Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sister Lacusta is Staying in El Dorado!

Well let me tell you

I'M STAYING IN EL DORADO FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER!!!!!!! Can you believe that!!!! I'm so excited but this is soooooooo weird! hahaha so at the end of this transfer I will have been here for 7 and 1/2 months!!! THats a long time! Almost half my mission!!!! haahahahah
So Sister Wheelwright is leaving and is going to the Manteca zone, and my new companions name is Sister Boata, she is from Kitibis! I don't even know where that is hahaha so I guess I will find out more about it and let you know. She is actually the sister who Sister Brown (my mtc comp) trained! So this will for sure be interesting!
And my two favourite elders are leaving too! :'( also to the Manteca zone! Hahah so its like half of our zone is going to the manteca zone. ohhhhh so sad! I will miss them! But ya
hahahahha apparently this ward is never going to get rid of me ;)
But ya that is the most exciting news of the week probably
This was a good week
I forgot my old planner at home, so I really don't remember what happened but I'll see what i remember!!
Tuesday was crazy! We had a lesson with this 12 year old boy named Ryan, and I think he is a little bit autistic, so it was very hard for him to pay attention! And sister wheelwright woke up with a cold, and his dad is a less active member who we see sometimes, and he has cancer and his immune system is really low. So we almost thought we wouldn't be able to go to our appointment, but his dad said it was okay. So after our lesson we got in the car and there was a light on that said "Low Tire" and i was pretty sure this happeneed before, So i was just going to take it to the tire place really close that will put air in aand check tire pressure for free, but i decided to call the Marstons cause they are the car people and they need to know what happens to our cars, so I called him, and he wouldn't let us just go there, he was convinced there was something wrong with the tire. So he made us go all the way up to placerville and waste miles and time and guess what. I was right. hahaha all it was was that the temperature changes outside messed with the presssure in the tire and it was a little low. Hahahah so we wasted so much  time!!! It was ridiculous! Oh well! We were sitting in the waiting room and this lady started talking to US! haha that is always a change! But ya it was good. Then we met with Sister Jones had a RS meeting, and then had dinner with JCWs at Sizzlers (your favourite dad ;) ). And then we headed back up and met with Brother Dold cause we are teaching the 5th sunday. hahahahaha oh man.... mentally I was like oh i won't be there, but I was still giving my input and really thinking about it, but now Im actually going to be there so I really got to think about it! We saw
Wednesday we sheared the rest of the sheep! hahah good times! Then we were supposed to have a lesson with Susan but she wasn't home... :(  so we left her a sticky note. Then we went to "blue" haha a part of our area less worked in cause its.... well it just isn't. hahha. Then we had dinner with the Jukes and then had a lesson with Erica.... it was pretty crazy and I don't actually think she is that interested.... so we will see. hahaha she showed us her 3 day old kittens and one of them pooped on Sister Wheelwright.

Thursday was such a fun day! We had district meeting which is always a good time, we were talking all about the Book of Mormon and how we can better use it in our proselyting. Then we had a good day saw some people, and probably my favourite part of the day was when we had dinner at the Sr Davidsons and the Spanish elders came too! hahahaahhaah so it was just so funny. Elder Crook is from Wyoming which is where Sister Davidson was born and so she was having a HOOT talking to him about that, and then at one point we were talking about something, it had nothing to do with Wyoming, and then Sister Davidson was like "Talking about Star Valley..." and then brings up Wyoming again. And then me and Elder Padilla lost it.  we couldn't stop laughing! oh my gosh. Then people kept telling funny jokes and it was so funny. And then for our "hour of power" we had some commitments we needed to follow up on and then we decided we would sing "as sisters in zion/the army of God" and it was going great until MY STOMACH DECIDED TO MAKE THE CRAZIEST NOISES IN THE MIDDLE OF  THE SONG!! hahahahah so then Sister Wheelwright was laughing Elder Padilla was laughing, I was beet red and laughing, and then Elder Crook was still singing. hahahaahaha oh my gosh. It was so embarrassing but soooooo funny! 

