. Wow. Hopefully we have a mild winter back home hahahahha.
But anyways it was a good week!
And I have a challenge for you all!
So hahahah apparently at the beginning of my mission President and Sister Lewis gave us a Book of Mormon and we were supposed to read it within the first 6  months of our mission. Well somehow I didn't know that, I have the Book of Mormon, but I didn't do the challenge, SO i decided to do it the last 6 months of my mission! But the challenge is to read the book of mormon within these 6 months and in RED highlight every reference to Christ including his words and attributes, and in BLUE highlight any gospel doctrine or principle found in the Book of Mormon.
SOOOO you should do it too! Just get a blue copy of the Book of Mormon and begin :) It will be amazing!
That is my challenge to you!
We have some lessons planned, zone training, we get to watch meet the mormons AND GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!! WOOHOO!
So I hope you all enjoy conference I'm sure it is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you all SO MUCH!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Well this was an AWESOME WEEK!
Seriously, so many  great things happening!!!! :D
Soooooo Tuesday: This was a good day, we had a lunch appointment instead of dinner, and it was at the H's, hahaha Brother H is really hard to  understand like he just mumbles and I don't know what he is saying 90% of the time, but a miracle has happened. I think since being companions with Sister Boata I HAVE THE GIFT OF TONGUES!  I could understand everything he said clearly!! hahaha so thats a miracle to be reported.  We saw some other people, helped someone clean their house, hahah she actually left to do other errands and we cleaned. Don't know when the last time she ever swept or vacuumed was lol. We also saw this old LA lady in our ward, and hahah she is kind of blind and hard of hearing, so she can't tell who we are, and then we told her our names and she said "Sister Lakreesha and Sybil Loabwa?" hahaha we were like... yes, close enough lol. So then after seeing other people we went home to have dinner and so then I was just kind of relaxing on my bed after we quickly ate and we got this phone call from a random number. So it is from this guy named Mike from San Diego, and long story short, he had been prompted to ask his work assosciate to meet with the missionaries, so he finally did and the guy said YES! So he gave us his number and address and stuff and we were SO EXCITED! So we did a miracle call and then we headed out to do the Blitz in our area!!!!! Okay so the blitzs are so fun! I felt like an event organizer, I made up  little cards for everyone with tthe people we wanted them to see, and gave them Luau invitations to hand out, so everyone had a nice little packet of people to see and things to do. It was great! We ended up having  a good night. I just saw one lady with Sister Goff. ( Oh so  I don't know if I explained what a blitz was, but it is where our district all gets together and we all go work in one area! And we all split up with members, so instead of just two people going to one place, we had like 20 people going to 10 different places! So we can cover  a lot of ground!! It was great!) Some of the elders forgot to return and report haha but we got the info and it was all good :). Then after we finished up we met up with the sisters to go on exchanges!
Wednesday: ahhhhh so we woke up this morning and it was SOOO SMOKEY! Oh ya I don't think I mentioned, but there is a HUMONGOUS fire going on right now! Like its seriously huge. Its called the King fire and it has burned like 100,000 acres! So ya, it was soooo smokey, so we didn't exercise outside cause we didn't want to be breathing all that smoke.  It was a good day, we just saw lots of people. We had the blitz in Camino, which was sad for the elders because, like 1/3 of the people in their area had been emergency evacuated, but we all still had people to see. I went and saw Rebecca, who is actually a girl we had taught but then had to pass off. So I went with the member from their ward named Sister Smith, and she was so awesome! Loved her! Hahaha apparently ever since then she has been telling the elders that she wishes there were sisters in their ward now. hahaha sorry elders ;). But ya it was a good time! It is fun seeing everyone elses areas!
