Monday, 11 August 2014

My 11 Month Mission Birthday is Today!!!

Can you believe that?
Where has the time gone. Seriously it is flying!
And also, I don't know if I'm ever going to come home. I LOVE CALIFORNIA! I'm serious. This has got to be one of the best places ever! The weather is amazing, and you can grow ANYTHING! Everywhere we go people give us fruit! Like we have peaches all in our car because people keep giving them to us! And before that it was plums, apricots, tomatoes, anything you can imagine! Its pretty amazing! Nothing better than fresh peaches in the morning :D
That is my little california rant. Its so great!!
So ya we had a good week. I'm getting a little anxious for the transfer to be done. I LOVE my area, but there is something else that i'm looking forward to changing :). So we'll see. Only 2 more weeks left of the transfer! WAHOO! I don't really want to leave.... but I don't see how I could stay but with someone else.... so we will see what happens! I honestly just love all these people so much! But if I do leave, I really hope that I go to a biking area!!!! Start saying your prayers that I will get put on bike :D. haha Or to Tongan work hahaha jk . If we all petition with the Lord I'm sure something great will happen! hahaha nahhh i'll go wherever i'm supposed to go, or stay where I'm supposed to stay :). Anywhere will be great!
Well this week:
Okay so Tuesday I was on exchanges with sister Parkinson! Wohoo! We have officially been companions for a week now ;). She is so great! I wish we could have been companions for longer, she is such a great missionary! Love her! So ya it was a lot of fun. We were just doing the usual, we did some service, we did some tracting. We tracted Treasure Lane.... no treasure. Hahah I wish you could see the streets we go tracting on. You would just about die laughing. But hey, we need people to teach, so we will find them wherever they may be! In the evening we had a good little lesson with a potential. Her triplet grandkids were there and so they loved us and loved hearing about the book of mormon. It was a good experience! So we had a nice productive day.
Wednesday:  This was a slower day, but it is all good. Highlights were we had a lesson with Susan and she said she was still on track for coming to church on sunday. And we really focused on if this church is true there is no need to go to any other church, cause this one has all of the authority. It seems like she is really starting to understand that now :). We had dinner with the Blodgetts. Oh I love the Blodgetts. They are so great! Their son Jonathon was there and it was kind of fun to talk mission talk with him! then for the rest of the evening (which was like 1 hour haha ) we went to the Roberts, (they are actually members in the Diamond Springs ward) but they just had their baby and they invited us over for root beer floats! woohoo! so we met the new baby Lilly and we had rootbeer floats and played Wacky 6. Now that is a fun game you should get! 
Thursday was great. We had zone training! This was such a good zone training! ( I think I saw that about every zone training, but I always mean it! haha) This was about being a more Christlike missionary. So we watched some bible videos about Christ and how he was as a teacher and talked about how we need to apply it to our missionary work. We need to be charitable, bold and hard workers! I really liked it. Oooo they shared a little excerpt from this talk where this guy meets Mick Jagger and Mick Jagger is going off about how the book of mormon is true, and then bla bla bla. and then the guy ( i think he was a member of the seventy) was like "Well you are lucky today because you are sitting beside a servant of the Lord!" and then Jagger went off about how the book of mormon is an offense to him, and the member of the seventy was like "Well maybe it offended you when..." and then he gave all of these aamazing examples and stories from the Book of Mormon! Ahhhh it was sooo good! That was the part about being Bold. So good. One of the elders, Elder Crook said something that I thought was so great. He said "We can know how successful we are being when we see how Christlike we are becoming" How true is that? It doesn't matter if we are baptizing, it doesn't matter if we are teaching 1000 people (like Darren is in Texas ;) ). But it matters that we are doing these things in a Christlike manner and we are doing them because we love the Lord and we love Christ. So I really liked that! And I know that success isn't based on numbers, and I've always known and understood that, but sometimes it is discouraging to see that none of the work is paying off. BUT ITS OKAY! ALL IS WELL IN ZION. As long as I'm doing my part and working hard and showing charity all is well!!!!!!! So we will keep trucking on :). After zone training we went out for lunch with the sisters, and then we headed back out. We got some peaches from Bro Dold to give to some potentials. They were grateful for the peaches, but they are still not interested. We even stopped by the Vollraths just to try and surprisingly Stephanie answered! and we set up an appointment. After talking to Brother Dold we aren't really sure what their intent is..... but I guess we will find out. Then we had dinner at the Wards. They have a son who is a doctor and who is getting his pilots license. How crazy is that??? hahaha
Friday: This was weekly planning. It was good. We set some goals to hopefully help Sister Wheelwright out! It will all be good! We did a little bit of t tracting, and haha we met this lady who is a sister of one of the members I know from Galt! Small world!!! We had a lesson with Linda and she was taking notes the whole time hahaha kind of funny when they're doing that.... its not a lecture class.. lol. Then we did some tracting we met a set of twins who were babysitting  a set of twins... hahaha kind of funny. And we went and saw Margaret, we weren't going to but then we decided we should and she answered the door, opened her heart like she had a heart attack or something and then invited us in. She said she did that cause she was just hoping that we would come over so she could show us something, and then knock knock knock here we were! Kind of cool when that happens :). she wanted to show us her family search profile! ( on Tuesday we took an hour and a half setting it up! hahaha) glad to see she was actually on it!
Saturday was good. Productive and we saw lots of people. Hahah I got a picture of Louie so you can see what he looks like and of Colonel Babbitt with more of his guns hahaha.
Sunday: This was a good sunday. SUSAN WAS AT CHURCH!!! woohoooo1 its been so long since i've had an investigator at church I forgot how amazing it is!!!!!!!  It was great! And all of the lessosn were great. It was just great! We had dinner at the Ditlevsens, very fun! And then we went to the Middlemans and their less active daughter actually talked to us! That was a huge miracle!!! So then we called it a night!
We have zone conference this week! It should be a lot of fun!!!! Hope  you're all doing great. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

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