Friday: In the morning we went and helped this lady pack up her house and then did weekly planning, nothing too exciting :)
Saturday: We helped Sister Hulbert at her house cutting up some fruit for a wedding as some service. But first, in the morning our phone was being so dumb! Everytime we would make a phone call it would SHUT OFF! Ahhhh it was ridiculous! And very unhelpful cause we use our phone a lot. So after cutting up the fruit we had alesson with Susan and then after our lesson we went and got our new phone. Which totally sucks by the way. The only thing good about it is that is has really fun ring tones hahahahaha so I was bugging sister Wheelwright with them all night long. I set her least favourite one as the alarm to wake us up in the morning hahahaah. :). Its my favourite one! we had dinner and saw some people and it was a good day!
Sunday: Another good sunday on the missin! Susan and Erica were supposed to come to church, but neither came :(. Sad, but we will move on I guess! We had dinner at the Storeys and oh wow I love them! hahah they are so funny.
Monday: MAN UP MONDAY. This was an awesome man up monday, we just did so much service!! First, hahaha remember all of the bricks we moved? Well these people decided that they wanted all of the edges rounded hahahah so we literally were just hitting bricks with a rock until they were rounded. It was actually a lot of fun because we were just sitting around with the zone talking. Then we went and helped this family move into our area... they are not going to attend our ward though.... but it was good we helped and  they were happy. Then we had dinner with the Martys and went to the Dolds to plan out our lesson with Ryan for this week. and then we saw Richard Ramirez and had a short lesson and then all the transfer phone calls started coming!! AHHHHHHHHH soooo crazy! I still can't believe i'm staying!!!!!!
Apparenty there is someone I am supposed to find still! PRAY THAT WE FIND THEM!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Me and Sister Brown!  My MTC companion!
Pioneer Day!
Landscaping - Check out our "Sweet Jeep"
Getting ready to go landscaping!  
Tug of War!  
El Dorado is on Fire! !
Sister Lacusta, Sister Bishop and Sister Hickman

Elder Rivas and Sister Lacusta!

Sister Lacusta and Sister Wheelwright

Horses and Sister Boata!

Me and the Elders!  

Saying goodbye to Sister Wheelwright!

Me and Sister Guitirez at the Mission Office

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Things you find while tracting!

Zone Training!

Sisters having lunch after Zone Training!


Colonel Babbit!

Sister Lacusta and Sister Parkinson!

Huge house we hung out at!

Pictures from the Mission!

Sister Lacusta, Sister Gutierrez and Sister Wheelwright!

Sister Lacusta, Lindsey Kim and Ashley Dean!

Sister Lacusta and Lindsey Kim! 


Sister Lacusta and Sister Wheelwright!

Sister Lacusta and Sister Wheelwright!
After dinner at a members house.
Candid of Sister Lacusta and Sister Wheelwright.

We Need to Have a Vision!

