Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Does the Messenger Match the Message?

Hello hello hello!
Well this was a good week, it went by faaast! I love it when that happens!
Tuesday: Well this morning we were supposed to have a lesson with an investigator that we found named Erica, well... she ended up not being there so we went and saw Richard Ramirez, we taught him about repentance and the gojc, it was good. We were with Ashley Dean for this. After she asked us if we wanted to go for lunch! Haha so she took us out to in n out (shout out to BEN). She is so sweet! I love Ashley Dean! Then we went home to get some things, We tried Nina but she wasn't home, went to see Louie but ended up talking to his mom... ahaha interesting lady. We went onto the Reservation for the first time! (oh ya there is a reservation in my area lol) They let us right in! Hahah didn't even ask who we were there to see. So we visited with a family from our ward and asked them about these former investigators who are their cousins. Sooo hopefully maybe something will come from that.  We had dinner with the Kroffs, they are great I like them a lot! Then visited with the sr Dolds, they updated us on all their missionary work they've been doing, and then we went to see the Algers.
Wednesday: Hahah this morning we tried Erica again, but not home so we went around to the low income apartments in the area to get applications for this person who needed them. Hahaha do you know how hard it is for people to get people to talk to us when they see our tags? Hahah they immediately say no, and then we told them we just wanted applications and then their whole attitude changes and they give them to us. hahah so funny. gahhh we had lunch at the H's oh man I can hardly understand what Bro H is ever saying. Hahah but we survived.  We were supposed to have an appointment in the evening with Adam, but he wasn't home :/.... so Marsha ended up taking us out for dinner, how nice of her. Also we went tracting in 97 degree weather. Ohhh good times. THis one family had a greg olson painting on their wall but they were't interested!! IT was like waaaait do you even know what is on your wall!!!!!
Thursday: This day marked 1 year of me going through the temple! Wow time flies!!!! That is sooo crazy! District meeting was unexpectedly cancelled so we readjusted our plans and went waaaaaaay down to the bottom of our area. Hahaha so far down I had never even been there before. It was good times. We met some really nice less active people. Hahah for dinner that night we went to the Starks house and while they were bringing out dessert Brother Stark told me comp she better have two because she is too skinny. Then he said that she is going to need it to be able to keep up with me....... Sooooo I'm going to choose to think that he was talking about that I am working Sister Wheelwright so hard that she needs energy and not choose to think that was a fat joke. hahahahah. Ohhhhh the members.  We did moooore tracting in the 97 degree weather. Met a lot of rude people :) my favourite. not.
Friday: Haha this was a fun day! We had zero proselyting, which was probably for the best since it was the 4th of july. So we weekly planned in the morning, then at 1:15 we met up with the other Sisters and carpooled to East Sac to meet President Jardine! He seems awesome! I like him already! His wife sure did a lot of talking though.... I wanted to hear more from him! THey had a painting that said "Does the messenger match the message?" I thought that was great. We gotta make sure we are always representing Christ, especially as missionaries, but also as members of the church! THen after that we went to our ward party, soooo fun! We invited our district to come hahah that was awesome. Oh man, but first they had some big long boring american speach, and they did this thing that apparently they do when people become American citizens.... soooo I didn't do that... it made me feel uncomfortable LOL. And then the whole ward was asking if I did it or not and if I was American now. Hahahh they told me I was an honorary american citizen lol. Thanks guys ;). THen in the evening we played sports with our zone, it was fun. Haha this one elder was being a baby and didn't want to play sports so I knew there was some games in the library lost n found so we played uno and jenga! It was a lot of fun! hahaha
Saturday: hahaha oh man, we started this day out with a zone service project. Cleaning a hoarders house :) fun times! I got to vacuum up poop, spider webs, and some things that I don't even know what they were and I don't want to know :)/ Hhaha the other sisters got stuck cleaning the kitchen HAHA there was food in there that I don't even know how long it had been there!! soooo nasty. HAhaha the elders were working outside cleaning up trees and weed whacking and stuff (btw did oyu know americans call weedwhackers, weedeaters? weird) Hahah one of our zls was cleaning up this one area and then stepped onto what he thought was just a pile of sticks, but then turns out it was covering this hole that led to the septic tank HAHAH ew. So he got a whole lot of you know what on his shoe. But ya, we made a lot of progress.... but still qiute a mess over there. Then we saw lots of people and in the evening we visited with this guy named Grandpa Jack. He's a pretty cool guy, he was a pastor for another church for like 60 years, and he met mother Teresa 4 times! Pretty cool! hahah he gave us this book he wrote. Lol I think I'm going to keep it just cause its hilarious. It has this huge cross on it. hahahaha so funny.
Sunday: Good sunday! Fast and testimony meeting was great. I got up and bore my testimony. Brother Jones got up and bore his testimony and part of it he said "I have a testimony of Sister Lacusta" That was awesome. What a way to make me feel good. Its always good to know that the members trust us! The rest of the day was good. Hahah we saw MArgaret and I think I made her madLOL. but it was too funny. She was talking about how Californians aren't really bad drivers, that its all of these new people who move to California who make them look like bad drivers by speeding and doing all sorts of things.... that all of the people who have been here for 70 years don't speed and drive bad. So i said "maybe it's cause you're all 70 years old" hahahahaah oops. It just slipped out. Margaret didn't like that.
But ya, that was our week! Today was a fun pday we just played games with the zone!
This starts WEEK 6. Pday will be on tuesday next week, just a heads up! We'll find out if i'm continuing training or if I'll be moved! woooowzee P.Jardine has got to totally follow the spirit for this transfer call! haha!

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