Thursday: Good day! We had district meeting, it was all about how we can better use members while we do our missionary work. Watch out you guys! You might have to start doing missionary work ;). hahahaha jk. For the closing song the elders did a musical number, it was so cute! After dm we went and saw some people hahah we went to meet this LA i'd never met before and we pull up and him and his teenage son are outside, and hahahahah the son gets up and walks up to our car and opens the back door and hopped inside, hahahahah and then he looked at us and realized we obviously weren't the person he was expecting! hahahaha it was soooo funny. We were laughing pretty hard. The LA was nice though! So then we saw more people, and then went to our Blitz in Georgetown!! wooohooo! i finally got to see Georgetown. It was good! Except, ohhhh noooo I went to this one ladies house, and she had a dog and my allergies went INSANE! Remember that time where they were really bad when I was at home and we figured I was maybe allergic to that perfume? Well it was equal to that hahaha i looked like quazi motto again hahaahh. not cute. Oh well. Also before that we went and saw this 14 year old girl who the elders are trying to work with, and I was telling her about Jesus and God and I was saying how Jesus is our example and we're supposed to follow him and then I was going to say how he was baptized and kind of invite her to be baptized AND THE MEMBER CUT ME OFF!!!!!! I was like WHAT THE HECK!!!! Obviously someone doesn't understand what missionaries do. I was not impressed. lol. When we got home I was like dying cause of my allergies, but i got home and had a package from DARREN! hahahaahahah I was laughing so hard. It was a hilarious package. SHOUT OUT TO ELDER LACUSTA! 
Friday: This was a good day, weekly planning, and we had lunch with a non member. We went to a sushi place, lol all Sister Boata wanted was rice and she somehow managed to order the only thing on the menu that doesn't come with rice hahahahah. I was cracknig up. Also we shared a scripture and the nm basically lold in our face and said she will never be mormon. LOL. Thanks a lot.  Then in the evening we had a great lesson with Mimi and we picked a date for her to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 11!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! So we were very happy about that! 
Saturday: THE DAY OF THE LUAU FINALLY CAMME!!!!! WOOOHOOO! So ya, first in the morning we saw some people, ohhhhhhh I was soooooo sad we had gotten this referral like 2 months ago and his name is Brian and he was soooo cool and seemed like he was interested but he was getting married and stuff so we had to wait till all of that was done. Well we went over and he said "I talked to my pastor friend and he told me all about the Book of Mormon and I've decided I'm not interested" So in my nice sister missionary way I ask what was the problem and he said " I don't like Mormons qualifications to get into heaven" So then I say.... we believe that  one must have faith in Jesus Christ, repent, be baptized, receive the holy ghost and endure to the end. And he looked surprised. Then he was like, well I don't like the whole 3 heaven thing, then I explained the spirit world, 3 degrees of glory thing. And then he said "Well I was reading the Book of Mormon and I don't like Mormons teachings" hahahhaahh well obviously he didn't read the book of mormon because ITS NOT MORMONS TEACHINGS. Geeee Wizzzz. So basically he asked his friend who is a pastor of NOT OUR CHURCH about our church. So I asked if he had any other questions, and then we were done. PEOPLE ARE SO SILLY!!! and it makes me so sad, people aren't even willing to give us a chance! They don't listen to what we have to say and just listen to what other people think we believe...... ughhhhh so sad. Brian was so cool. But i guess not. Oh well. ON A HAPPIER NOTE THE LUAU!!!!!! IT WAS SOOO GREAT! So we went up early to help set up, and it looked great, and then it started AND THE MEMBERS DID SO GOOD! I WAS SO PROUD! THE ACTUALLY BROUGHT THEIR FRIENDS!!!!! So we were at the front where people walked in and hahahaha we were giving everyone hawaiian names, so we would ask for their name and they were like ohh i'm probably not on the list, hahaha they thought they had to like check in, but noooo we just wanted to give them a hawaiian name. Sorry i don't know what my name was, they didn't have the name Sister. hahahah. So ya, then we decided to divide and conquer! It was great! We met lots of people, and one member brought 2 friends and they were both inteested in learning more!!!!!!!!! One even said he was coming to church the next day!!! WAHOOO! So it was great! There were hula dancers, and a fire dancer! It was awesome! And then it rained a little after!!!!! wow! What a great time!!!!!
Sunday: the guy who said he wanted to come to church ACTUALLY CAME TO CHURCH! his name is Abe! It was great! And it was the primary program and it was soooo cute! And Dan came to see his daughters! It was so great! THe rest of the day was just regular and it was great cause it was sunday and it is PDAY EVE!!! wahooooo!
today! So guess what, I guess I am old now, cause today I went to COLOMA! This is where the soon to be departing missionaries go. It is like 10 minutes outside of my area. hahah so it is more exciting for other people to go to, but it was A LOT of fun to see  everyone! We even got to go gold panning!! Woohooo! So hopefully I can send some pictures, sorry time always goes so fast I hardly ever have time! But it was GREAT! Life is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

Courage and Courtesy to be a Missionary!