Today is pday and it is pday of week 6! Soooooo that is crazy! Next week we might have some news of a new area! But who knows! I guess we will wait and see :)
This was a good week! Really full of service again, which is always fun! But  wait first!
After I emailed last week we went to the bishops house in the Bass Lake ward and it was CRAZY!!! This is literally the most ridiculously huge house i've ever been in in my life. Everything and anything that you could have ever wanted, they had! ahhhh it was insane! We played tennis! It was so fun! hahah they even had one of those things that shoots out the tennis balls really fast ahahaha you can just imagine how hilarious that was with a bunch of elders! But ya, it was a lot of fun.
Tuesday: we did service for Consuelo! oh my goshhhhhh we got trapped at her house again! not as bad as last time. But basically it was just redundant we took everything out of the garage and then we just put it back in. Hahah she has way too much stuff and has no where to put it! hahah its ridiculous. But nevertheless we still helped her! and she gave me a big suitcase! so woohoo! Now I wont have only broken luggage hahaha.  After that we just visited people and did the usual. Nothing too exciting to report on.
Wednesday: We sheared sheep! wahooo! Okay so apparently i'm going to be a master sheep shearer ahahaha and apparently that is a common service that people need done lol. So we only got 3 done and we have 3 more to do this week. Also Grandma told me that my great grandpa was a sheep shearer so it's in my blood! :D. hahaha I thought that was hilarious. After sheep shearing we had a lesson with Susan, we kind of talked about the how and why of baptism. She is finally starting to understand that if this church is true there is NO NEED to go to another church. She still hasn't said yes to being baptized though. Slowly but surely she is coming along. We had dinner with the Lichtenburgs. They are LA and they wanted us to come over and have Slewhouse corn. They said it is THE BEST. Well i'll tell you what, it was good, but it doens't compare to Taber corn. hahah but it was fun having dinner with them . I actually really like them and wish they woould come to church.  Then haha before our dinner appointment the Seymours texted us asking us if we wanted pizza. hhahah we told  them we had a dinner appointment then bro seymour said they had dessert pizza that we could come have some if we wanted. Hahah so after we tried a few people after dinner we went to the Seymours. I loooove the Seymours! Honestly they are just so great! I feel like we are friends with them and they give us good grown up advice. So it is always a lot of fun! Also they have a son on a mission so they always talk mission talk with us, which obviously we love hahah. But ya it was a good time.
Thursday: We had weekly planning! We had it today because friday was ZONE CONFERENCE :D. But ya weekly planning was good. We saw Tommy Hawke afterwards and visited with the Miltons. We weren't able to have a lesson with Mimi, but we had a good time and did share a scripture and have a little lesson on Christ. It was good. They also told us that Thursday was NATIONAL MIDDLE CHILD DAY. So yippeee hooray for me! hahah all of us were middle children! so it was kind of funny talking about that.  Then we had dinner with the Moodys. Oh my gosh I seriously just love the Moodys. They are SO FUNNY! hahahha they are just a good family who always makes us laugh! Also their son Nathaniel is going to byui in january so I was telling him all about it and how fun it is and stuff like that. After dinner we went and saw Tammy and finally got to have a lesson with her about how she should stop studying about the devil and how she needs to focus on studying about Christ because light ALWAYS overpowers darkness. So she sort of understands, but she kind of just listens but then it goes right out the other ear. Also she was trying to convince us that the bible says that marijuana is okay. we were like WRONG. ITS WRONG AND ALWAYS WILL BE WRONG. So that was ridiculous. 
