Monday, 11 August 2014

El Dorado is on Fire!

Hello family!
Well hello from El Dorado!
Just so you know El Dorado is ON FIRE!!!!! Like literally it's on fire! hahah it's not good!
It's not in our area, it is the Placerville elders area. We don't know anyone who was affected, but lots of people! 5000 acres got burned! Isn't that crazy! The air has been soooo smoky! its nuts!
So haha pray that the fire goes out soon!
But anyways it was a good week! Nothing too exciting, we did a lot of service again! And they ended up being really long haha but it was good. Not too much to report on!
So on Tuesday: We had Sister Hickman with us because Sister Parkinson had to go to a training, so we did all our studies together and then we had service. Haha they told us we were painting baby furniture, so I pictured us painting really small furniture hahah but turns out it was us painting like cribs and stuff for triplets haha. Then we saw some other people and we had dinner with the Sr Dolds, haha then we tried a few other people and we caught 2 of them in their underwear hahaha good times. Awkward. It is so hot everybody is trying to cool down
Wednesday: This was a good day! we started out by teaching Susan, we read from the book of mormon and just answered questions. Then we went and saw Richard Ramirez, and it was kind of cool. He said he was just praying and asking for a sign and then we showed up! We talked to him a lot about how he needs to come to church and stuff like that.  It was good. Then we had a stand off with the JW's!!!! hahah not really. But we had a small run in with them and then they tried to convert Ashley Dean (who was the member who was with us) after she dropped us off!!! It was crazy! But Ashley was like, sorry I'm mormon so don't even try to convert us. haha!! It was awesome! Then we tried soem more people, but then in  the evening we had the Pioneer Day celebration! It was sooooo fun! We had a tug o war between the missionaries and the pre missionaries! It was awesome! Basically it was just a lot of fun! Very sad, one of Sister Jones's sons came home from his mission :( and Sister Blodgetts son had to come home. Both for health reasons! Very sad for them :(
Thursday: This was a good day. We had district meeting which was really good! We ended up doing a lot of role plays hahah oh my gosh our district is hilarious. We were laughing so hard. No body could take the role plays serious. Hahah, But it was good times.  then we went to meet this lady and her family who are supposed to be moving into our ward, but apparently they are not going to attend our ward, but they are going to attend a different one. She was totally dissing our ward.... it was ridiculous! We helped her a little bit in doing some taping for the painting in her house. Then we went for texas bbq (shout out to Darren!) hahah good times. 
Friday: hahaha we went to meet this referral from another member and turns out they lived in a different ward, and was this crazy old russian lady!! hahaha oh my gosh. It was ridiculous. We asked her where she was born "EARTH" hahahah then she was supposed to take some pain pill or someting, and her daughter was watching her take it. then as soon as her daughter left she spit it out and winked at us and said "shh don't tell" hahahah it was ridiculous. Ya russians.... wow! So then we went and visited some people farther out in our area with Marsha! It went really great. and then we weekly planned.
Saturday: this was a good day. we started out with some service, and basically we totally landscaped this ladys yard in 106 weather haha. So I now know how to install a drip system. crazy stuff. Well that took so long. basically it took right up until our dinner appointment.  Then we had dinner at the andrews and visited some other people and then called it a night. 
Sunday was good! DAN MILTON CAME TO CHURCH! This is a miracle! He is an eternigator! And he just randomly came! IT was amazing! The lessons were really good. Then we had dinner with the Deans and visited some other people and then called it a night!
Monday: not pday! always sucks when its not pday haha. But it was a good day. We had interviews with President Jardine. He is the sweetest man ever! I really like him! He said he could feel the spirit really strongly with me! What a compliment! And he asked us to study doctrine and covenants 4 and really ponder what it means! He said, the Lord has called you to the work, the prophet has called you to the work, but has Sister Lacusta called Sister Lacusta to the work? Cool huh! We had dinner with the Seymours and hahahahahahah oh man I'm not sure if I told you about it or not, but brother Seymour has this thing that he did on his mission and it is "Writing with Utensils" Well its really cool, and there is a trick to it, and I know how it works and so does Sister Kim, but Sister Wheelwright doens't. So we were doing that, and allllll of us know how it works and she doesn;t/ and she was trying to figure it out and was freaking out. hahah so we said she doesn't get to know until the end of the transfer. hahaahhahaa she is dying it is HILARIOUS!
But ya, 
Life is good! Love and miss you all! Hope you are doing GREAT!!!!!

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