Wow can you believe it! It is the middle of SEPTEMBER!!! WOW! Hahahah this is insane how fast the time is starting to go! I don't have enough time to do all the things I need to do in this area!!!!!! AHHHHHH! Hopefully I can get some things done! This week was a good week! It went by realllllly fast! 
Tuesday:  This was one of those days where we tried a lot of people, but no one really answered their door...!  We met this new move in hahaha she is LA and I guess her dad always gets her records moved to where ever she moves, so she wasn't too excited to see us haha. Oh well.  We had dinner with Marsha, she is so sweet. And then in the evening we went to have a lesson with Mimi,.... well sometimes things are a little crazy at their house, because t here is a 4 month old baby, a 3 year old and Mimi, then there are 3 dogs, chickens, a trampoline and so many other distractions! And I guess they had just done a costco run and didn't let us in, and there were some other family members there... ahaha, so we ended up just sharing a scripture and talking about rescheduling, Dan also showed us his sweet toy. Hahah Dad I think you would like it. I think it was called "The Voyager" Basically it is a remote control flying thing. It is soooooo cool! Hahahah seriously, and he was telling us cool things people have done with it. Hahaha someone flew it in the middle of a firework show hahaha! how cool would that be! (oh ya it was a camera, so they watched the vid, thats how they know it is cool lol). BUT on the bright side of all of that, Mimi said that she had prayed and she was reading, and she got a small feeling, and she felt like it was true and that she should be baptized!!! woohooo!!!!!
Wednesday: Hahahah what a day. We found this mobile home park, ( score!) I don't think missionaires have ever gone there before... cause I've been here for 6 months and I had never seen it before (#bigareaprobs) so we went there! Hahah there is a no soliciting sign up front..... but we're not selling anything! Soooo we just go right ahead. But ya, it was kind of interesting. One of the houses was booby trapped!!!! ahahahaha we went to go knock on the door and we are walking and then WE GOT SPRAYED BY A SPRINKLER!!! hhaha it was a motion sensor for deer or something I think.... or maybe they say us coming :( hahahah. But either way it was kind of hilarious. It kind of felt good, cause it was so stinking hot. But ya hillarious. We also met this RUDE LADY. She said she was an ex nun. ( lol) and so we are telling her about what we believe you know the usual, and  then she was being pretty rude, and then at the end I was like "and what was your name?" and she was like " WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!?!!!?!!" hahahah like yelling, and then i was like "...well I was just going to say it was nice to meet you....." LOL. CRAZY PEOPLE. We met a lady who at first was really cold..... but then we invited her to church and she was kind of nice. Lol.  We also met a lady who was 99 hahahah! What a day!  Then we stopped by and visited some people. We saw Sister Zenk, and she is  like this super amazing quilter! And she was making these cute little bibs for babies and she showed us some old ones that she had made, and so it was the cutest thing ever I almost died. The bib looked like it was a white button up shirt, and it had a tie and stuff, and then she had this little mini missionary badge that said "Future missionary" !!!!!! It was SO CUTE!!!! But ya, she was really NICE! So that was a nice surprise!!!!! We had dinner with the Seymours, oh my gosh I just love them! Sister Seymour said she doesn't want me to leave! I'm like I don't want to either!!!!! Then after dinner we went and helped Sister Andrews out at her house, we were cleaning out her garage and stuff.
Thursday: This was good. We had district meeting. Elder Black is a great district leader! I feel like he always actually does something that our district needs. This training was a litttle different than a usual training though, it was on happiness. He started out by reading from the talk "The Cost and Blessings of Discipleship" by Elder Holland. And then he was talking about how it takes courage and courtesy to be a missionary. How people often times insult the very  thing that is so important and precious to us, and what do we do? We just have to take it. So it was good, it was like a little pep talk for our district. Cause to be honest. My district is probably the hardest areas in the mission! Hahaha so sometimes we need a little pep talk. Not that anyone is depressed or anything, but its just like, ya what we are doing is WORTH IT! woohhooo! The rest of the afternoon was kind of a lot of trying people and then no one home... haha hate those days. Oh well. Then we had dinner at the Westons, but hahah as we were driving in, we saw President Weston riding away on his bike! hahaha so it was just us and Sister Weston and their daughter who is now stayin there. After dinner we headed to do some service, but haha we were a little late because sister boata is a talker and then she always starts crying..... So we went to the service and it was pretty much already finished.... hahah awesome. So then we saw Kat and called it a night.