Friday: ZONE CONFERENCE!!! wooohoooo! I love zone conference! This was such a good day! We had some great trainings from our zone leaders, the AP's, and from President and Sister Jardine. The theme of zone conference was D&C 28:15-16. It was good. President Jardines kind of theme for our mission is "vision" And how we need to make sure we have a vision. And just like proverbs 29:18 says, where there is no vision people perish. SO WE NEED TO HAVE A VISION. :D. So it could be with anything in life, but it is very important for us as missionaries to understand why we are doing the things we are doing and to see how we can help them! So it was really good! President Jardine talked about the requirements of a true gift giver and then compared those qualities to Christ. It was good. We had a great training from the AP's! It was about how we are all here with the same calling! They had us say what it says on our tags and it's all the same thing. and then they were like where are we right now? and then we would answer "THE CALIFORNIA SACRAMENTO MISSION" and then everyone was getting PUMPED! hahaha it was awesome! I LOVE this mission! And then we watched a mormon message called "THe Will of God" This is probably my all time favourite mormon message. It is soooo good. Hahahha okay so just to make you all feel better I am still the same old me, I am basically just as immature as ever. During our training we our zone leaders we were in the classroom and the first row of chairs was all of the comfy cushioned chairs, and the elders took all of the comfy chairs. So then we walk in and get the hard ones and were just joking like ohhh thanks a lot elders we really appreciate it. So then bla bla bla we start and the elder sitting in front of me stands up to read something, and then we elder beside him was like, switch chairs! So then we started to pull back his chair, and then i was like wow, this would be hilarious to just pull it back and leave it. So first, I thought he totally knew what we were doing. But then NOPE he didn't. Hahahaha he went to sit down and his chair wasn't there and he plopped right on the floor!! oh my gosh. I'm not going to lie, it was HILARIOUS. But then I felt really bad. I was like wow, this was not a good time to be pulling elders chairs out from under them. Hahahah so oops. I repented later. But it was hilarious. You can think something is funny and feel bad all at the same time right? But ya, overall it was a great zone conference. It was so fun to see the other missionaries! I saw Sister Gutierrez! She goes home this next transfer :O. So sad! She is doing good though! And I saw Sister Brown awwww so fun! And saw lots of other people. So much fun! When zone conference was over I picked up the package from you guys! Thanks so much!!!! Its always so fun to get packages!!! :).  That evening we were actually really busy and saw a lot of people. It was good times. 
Saturday: In the morning we did service for Sister Zenk. We cleaned all of her floors for her, she just had surgery and really appreciated the  help! We had another lesson with Susan about the plan of Salvation and it went really well. We basically just asked her questions to check her understanding. We asked her what she thought of when she thought of the plan of salvation and she said "love" and then we were like that is exactly right. Then I talked about how heavenly father loves us and gives us our families and wants us to be with them and that is why we have temples. And then I have this picture of our family infront of the temple that I keep in the front of my scriptures and I showed it and bore my testimony and it was reallly good. I think Susan is relaly starting to understand. Especially how it doesn't make sense for us to just REST in the grave after we die. The rest of the day we were all over the place seeeing people, and our dinner appointment gave us money and we didn't even have time to have dinner till 8 o clock. It was great!
Sunday: This was another great sunday. No susan at church :(. But that is okay. After church we went to the Seymours for lunch and had fun with them. We went home and did studies and then we had dinner with the Sr Hulberts. Hahahha they are SO funny!  Then we went to the youth fireside that was put on by this kind of less active member. It was all about his conversion story. So then we called it a night! 
It was a really good week! Now here starts week 6 of the transfer! wooooow! Where has the time gone!? 
Well I love you all and hope you are doing great!
Also, I hope you are doing missionary work and reading from preach my gospel or something!!!!! ;)
Okay have a great week!!!!!!

