Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sister Lacusta is Staying in El Dorado!

Well let me tell you

I'M STAYING IN EL DORADO FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER!!!!!!! Can you believe that!!!! I'm so excited but this is soooooooo weird! hahaha so at the end of this transfer I will have been here for 7 and 1/2 months!!! THats a long time! Almost half my mission!!!! haahahahah
So Sister Wheelwright is leaving and is going to the Manteca zone, and my new companions name is Sister Boata, she is from Kitibis! I don't even know where that is hahaha so I guess I will find out more about it and let you know. She is actually the sister who Sister Brown (my mtc comp) trained! So this will for sure be interesting!
And my two favourite elders are leaving too! :'( also to the Manteca zone! Hahah so its like half of our zone is going to the manteca zone. ohhhhh so sad! I will miss them! But ya
hahahahha apparently this ward is never going to get rid of me ;)
But ya that is the most exciting news of the week probably
This was a good week
I forgot my old planner at home, so I really don't remember what happened but I'll see what i remember!!
Tuesday was crazy! We had a lesson with this 12 year old boy named Ryan, and I think he is a little bit autistic, so it was very hard for him to pay attention! And sister wheelwright woke up with a cold, and his dad is a less active member who we see sometimes, and he has cancer and his immune system is really low. So we almost thought we wouldn't be able to go to our appointment, but his dad said it was okay. So after our lesson we got in the car and there was a light on that said "Low Tire" and i was pretty sure this happeneed before, So i was just going to take it to the tire place really close that will put air in aand check tire pressure for free, but i decided to call the Marstons cause they are the car people and they need to know what happens to our cars, so I called him, and he wouldn't let us just go there, he was convinced there was something wrong with the tire. So he made us go all the way up to placerville and waste miles and time and guess what. I was right. hahaha all it was was that the temperature changes outside messed with the presssure in the tire and it was a little low. Hahahah so we wasted so much  time!!! It was ridiculous! Oh well! We were sitting in the waiting room and this lady started talking to US! haha that is always a change! But ya it was good. Then we met with Sister Jones had a RS meeting, and then had dinner with JCWs at Sizzlers (your favourite dad ;) ). And then we headed back up and met with Brother Dold cause we are teaching the 5th sunday. hahahahaha oh man.... mentally I was like oh i won't be there, but I was still giving my input and really thinking about it, but now Im actually going to be there so I really got to think about it! We saw
Wednesday we sheared the rest of the sheep! hahah good times! Then we were supposed to have a lesson with Susan but she wasn't home... :(  so we left her a sticky note. Then we went to "blue" haha a part of our area less worked in cause its.... well it just isn't. hahha. Then we had dinner with the Jukes and then had a lesson with Erica.... it was pretty crazy and I don't actually think she is that interested.... so we will see. hahaha she showed us her 3 day old kittens and one of them pooped on Sister Wheelwright.

Thursday was such a fun day! We had district meeting which is always a good time, we were talking all about the Book of Mormon and how we can better use it in our proselyting. Then we had a good day saw some people, and probably my favourite part of the day was when we had dinner at the Sr Davidsons and the Spanish elders came too! hahahaahhaah so it was just so funny. Elder Crook is from Wyoming which is where Sister Davidson was born and so she was having a HOOT talking to him about that, and then at one point we were talking about something, it had nothing to do with Wyoming, and then Sister Davidson was like "Talking about Star Valley..." and then brings up Wyoming again. And then me and Elder Padilla lost it.  we couldn't stop laughing! oh my gosh. Then people kept telling funny jokes and it was so funny. And then for our "hour of power" we had some commitments we needed to follow up on and then we decided we would sing "as sisters in zion/the army of God" and it was going great until MY STOMACH DECIDED TO MAKE THE CRAZIEST NOISES IN THE MIDDLE OF  THE SONG!! hahahahah so then Sister Wheelwright was laughing Elder Padilla was laughing, I was beet red and laughing, and then Elder Crook was still singing. hahahaahaha oh my gosh. It was so embarrassing but soooooo funny! 

Friday: In the morning we went and helped this lady pack up her house and then did weekly planning, nothing too exciting :)
Saturday: We helped Sister Hulbert at her house cutting up some fruit for a wedding as some service. But first, in the morning our phone was being so dumb! Everytime we would make a phone call it would SHUT OFF! Ahhhh it was ridiculous! And very unhelpful cause we use our phone a lot. So after cutting up the fruit we had alesson with Susan and then after our lesson we went and got our new phone. Which totally sucks by the way. The only thing good about it is that is has really fun ring tones hahahahaha so I was bugging sister Wheelwright with them all night long. I set her least favourite one as the alarm to wake us up in the morning hahahaah. :). Its my favourite one! we had dinner and saw some people and it was a good day!
Sunday: Another good sunday on the missin! Susan and Erica were supposed to come to church, but neither came :(. Sad, but we will move on I guess! We had dinner at the Storeys and oh wow I love them! hahah they are so funny.
Monday: MAN UP MONDAY. This was an awesome man up monday, we just did so much service!! First, hahaha remember all of the bricks we moved? Well these people decided that they wanted all of the edges rounded hahahah so we literally were just hitting bricks with a rock until they were rounded. It was actually a lot of fun because we were just sitting around with the zone talking. Then we went and helped this family move into our area... they are not going to attend our ward though.... but it was good we helped and  they were happy. Then we had dinner with the Martys and went to the Dolds to plan out our lesson with Ryan for this week. and then we saw Richard Ramirez and had a short lesson and then all the transfer phone calls started coming!! AHHHHHHHHH soooo crazy! I still can't believe i'm staying!!!!!!
Apparenty there is someone I am supposed to find still! PRAY THAT WE FIND THEM!!!!!!!!!

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