Friday: This was a not very exciting day. We had weekly planning, and we saw Ryan cause it was his birthday, lol he got outta there pretty quick. Then we decided we were having exchanges the next day, so we had to arrange that haha.
Saturday: So Sister Boata went with Sister Parkinson and Sister Hickman came with me. Hahaha wow.  Met one of the RUDEST people I've ever met on my misson. Lol it was Sister Hickmans first time meeting someone rude hahahaha ( about time). But ya, it was one of those times where I just wanted to RIP HIM A NEW ONE or just cry. hahaha. But we just quietly left. The stupidest thing though, is that we tracted this lady and she was SOO nice, and said to come back on a weekend, and so we did, and then she was so rude, and then we turn around and therei s her husband and he was even worse. hahahaha. Oh well.  So then we went to a service project, we were painting! That was fun, and then we had dinner, and then we had a BLITZ  Placervilles area!!! wooohoooo! So fun! Basically everyone was just PUMPED about missionary work!! IT was great!
Sunday: Great sunday! Church was great, we had dinner with the Bishop. Then we decided we would try and contact hahaha ( very hard in our area) so we found this like playground, and there were 2 people at it. Hahahha so we talked to them, they were pretty wuick to say they weren't intesterested. Then we walked down the rest of that street and hahahah we saw one person ( i was shocked there was even one person) and then as we were walkng back Sister Seymour saw us and President Weston. hahahaha they both asked if we needed a ride. Lol we were like nooooo! We're trying to find people!!! hahahahaah oh well. But ya it was a good week!!
This next week should be good!
We have the blitz in our area TOMORROW!! wooohooo! and then 2 other blitz's and the LUAU is on saturday!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL BE SOOOOO GREAT!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Ice House Lake!   

Every Week is a Good Week!

Well this was a good week, every week is a good on the mission!!!!!!
Tuesday we went and did service at a food bank! It was right in our area!! I had no idea it was there! so apparently they used to have a set time where the missionaries would come and do service there, and so we might set that up again! It was just sort of a regular day, seeing people and trying new parts of the area. There is this "street" called Rainbow Way that I really wanted to tract but it is in a really remote part of our area, turns out there are only 2 houses on it, and the one had a gate i think and then the other one the lady was nice but said to come back on the weekend! So we will try her again. We had dinner with the Kroffs at this cute restaurant. hahahah we went there cause they thought there would be some rice for Sister Boata hahahah but no rice. 
Wednesday: We went back to the foodbank to do a little more service and then we went and saw people. We saw Richard Humphrey! Ohhhh i miss Richard Humphrey! I hope that he will just come to church one day! It would just bless him soooooo much! If he could just know that he could be with his wife forever, he would be the happiest man on the planet! Hopefully we can go over sometime with Sister Goff and just invite him to come to church one time. We invited him to the Luau that is coming up and he said he will try to come. We went onto the Res hahaha. Always a good time.  We tried some other people, it was one of those days where not too many people were home. We did a little tracting, no one interested. We met an atheist.... he should be a theist. We had dinner with the Franks and that is always a good time. Brother Frank asked me if I missed utah. hahahaha i said no i do not miss Utah. As we were about to leave the Babbitts walked in!! Awwww love them! So old!  After dinner we went to an appointment with Don Lequieu and brought Brother Blodgett. We were basically just flies on the wall, but it was really good! I think Don actually knows everything, but he just don't know he knows! Does that make sense? Oh ya, we were supposed to have an appointment with Erica but she wasn't there.....
Thursday: We had zone training today! I love zone training! It was a really good one, I guess the theme was making sure we are converted! So it was good! After zone training we went to our rescheduled appointment with Erica annnnnnd she wasn't there again! So we saw Richard Ramirez hahahaha we taught about the word of wisdom and oh my gosh, you would think it was rocket science or something. hahahahaha he did not understand it. He also thinks we can't drink hot chocolate. And then he was going off about the mosaic law. gahhhhhh. the word of wisdom is SIMPLEEEEEE!!!!!! We saw Tammy, hahah always interesting. Then we had dinner with the Sr Davidsons, they are so sweet! Then we rushed down to our lesson with MIMI!!!! Ahhhhh! I was soooo excited we finally got to go over there. And guess what!! DAN SAT IN ON THE LESSON! Wooohooo!!!! (Dan is the non member dad) And so by the end we got Mimi committed to read and pray, and Sarah (her mom) suggested that they DO IT AS A FAMILY!!!!!! Ahhh! So hopefully Dans heart will be softened, cause he knows this is true, he just needs to make the plunge!!!! Ohhhhhhh if Dan would be baptized I wouldn't even care if everyone I talked to the rest of my mission said no!!! It would just be amazing!! I love the Milton family so much!!!!!!! So then we saw Gayle Craft again at her mansion. And we saw the Hulberts! I love them! And we asked them about the referral they gave us like a transfer ago, and they still haven't done anything about it.