Monday, 11 August 2014

My 11 Month Mission Birthday is Today!!!

Can you believe that?
Where has the time gone. Seriously it is flying!
And also, I don't know if I'm ever going to come home. I LOVE CALIFORNIA! I'm serious. This has got to be one of the best places ever! The weather is amazing, and you can grow ANYTHING! Everywhere we go people give us fruit! Like we have peaches all in our car because people keep giving them to us! And before that it was plums, apricots, tomatoes, anything you can imagine! Its pretty amazing! Nothing better than fresh peaches in the morning :D
That is my little california rant. Its so great!!
So ya we had a good week. I'm getting a little anxious for the transfer to be done. I LOVE my area, but there is something else that i'm looking forward to changing :). So we'll see. Only 2 more weeks left of the transfer! WAHOO! I don't really want to leave.... but I don't see how I could stay but with someone else.... so we will see what happens! I honestly just love all these people so much! But if I do leave, I really hope that I go to a biking area!!!! Start saying your prayers that I will get put on bike :D. haha Or to Tongan work hahaha jk . If we all petition with the Lord I'm sure something great will happen! hahaha nahhh i'll go wherever i'm supposed to go, or stay where I'm supposed to stay :). Anywhere will be great!
Well this week:
Okay so Tuesday I was on exchanges with sister Parkinson! Wohoo! We have officially been companions for a week now ;). She is so great! I wish we could have been companions for longer, she is such a great missionary! Love her! So ya it was a lot of fun. We were just doing the usual, we did some service, we did some tracting. We tracted Treasure Lane.... no treasure. Hahah I wish you could see the streets we go tracting on. You would just about die laughing. But hey, we need people to teach, so we will find them wherever they may be! In the evening we had a good little lesson with a potential. Her triplet grandkids were there and so they loved us and loved hearing about the book of mormon. It was a good experience! So we had a nice productive day.
Wednesday:  This was a slower day, but it is all good. Highlights were we had a lesson with Susan and she said she was still on track for coming to church on sunday. And we really focused on if this church is true there is no need to go to any other church, cause this one has all of the authority. It seems like she is really starting to understand that now :). We had dinner with the Blodgetts. Oh I love the Blodgetts. They are so great! Their son Jonathon was there and it was kind of fun to talk mission talk with him! then for the rest of the evening (which was like 1 hour haha ) we went to the Roberts, (they are actually members in the Diamond Springs ward) but they just had their baby and they invited us over for root beer floats! woohoo! so we met the new baby Lilly and we had rootbeer floats and played Wacky 6. Now that is a fun game you should get! 
Thursday was great. We had zone training! This was such a good zone training! ( I think I saw that about every zone training, but I always mean it! haha) This was about being a more Christlike missionary. So we watched some bible videos about Christ and how he was as a teacher and talked about how we need to apply it to our missionary work. We need to be charitable, bold and hard workers! I really liked it. Oooo they shared a little excerpt from this talk where this guy meets Mick Jagger and Mick Jagger is going off about how the book of mormon is true, and then bla bla bla. and then the guy ( i think he was a member of the seventy) was like "Well you are lucky today because you are sitting beside a servant of the Lord!" and then Jagger went off about how the book of mormon is an offense to him, and the member of the seventy was like "Well maybe it offended you when..." and then he gave all of these aamazing examples and stories from the Book of Mormon! Ahhhh it was sooo good! That was the part about being Bold. So good. One of the elders, Elder Crook said something that I thought was so great. He said "We can know how successful we are being when we see how Christlike we are becoming" How true is that? It doesn't matter if we are baptizing, it doesn't matter if we are teaching 1000 people (like Darren is in Texas ;) ). But it matters that we are doing these things in a Christlike manner and we are doing them because we love the Lord and we love Christ. So I really liked that! And I know that success isn't based on numbers, and I've always known and understood that, but sometimes it is discouraging to see that none of the work is paying off. BUT ITS OKAY! ALL IS WELL IN ZION. As long as I'm doing my part and working hard and showing charity all is well!!!!!!! So we will keep trucking on :). After zone training we went out for lunch with the sisters, and then we headed back out. We got some peaches from Bro Dold to give to some potentials. They were grateful for the peaches, but they are still not interested. We even stopped by the Vollraths just to try and surprisingly Stephanie answered! and we set up an appointment. After talking to Brother Dold we aren't really sure what their intent is..... but I guess we will find out. Then we had dinner at the Wards. They have a son who is a doctor and who is getting his pilots license. How crazy is that??? hahaha
Friday: This was weekly planning. It was good. We set some goals to hopefully help Sister Wheelwright out! It will all be good! We did a little bit of t tracting, and haha we met this lady who is a sister of one of the members I know from Galt! Small world!!! We had a lesson with Linda and she was taking notes the whole time hahaha kind of funny when they're doing that.... its not a lecture class.. lol. Then we did some tracting we met a set of twins who were babysitting  a set of twins... hahaha kind of funny. And we went and saw Margaret, we weren't going to but then we decided we should and she answered the door, opened her heart like she had a heart attack or something and then invited us in. She said she did that cause she was just hoping that we would come over so she could show us something, and then knock knock knock here we were! Kind of cool when that happens :). she wanted to show us her family search profile! ( on Tuesday we took an hour and a half setting it up! hahaha) glad to see she was actually on it!
Saturday was good. Productive and we saw lots of people. Hahah I got a picture of Louie so you can see what he looks like and of Colonel Babbitt with more of his guns hahaha.
Sunday: This was a good sunday. SUSAN WAS AT CHURCH!!! woohoooo1 its been so long since i've had an investigator at church I forgot how amazing it is!!!!!!!  It was great! And all of the lessosn were great. It was just great! We had dinner at the Ditlevsens, very fun! And then we went to the Middlemans and their less active daughter actually talked to us! That was a huge miracle!!! So then we called it a night!
We have zone conference this week! It should be a lot of fun!!!! Hope  you're all doing great. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!


