Wednesday, 16 July 2014

No One Said it Would be Easy!

Hello my dear family! I hope you are having fun in the USA! It is 106 here today! woohooo! Very hot!
Sooo last week was a busy one! It was great, a lot of tears, but that seems to be the theme this transfer :)
So Tuesday we had the new missionary meeting, this is where all of the new missionaries and their trainers meet together and we get to see how everyone is doing and we get to give advices and stuff like that. So we had a good training from the Assistants oh now to plan better for our investigator, I liked that, it was good for us. Then we had a break and oh my goodness, Sister Brown, my mtc companiion asked me how El Dorado was, (cause she was serving here right before I got here) and then I broke down. ahahah just crying everywhere. It was super embarassing. I'm sure all of the elders were thinking what the heck is wrong? But it was all good. I composed myself and was able to tell her how things are. President Lewis said there has been new revelation given on how to improve our teaching as missionaries, he said we will probably learn more about it in the next upcoming weeks. So that will be interesting. We had a little break out session and the trainees and trainers split up, and we all got to ask questions. So as trainers we got to ask questions about how to help our trainees. My question was how do I get her to talk more, and how do I help her to not be so discouraged. Lol. But ya, everyone else had the same question with getting them to talk more (haha the missionaries who are training someone who is learning a different question said how do we help them so that people will understand them, I was wondering the same thing about my comp haha ) But ya, and then someone said tell her that is was never easy for Christ so why would it be easy for us? I thought that was a really good point. Nothing worth it is easy. So after the new missionary meeting we quickly came home and had a lesson with Susan, we had planned out a nice lesson and then didn't end up doing the plan at all. Someone in her family died so she was asking about that and so we talked about that and just were following the spirit. In the end it got to talking about coming to church, so we  invited her and she said no. So I think we are going to drop Susan. After that we just visited some other people, had dinner and then in the evening we met up with the STL's so we could go on exchanges! Wohoo!
Wednesday: So for exchanges I was with Sister Dees in our area. It was sooooooooo nice to be with another companion. Wow I can't even tell you. I felt like  a huge major weight was lifted off of my shoulders. It was definitely a humbling exchange though. But then I realized after talking to Sister Dees that my problems are SO SMALL. She was telling me how just this transfer she got knews that her sister was in an accident and broke both her arms, her legs, and her back, and that they keep finding new broken bones. So she was telling me all about this, and it was just like wow. K, my life is good. As long as my family is safe I should be happy. So ya. It really humbled me. Sister Dees is an amazing missionary, it will be sad to see her go (She goes home this transfer). We had a lot of fun, we were doing tons of contacting, we actually contacted someone an they turned out to be from Canada! wooohoo! From Edmonton even! What a small world! We went and saw Kat in the hospital. THey had to put a rod and bolts in her leg. But no cast! She is doing pretty dang good for breaking her leg. We saw some other people, nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary. In the evening we had about 15 minutes before we needed to be heading home so I said okay lets try one more person. It was this potential named Kelsy we'd been trying to meet. So we go to her house, and Kelsy didn't live there, but someone named Erica did, and she said she would be willing to meet with us again! So we have an appointment with her on Tuesday! Woohooo! 
Thursday: This was a good day, we had District meeting, this was probably Elder LaMonts best one yet. It was all about making sure we have a VISION while we are doing our missionary work. Our vision should be to baptize! It was a good one. We saw Consuelo and she said just the night before she was wondering when we would stop by and was hoping we woulld, and then bam, here we were the next day. She was pretty stressed and so we shared with her about Christ and how he knows exactly what we're going through at all times, it seemed to help her. We did some tracting, and people were actuaally nice! what a shock! haha no one too interested, but at least we got to share with them about the Restoration. In the evening we went and saw JCW's, ( Joyce, Cindy and Wendy) Apparently wendy isn't doing too good and they were telling us all about that
Friday: this was weekly planning, not too brutal, we had an interesting comp inventory, At 4 we had our "Till We Meet Again" goodbye conferece. Ohhhhhhh it was so sad. I'm going to miss President and Sister Lewis so much. They showed us this silver platter that has the Sacramento temple on it with "California Sacramento Mission" on it and they said when we get married they willl send us one! :) how cute is that? We had a training from PResident and Sister Lewis which was really good. Then we sang "God be with you till we meet again" And wow, that's just not fair. That song gets me everytime. So I was conducting the music and basically I was just standing there waving my arm and crying and blowing my nose hahaha. So sad. Even some elders were crying, wow so sad. Then we got to give PResident and Sister Lewis a hug. Sooooo sad. President whispered to me "don't worry I know where Canada is" And Sister Lewis said "I've always wanted to come to Canada" :) so maybe they'll come to my wedding and hand deliver my silver platter :D. So cute. Then we had dinner visited some other people, met a new less active in the ward, hahah she showed us all her canning.... mom please don't even start canning meat. It looks disgusting LOL.
Satruday: This was a great day. Started out by trying to see Susan, apparently she moved to the bay area (san francisco) and soooo ya, I guess she is officially dropped now lol) but we taught her father in law all about the Word of Wisdom. Then we met with the STL's they wanted to do a study. So basically they committed us to be exactly obedient for this next week for President and Sister Jardine (There is hardly anything we need to improve on ;).Then we went tracting with Ashley Dean, man I love Ashley Dean she is just awesome! we found a new investigator named Adam, we've got a return appointment for Wednesday. Then we saw KAt and Jay, and Jay said something pretty cool ( I think he is really starting to warm up to the church) He said that us and Marilyn were the only ones who visited KAt while she was in the hospital, not even any of their very good friends that they've known for years. So I think he's starting to realize that we just love and care about them! We coorelated with bro dold. we had dinner at MArshas. WOW. what an amazing conversion story. She is so great! Then we went to help the sisters with a service project and haha we showed up, and everyone was there to help, EXCEPT the sisters! haha it was funny. Then we called it a night.
Sunday: this was a nice sunday. It was a good sacrament meeting on following the spirit, sunday school was about fasting (how fitting) and then it was the 5th sunday so combined RS and we learned all abou the 12 step program. It was good to learn more about it.  Hahahah at church there was this lady that I didn't know so I went to go meet her and my comp came too and hahah the lady looks at my comp and says "You look like you're 12!" hahaha it was so funny. I was dying. The whole ward thinks she is 12 too. Same here. hahaah jk. But seriously.  We had dinner at the bishops again, their son Jeremy has a friend who wants to take the missinoary discussions so we set up an appointment to meet with her tonight! THat will be fun. But of course she's not in our area..... so we'll end up passing her off haha. Then we tried some less actives, helped Kat move a couch and then called it a night! 
It was a good week! 
This next week should be good. We get to meeting President Jardine annnnnd its 4th of July so we get to party alll day :D. jk only from 6-9. Woohoooo!
But ya, thanks for all of your love, support and prayers!
I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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