Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hello family!
Well this was another service filled week! So much fun! This new announcement of having 10 hrs of service a week is sooo awesome! I love it!
Sooooo our week:
Wednesday: This day was good we decided to go back down to the part of our area that is less worked in, cause we had a good experience the last time we went. But before we went there Sister Blodgett asked us to stop by cause she said she had some things for us, so we swung by there. She had some things for us to drop by to Nina so we grabbed those and went and visited with Nina, by the way she is the 95 year old lady in our area. We had a nice visit with her. so then we went down to our  area, we ended up visited wit Tommy and Faith Hawke. Man they are so cute and old I love them. Tommy doesn't seem like he wants to church, but Faith has been studying with the JW's but I think she might consider studying with us! also hahaha she got a hip surgery and waas telling us about it and then all of a sudden she pulled down her pants and showed us her scars hahahaha that was weird. #grannypanties hahaha it was hilarious. I guess she is feeling pretty comfortable around us lol. Then we visited with Sister Mathis who is unfortunately less active. She has a testimony but doesn't come to church... that one is hard for me to understand,,, but whatever they say I guess! Then we visited with Sarah Milton! She has a 9 year old daughter who is not baptized so we went over there and talked a little bit to her about that. She said she wants her to understand why she needs to be baptized and really desire it, I thought that was really good, but also, she needs to be baptized and a 9 year old probably isn't going to figure out and ask if she can be baptized. So we are going to try and work with her and help her understand the importance of baptism :).  Then in the night we had the transfer dinner. Good times! Some new missionaries came in that I have already served with so it was fun to see them! And I can't rememebr if I said this last time, but Sister Parkinson is here now :) so that will be fun. (She was who I was companions with for 6 days! ) In the evening we visited a few more people and we actually went and saw Richard Humphrey! Awwww I've missed him. He is stilll studying with the Jw's. But he was happy to see us!! I hope he comes around!

Thursday: This was a good day. We had district meeting with our new district leader! His name is Elder Black and he actually knows Cameryn Elhert! So shoutout to her haha. He did a really good district meeting, all about our purpose. It was good. Then we tried a few other people up in that neck of the woods of our area, then we had our pass off lesson with Laura. Turns out she lives in the Rescue ward, which is the ward that the zone leaders cover. So we had to have the pass off lesson with them. Haha it went good. It was sad to see our only investigator leave us. hahah. Oh well. We're all working for the same team :) (team Jesus) Then we met up with Sister Jones because she is the new RS pres so we gave her some insight on the people we know, and she had some people she wanted us to stop by. Then we had dinner with her and then visited some more people and called it a night.

Friday: Woooo! So much fun service! So first we did weekly planning, haha no one to plan for...... oh well! we must plan anyways! so after we did that we met up at Brother dolds to shear the sheep! Hahaha wow. What a funny experience! So first of all, brother dolds property is huge there are only 2 sheepm but catching them was so hard! hahah they would run so fast! hahaha i didn't even know sheep could run so fast! So we tried cornering them and stuff, but they got away, so they ended up running into the christmas tree farm hahaha and when we followed them in there we got those stupid stickers ALL over us! So elder Sanhueza and I had stopped to get all of them out of our shoes cause we could barely walk hahah, but then Elder Taphous and Sister Wheelwright followed them in, and haha i guess Elder Taphous got it and was holding on but the sheep was still running and was like dragging him through the Christmas trees hahaha. But eventually the got it to stop, and then brother dold came and they got it on the gokart. hahaha so that was hilarious. Then we somehow caught the other one. So we had them tied up, then layed them down on the tarp so we could shear it. hahaha so it was kind of cool, i mean they just had a giant shaver basically and you just have to line it up right, and once you shave it you cant go over it again so you want it to be as close to the skin as you can. Hahah they only shear them once a year, so you can just imagine all the cling ons on their butts. hahahah so brother dold tackled the rear end. Hahaha it was pretty funny. But ya we got it all shaved with minimal cuts to the sheep and then when it was all done we painted it! hahaha so we painted a baptism symbol and John 10:4! Hahah it was so great! And we only ended up having time to do one of them so we let the other one go! so then we rushed off to dinner had dinner wit the Defriez's, oh my gosh so cute. But ahhhh sister Defriez almost like died, she was eating and swallowed something down the wrong pipe and then she was coughing and like threw up! It was really scary and sad! But she was totally fine once she got it out hahaa. Yah... So then after dinner we went and did more service, we helped them family load their garage full of stuff into a moving trailer, which we knew we would be unloading into a storage unit the next day! After we finished there we went and saw Kat and then called it a night!
Saturday: So we started out the day by unloading the moving truck at the storage unit. Haha it went pretty quick it was all good. Then we were supposed to go paint a house, but it cancelled and we were all like, well we're already in our service clothes and already planned in our plans to do service so lets find some service! So haha we called Brother Dold and asked if we could come back and do the other sheep. So he said yes and we headed over there! haha this was just as much fun again, but this time more of the zone came! We found out Sister Henderson was getting ET'd :( so sad. So we will miss her. But Sister Fenton who I came out with is coming here... but I don't think she will be here long! So ya, we shaved the other sheep and it was good times, then the Dolds bought us pizza and we all had lunch together haha some of the elders were running through the sprinklers haha they are so funny. Then we went home and got all cleaned up and went out and worked. So we met this potential named Jaspree, turns out he believes in God but not in Jesus Christ so we got to teach him all about Jesus Christ, so that was a cool experience, but in the end he didn't want to learn more. Then we went to see Susan and she was acutallly home and asked if we could read from the Bom with her!!!! of course we said yes! So we read a chapter and then made an appointment to come back. Then we saw Tammy haha. she was telling us all sorts of stuff.... the jw's have her so confused. She thinks that when we die we just rest in the grave... WRONG. But oh well, didn't want to argue so we just said well we believe quite differently.  Then hahah we were supposed to have dinner with the Eversoles, but they never answered their phone, so we didn't know if we were going to or not... so we just showed up... and haha they had totally forgotten so they just gave us money and then we went to Applebees. haha it was good times. So then we wentto meet this lady in our ward whose husband is the ysa bishopbric so we just always assumed she went there but apparently not... ahahha so we show up and she answers the door, not happy to see us, and so we thought maybe it wasnt her, so we asked if it was, and sure enough it was and so she says "Can i help you?" in this super ruuude way!! hahha soooo apparently her husband is totally active and she is NOT. so that was a funny surprise, so now she is our goal to activate. Then we visited with the Fishers and got some insight about their ex daughter in law who is someone we're trying to work with and do service for and baptize hahaha.
Sunday: This was a good sunday! Kat came to sacrament meeting!! It was so good to see her, it had been so long! This recent convert of a year went through the temple and hahaha his wife is trying to set me up with one of the missionaries who baptized him. Hahha i know him and he is still in the mission! hahah very funny!  Our RS lesson was on the holy Ghost! It was good Sister Dold said "Its not the details its the feeling" How true is that with the spirit, often times we will forget the details, but we won't forget how we feel. I think that is why during talks and general conference they say don't write down word for word, write down what the spirit says to you! Also, it RAINED! Can you believe it!? Just a little bit! But it was amazing and sooo needed. It is drier than dry over here! We had dinner at the Stattis haahha hilarious parents and very socially awkward children hahah good times! And then we went and visited Sister Taylor, she is totally 100%  active and is married to a non member, I hope her husband comes around one day!
But ya it was a good week! I'm sure we will be doing a lot more service this next week too! Its a lot of fun so I'll do it! And hopefully more importantly we will find some new investigators!!!! That is our goal!!!!!!!
Well I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

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