Okay so wow! Sounds like everyone is doing great and is having lots of fun!
Things have been good here in the El Dorado ward!
El Dorado is no longer on fire, haha so that is good!  We had a good week. Just mostly doing the usual! 
Wednesday: I was on exchanges this day! Soooo they've switchd how we do exchanges now. So our STL is now in our zone, and it is just her and she has a regular companion. So now we will do 2 exchanges per transfer. So Sister Wheelwright stayed in our area with sister Parkinson and I went to the other Sisters area with them! hahah so it was so fun! Being in a trio is awesome! We had a goodday, we did service in the morning (more landscaping) it is soooo hot. lol I thought I was going to die 106 is just ahhhh ( thats like 40+ Celsius!) its hooooot! but we survived! then we just saw some other people in their area. Sister Hickman is brand new this transfer, but hoooly! She is awesome! Such a good missionary already!! I loved being with her! Their area has so many houses!!!! It felt so weird to be in a normal community again!!! haha it was awesome though!  THen in the evening we switched back! They had a lesson with Susan our investigator and she committed to come to church!! wooohoo! Huge step!
Thursday: Before district meeting we did a little bit of time and I read a really good talk called "What is the blueprint of Christs church?" It is soooo good! You gotta go read it! We had a really good district meeting about finding! That was good! Always hilarious as usual. Then we had lunch with the Bergstads! That was fun. They are moving so that is why we went wit them. Then we visited with Tommy and his wife! Then we had dinner with Donna White, always a good time! then we went to the Miltons and talked to Mimi about being baptized! Sounds like she is on board and the parents are on board! So we will see what happens there :). THen we went and saw Kat because she got her DENTURES! So now she has teeth!! haah woohooo!
Friday: In the morning we did service for Rebecca, we stacked some wood for her ,and haha we had another run in with the JW's. good times. We had a good weekly planning! Then we had dinner with Marsha. Okay she needs to write a book about her life! she has some of the craziest stories EVER! Then we saw Richard Humphrey. I miss him! He was on the phone when we knocked and then he answered saw us and he hung up. We said sorry that he hung up on who he was talking to and he said "I would hang up on anybody to talk to you guys!" he is soooo sweet! His dog (who is the only person who lives with him and gives him any company) just got diagnosed with cancer! Sooo sad :'(. Then we were visiting more people and we got a text from Sister Jones saying that SISTER KIM IS VISITING!!!! I was so excited!!!!!!!
Satruday: So we had lunch at the Jones's and sister Kim came! That was a lot of fun!! So good to see her again! Miss her!  We went and saw Richard Ramirez with Ashley, we had a lesson on the word of wisdom. Oh ya hahahahhahaha in the morning President Jardine called cause okay I don't know if I mentioned this before, but one of the people we see sometimes named Tammy was telling us about her "spiritual warfare" like i guess evil spirits come and visit her and stuff. So we didn't know what to tell her specifically about that. LOL so I guess my comp emailed President about it and said she was studying about the devil. HHAAHA so President calls obviously concerned cause he thinks she is studying the devil. Soooo i'm a little concerned now too. ;) hahaha jk. But ya. So funny. #greenies (hahaahh jk) anyways!!! We visited some more people, coorelated with Brother Dold , had dinner and printed some stuff off at the church. Then we did some tracting in the evening. Hahh met some crazy people. then called it a night.
Sunday: This was a good day. Fast and testimony meeting. Lol lots of "travel-monies" hahaah. We taught in young womans. We had dinner at the Davidsons, Bro Davidson showed us a really good mormon message called "The Hope of Gods Light" you should go watch it! Then we contacted a former and set up an appointment, so we'l see how that goes! And we visited with Carla! It was good times!
Now today is PDAY! WAHOOO! We love pday!
We went out for breakfast with Sister Kim and the Goffs and then we will probably just do the usual from here on out!
Hope you are all doing GREAT!!!!!!

El Dorado is on Fire!