Friday we had weekly planning and we had the RS lunch! We went for Sushi!!! wooohooo! ( Not as good as our sushi dates mom) Then we had an appointment with Susan,  and just like i had guessed, she just decided she will stay with her 7da church and so we told her we love her, she should still read from the Book of Mormon, but that we won't be seeing her as often. We also saw Margaret, Then we went and saw Sister Halbleibs horses (Sister Boata loves horses and has never seen them before) and we were supposed to have an appointment with Erica but guess who wasn't there again...... not surprised! So i'm kind of done with that. I don't like people wasting our time! So we saw the Martys and Kat and Jay
Saturday: This was a good day, we did service in the morning, helping someone move (the house was soooo gross lol!!) we also had dinner with Grandpa Jack, the father in law of a member in our ward (grandpa jack is not a member) hhahah lol. Basically it was ridiculous. They invited us over at 4, but told us dinner wouldn't be till 5 hahaha. So we were just talking, it was all fine and dandy, Maggie his wife offered to get us a drink, and then came out with iced tea, so we had to explain the word of wisdom and then basically he was kind of insulting joseph smith and ya, it was ridiculous. They are soooo sweet, but I was sick of sitting there and listening to him be rude, so we got out as quick as we could. We tried a few more people that night and then went home.
Sunday was good. We had ward council, it feels like it had been forever since we've had it. At zone training the zone leaders had asked us all to bear our testimonies in sacrament meeting so  we did. hahaha the ward is probably sick of hearing me at the pulpit.  We had dinner with the Blomquists, love them! and then we went and saw Colonel Babbitt and then we called it a night.
Today for pday we went on a little zone adventure to ICE HOUSE LAKE. it was very beautiful! and that is about it! I don't have anything else too exciting to report on!
I hope everyone is doing GRRRRREAT!


Love My New Companion!

So this has been a great week! I love my new companion! hahaha she is hilarious!! And it is so fun having a foreign companion because we do a lot of not socially acceptable things as missionaries, but as soon as you have someone who is foreign they think it is the fact that they are foreign that is weird, not us as the missionaries! And she isn't scared to do anything, and SHE TALKS!!! ahhhhh!!! it's like a miracle! So i think it will be a good transfer. She is kind of hard to understand, but over all her english is pretty dang good! And ohhhhh okay so where she is from is spelt: Kiribati, but it is pronounced Kitibes. Soooo there we have it! Google it! It is a beautiful island! So there is that! Love her!
