Monday, 11 August 2014


Okay so wow! Sounds like everyone is doing great and is having lots of fun!
Things have been good here in the El Dorado ward!
El Dorado is no longer on fire, haha so that is good!  We had a good week. Just mostly doing the usual! 
Wednesday: I was on exchanges this day! Soooo they've switchd how we do exchanges now. So our STL is now in our zone, and it is just her and she has a regular companion. So now we will do 2 exchanges per transfer. So Sister Wheelwright stayed in our area with sister Parkinson and I went to the other Sisters area with them! hahah so it was so fun! Being in a trio is awesome! We had a goodday, we did service in the morning (more landscaping) it is soooo hot. lol I thought I was going to die 106 is just ahhhh ( thats like 40+ Celsius!) its hooooot! but we survived! then we just saw some other people in their area. Sister Hickman is brand new this transfer, but hoooly! She is awesome! Such a good missionary already!! I loved being with her! Their area has so many houses!!!! It felt so weird to be in a normal community again!!! haha it was awesome though!  THen in the evening we switched back! They had a lesson with Susan our investigator and she committed to come to church!! wooohoo! Huge step!
Thursday: Before district meeting we did a little bit of time and I read a really good talk called "What is the blueprint of Christs church?" It is soooo good! You gotta go read it! We had a really good district meeting about finding! That was good! Always hilarious as usual. Then we had lunch with the Bergstads! That was fun. They are moving so that is why we went wit them. Then we visited with Tommy and his wife! Then we had dinner with Donna White, always a good time! then we went to the Miltons and talked to Mimi about being baptized! Sounds like she is on board and the parents are on board! So we will see what happens there :). THen we went and saw Kat because she got her DENTURES! So now she has teeth!! haah woohooo!
Friday: In the morning we did service for Rebecca, we stacked some wood for her ,and haha we had another run in with the JW's. good times. We had a good weekly planning! Then we had dinner with Marsha. Okay she needs to write a book about her life! she has some of the craziest stories EVER! Then we saw Richard Humphrey. I miss him! He was on the phone when we knocked and then he answered saw us and he hung up. We said sorry that he hung up on who he was talking to and he said "I would hang up on anybody to talk to you guys!" he is soooo sweet! His dog (who is the only person who lives with him and gives him any company) just got diagnosed with cancer! Sooo sad :'(. Then we were visiting more people and we got a text from Sister Jones saying that SISTER KIM IS VISITING!!!! I was so excited!!!!!!!
Satruday: So we had lunch at the Jones's and sister Kim came! That was a lot of fun!! So good to see her again! Miss her!  We went and saw Richard Ramirez with Ashley, we had a lesson on the word of wisdom. Oh ya hahahahhahaha in the morning President Jardine called cause okay I don't know if I mentioned this before, but one of the people we see sometimes named Tammy was telling us about her "spiritual warfare" like i guess evil spirits come and visit her and stuff. So we didn't know what to tell her specifically about that. LOL so I guess my comp emailed President about it and said she was studying about the devil. HHAAHA so President calls obviously concerned cause he thinks she is studying the devil. Soooo i'm a little concerned now too. ;) hahaha jk. But ya. So funny. #greenies (hahaahh jk) anyways!!! We visited some more people, coorelated with Brother Dold , had dinner and printed some stuff off at the church. Then we did some tracting in the evening. Hahh met some crazy people. then called it a night.
Sunday: This was a good day. Fast and testimony meeting. Lol lots of "travel-monies" hahaah. We taught in young womans. We had dinner at the Davidsons, Bro Davidson showed us a really good mormon message called "The Hope of Gods Light" you should go watch it! Then we contacted a former and set up an appointment, so we'l see how that goes! And we visited with Carla! It was good times!
Now today is PDAY! WAHOOO! We love pday!
We went out for breakfast with Sister Kim and the Goffs and then we will probably just do the usual from here on out!
Hope you are all doing GREAT!!!!!!

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