Hello family!
Well hello from El Dorado!
Just so you know El Dorado is ON FIRE!!!!! Like literally it's on fire! hahah it's not good!
It's not in our area, it is the Placerville elders area. We don't know anyone who was affected, but lots of people! 5000 acres got burned! Isn't that crazy! The air has been soooo smoky! its nuts!
So haha pray that the fire goes out soon!
But anyways it was a good week! Nothing too exciting, we did a lot of service again! And they ended up being really long haha but it was good. Not too much to report on!
So on Tuesday: We had Sister Hickman with us because Sister Parkinson had to go to a training, so we did all our studies together and then we had service. Haha they told us we were painting baby furniture, so I pictured us painting really small furniture hahah but turns out it was us painting like cribs and stuff for triplets haha. Then we saw some other people and we had dinner with the Sr Dolds, haha then we tried a few other people and we caught 2 of them in their underwear hahaha good times. Awkward. It is so hot everybody is trying to cool down
Wednesday: This was a good day! we started out by teaching Susan, we read from the book of mormon and just answered questions. Then we went and saw Richard Ramirez, and it was kind of cool. He said he was just praying and asking for a sign and then we showed up! We talked to him a lot about how he needs to come to church and stuff like that.  It was good. Then we had a stand off with the JW's!!!! hahah not really. But we had a small run in with them and then they tried to convert Ashley Dean (who was the member who was with us) after she dropped us off!!! It was crazy! But Ashley was like, sorry I'm mormon so don't even try to convert us. haha!! It was awesome! Then we tried soem more people, but then in  the evening we had the Pioneer Day celebration! It was sooooo fun! We had a tug o war between the missionaries and the pre missionaries! It was awesome! Basically it was just a lot of fun! Very sad, one of Sister Jones's sons came home from his mission :( and Sister Blodgetts son had to come home. Both for health reasons! Very sad for them :(
Thursday: This was a good day. We had district meeting which was really good! We ended up doing a lot of role plays hahah oh my gosh our district is hilarious. We were laughing so hard. No body could take the role plays serious. Hahah, But it was good times.  then we went to meet this lady and her family who are supposed to be moving into our ward, but apparently they are not going to attend our ward, but they are going to attend a different one. She was totally dissing our ward.... it was ridiculous! We helped her a little bit in doing some taping for the painting in her house. Then we went for texas bbq (shout out to Darren!) hahah good times. 
Friday: hahaha we went to meet this referral from another member and turns out they lived in a different ward, and was this crazy old russian lady!! hahaha oh my gosh. It was ridiculous. We asked her where she was born "EARTH" hahahah then she was supposed to take some pain pill or someting, and her daughter was watching her take it. then as soon as her daughter left she spit it out and winked at us and said "shh don't tell" hahahah it was ridiculous. Ya russians.... wow! So then we went and visited some people farther out in our area with Marsha! It went really great. and then we weekly planned.
Saturday: this was a good day. we started out with some service, and basically we totally landscaped this ladys yard in 106 weather haha. So I now know how to install a drip system. crazy stuff. Well that took so long. basically it took right up until our dinner appointment.  Then we had dinner at the andrews and visited some other people and then called it a night. 
Sunday was good! DAN MILTON CAME TO CHURCH! This is a miracle! He is an eternigator! And he just randomly came! IT was amazing! The lessons were really good. Then we had dinner with the Deans and visited some other people and then called it a night!
Monday: not pday! always sucks when its not pday haha. But it was a good day. We had interviews with President Jardine. He is the sweetest man ever! I really like him! He said he could feel the spirit really strongly with me! What a compliment! And he asked us to study doctrine and covenants 4 and really ponder what it means! He said, the Lord has called you to the work, the prophet has called you to the work, but has Sister Lacusta called Sister Lacusta to the work? Cool huh! We had dinner with the Seymours and hahahahahahah oh man I'm not sure if I told you about it or not, but brother Seymour has this thing that he did on his mission and it is "Writing with Utensils" Well its really cool, and there is a trick to it, and I know how it works and so does Sister Kim, but Sister Wheelwright doens't. So we were doing that, and allllll of us know how it works and she doesn;t/ and she was trying to figure it out and was freaking out. hahah so we said she doesn't get to know until the end of the transfer. hahaahhahaa she is dying it is HILARIOUS!
But ya, 
Life is good! Love and miss you all! Hope you are doing GREAT!!!!!