Wednesday: So this was the day that Sister Wheelwright left. We met up at the other sisters house cause Sister Bishop was also going to the same zone that Sis Wheelwright was going. And then from there Sister Seymour picked me up and we went to the office to pick up Sister Boata! I got to see Sister Gutierrez! This is her last transfer! Can you believe that! Wow! I will miss her! But it is good, and I saw a few other people. So then we loaded Sister Boatas stuff into the car, grabbed some lunch and headed home! So she unpacked and I kind of planned for the lessons we had for that night. Cause we had 3 appointments that DAY! hahah that is about 3 more than we usually have total. lol. But they went really well. At our appointment with Susan we were asking her all sorts of qquestions trying to get a feel for her understanding, and what it would mean if it were true, and so we asked if she thought everything we were tellingher was true (oh ya our lesson was just on the holy ghost and who he is and what he does and how we can learn from him) and then you know we asked her if she had ever felt the holy ghost before to confirm truths to her. And then we asked her if she knows these things are true (cause she said she did)  would she be baptized. And she thought long and hard about it for like a minute (which is a long time when you are just sitting there) and then pretty much she said no..... technically she has been progressing, but if she doens't want to be baptized, then that is not our job you know? Like we love her and we care for her, but ya.... so we will see! Then we went to the transfer dinner, but before we went over there we had to get gas, and our zone has been encouraged to talk to people at gas stations  (cause we don't have a lot of contacting opportunities) and so i see this car pull up and it is an ALBERTA license plate! So obviously i have to talk to them! turns out they were even from CALGARY! and they are snow birds so they come up to Roseville and get away from the cold, haaha not sure why they are here right now. Is it cold back home right now? But ya, it was great. Then we went to the transfer dinner. President Weston (stake pres) saw me and said "I am SO HAPPY you are still here!" so that made me feel good :). After the dinner we went to our appointment with Ryan Lequieu hahahah wow. He is sooooo scientifically minded. It was ridiculous. Last time we learned however that he is a very visiual learner, so we came with 2 mormon messages and a picture for him to learn from. we just wanted to do a VERY SIMPLE plan of salvation, then creation got brought up and spirit and bodies how they are separated. and ryan literally said while talking about the creation " God had NOTHING to do with it" wow. From an 11 year olds mouth. shocked! But hahaha i stumped him. He was talking about how if in a surgery you open up a body does a spirit come out? Then we said no, and then i explained how our spirits and bodies and like a hand and a glove (you know that one?) and then he was like noooooo muscles and brains and blablabla , and then I was like "well what makes your brain work?" and he was speechless hahahaaha. Hilarious. So then we had to go cause we were supposed to have an appointment with Erica, but she wasn't there...... so we visited with the Moodys a bit, and then went to the Bishops so Sister Boata could meet him.
Thursday was a good day! We had district meeting,  good stuff! Only 2 people from our district are from Utah! Can you believe that!? We've got Kiribati, South Korea, Malaysia, Chile, Canada ( ;) ), 2 idahoans, 1 from indianna and 2 from utah! Very diverse district!  So then we saw the Babbitts, and hahah wow they are so old. and ya..... lol then we went and picked up Lily Moody so she could try to see Erica with us, so Erica was home and we had a good lesson about Jospeh Smith and the Book of Mormon..... we invited her to be baptized on Septtember 27 and she said yes!  (but i'm not too sure about her actual commitmennt). Then we had dinner at a mexican restaurant with Brother McAllister. We saw Margaret, Kat and Jay, and then visited with Sister Smith!
Friday: Weekly Planning! And hahaha in the middle of our weekly planning we had lunch with the Nardonis......   We had to drop some things off for sister goff and we were able  to CONTACT like 2 people! Thats a lot in this area! hahaha, Sister Boata is just so bold I love it! She just jumps right in! We had dinner with the Algers, which was good! I wish they would come back to churrrrrch!
Saturday: This was a good day, we started out by doing some service. We had to shovel this giant pile of gravel into a room, and then level it out, and then lay bricks down! It was a lot of fun! Hhaha i always love doing service! Then we had a lesson with Faye, hahah she wanted to learn about the bible but I wanted to teach about the BOOK OF MORMON. hahah so we compromised ;). Also as we were leaving she was like "wait! I thought you were supposed to be leaving!" and i said ya I thought I was too!, then she was like "i'm glad you stayed. If I could have chose, I would have chosen you! You've got what it takes!" hahahahaha hilarious. Love her. Then we had another lesson with Susan..... We had dinner with the Seymours! I love the Seymours!!! Then we went to Brother Dolds and planned out our lesson for SUNDAY cause it was the 5th sunday and we were teaching the 3rd hour!
Sunday: Our lesson in 3rd hour went GREAT! Honestly so perfect! We watched a couple short little videos on the work of salvation and got the members talking about what their role is. We said how EVERY MEMBER IS A MISSIONARY. Then best thing to do when someone asks about the church isn't to overwhelm them with info, but to just say COME AND SEE! And then we talked about what to say if they want to know more ASK THE MISSIONARIES! And then we role played of the members inviting their friends to the WARD LUAU!!!! And everyone is so excited to invite their friends! ahhhh it was awesome! ( oh ya, Both Susan and Erica did NOT come to church.......!) Then wwe went home had lunch, did studies,  and had dinner at Donna Whites, love her. Then visited with Sarah Milton and got some more insight on Dan (her husband) and Mimi! Then we saw the Uptons and then called it a night!
I'm sure great things are going to keep happening here in EL DORADO!
hope you are all doing great!!!!!!