Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Hello Family!
Wow so Darren you are in the MTC ahhhh that's crazy! Hope you are surviving ;) haha jk I know you are. 
Ummm we had transfers here, and surprise surprise I am staying! Heres to 6 months in this area too! Woohoo! I'm actually really excited though! I would have been sad if I left. I love my ward sooo much! But ummm I'll get to the events of the week. But exciting highlight: we now are being asked to do 10hrs of service a week! Woohoo!! So much service! Its going to be sooo fun!
So our week:
Tuesday: This was a good day, just working like usual. We met with Heather who is the step mom of some less actives in our ward and she kind of spilled out her heart to us, we bore our testimony and let her know that  this is Christs church and could help her. We went to see a potential named Mary, and her husband Andy answered the door and so he is not very nice he just wants to bible bash, and so we asked if there was anything we could do for them and then Andy was like "Ya actually there is" And I was thinking ohhh crap, what did I do, cause I thought he was going to say something rude like, stop coming to my house, or stop preaching bla bla bla, but all he asked was if he could get some help with family history. I was like what. That's it? Ya we can do that! haha fewf.  We had a lesson with Laura, and it went really good the spirit was strong we all shared experiences of when the Holy Ghost has helped us in our lives or experiences with the spirit. Then we asked her how her experience was with praying and asking if what we've been telling her is true, and she said that when she prayed she just got a really happy feeling! We were like ahhhhhhh that's the spirit!!!! But shes no convinced that that is her answer yet, so we're going to keep working with her. Then after our lesson we checked out phone and we had like 3 missed calls from a random number. Turns out it was this random homeless lady who got our number and wanted help. It was quite the experience. Hahah. In the evening we went to see  the Quates with the Marstons, they are potentials. Lol the Marstons were like "these sisters have an amazing message to share with you" but then they kept talking and talking and talking. Sooo we barely got to do any teaching lol. Oh well. Thent that evening we helped the Marstons with some of the stuff they need to do for the mission. Just organizing gas receipts and stuff.
Wednesday: hahah nothing too exciting this day. We went to see a member.... and I saw her through the window when we pulled up and then I saw her leave the living room and then we rang te doorbell and she didn't answer the DOOR. It was soooo ridiculous! Haha she is a piece of work lol we Met this weeeeird potential named Jeff and oh my gosh. He's so weird. We were trying to teach him but he kept interrupting and he was hard to understand and oh man, we couldn't stop laughing. He was sooo weird. Hahah it was definitely a pearls before swine situation. haha. ridiculous.  We had dinner with they Seymours which was great and sister Seymour was telling us about a book called Heaven is For Real, and apparently some of it actually lines up pretty nicely with what we believ! Sounds interesting!
Thursday: This morning we did some service, we moved more bricks! But it was a piece of cake compared to the last 2 times we did it! Then we had zone training, it was really good! All about having a vision for our area! I got fired from being the chorister at zone training. Hahah must be cause I was crying the last time I did it. hahahha nah jk.  That was basically the highlight of this day. This is when they announced to us that we need tto do 10 hrs of service every week :D.
Friday: So much service! We painted a hosue in the morning, hahahah after we were done the elders found a RAT and killed it! hahah oh my gosh. So funny. I  was on "quality control" with Elder Pugh and Elder Padilla. Hahah that was a lot of fun.  We had to make sure all of the rooms were painted to the highest quality. hahaha Then we made new planners for the new transfer and then we did more service where we moved dirtt... ahah we pick axed it, then shovelled it into a wheelbarrow, and then moved it up a hill. By the way it was like 97 this whole day lol.  After moving dirt we stayed for dinner and it was a good time. During dinner a member of the bishopbric called us and asked if we would speak in chuch on sunday. And after dinner us and the elders sang a song at the piano. It was fun!
Saturday: More service! In the morning we went to help this house clean up, they had totally gutted the whole thing and so we were hauling all the drywall and debree into a dumpster. It was fun, ahah then on the way home we saw the elders moving the dirt, so we drove past and waved hahaha then we turned around to see if they wanted mor help. So we did that for a bit. Then the rest of the day was just the usual going and seeing people.
Sunday: We gave our talks in church, I thuoght they went pretty good. We saw Margaret in the evening, it was her birthday on saturday so we gave her a present. Then we visited with some other people, and right before curfew we stopped by the Blodgetts and Sister Blodgett had printed off the picture of Darren and Sister Kim! ahhh! I loved that! That was awesome!!
Yesterday: Awww so cute , we had more service planned and we needed a weedwhacker so we asked Brother McAllister if we could borrow one, and he said ya, and then he offered to take us out for lunch! So sweet. So we did that, then visited with Kat, and then at 2:30 we went and did more service. Oh my gosh it was 107 outside, which I think is  like 41 celsius. Hahah so the elders were weedeating, and then we were raking everything that they weedeated. Oh my goodness. I was sweating up a storm! hahahah its sooo hot! But im surviving way better than I thought I would be! Then we had dinner with the Starks, they are great! I got on our family history and WOW who has been doing all the hard work on the family tree?? It goes so far back now! On both sides!!!! Great work! Then we saw Consuelo, and then in the night we visited with a less actives non member husband, maybe he will warm up to us! ;). And ya we got transfer calls! Not too many people from our zone are leaving, but some of my favourites are so that is sad. But good news! Sister Parkinson my companion that I had for 6 days is coming to serve here in El Dorado! Yay!! She is going to be our new STL they are changing how STLs are now! So that will be interesting!!!!!
Well I hope you are all doing great!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH

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