Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Another Week in the Field!

Hello Family!
So this week was good, it went be really fast which was really nice!
Tuesday: Well we started out this day by meeting up with Brother Dold, Sister Goff, Big Mike and Donna. Hahah we are planning a wedding! So background info, Donna is Margarets nm daughter. Mike is her fiance, and sooo they've been planning on getting married for a while, but were worried about all the costs, so brother Dold told them they could get married at the church and that we would all help with the wedding. Lol so somehow we got roped into this, which was pretty hilarious when you think about it. So we meet at the church and discuss all these wedding plans... lol so not where my mind is at, a wedding? But it ws good, they talked about all the temporal things, and then we linked it to eternal families/ marriages. That was more up my ally haha. So it was good we talked all about that. Donna was talking about how she has noticed a change in her mom and dad after they joined the church, so  that was cool to hear her talk about that. After our wedding planning we had a lesson with Susan Hacker, and well.... this was one of my worst lessons ever, we planned to teach her about the plan of salvation, but the spirit was saying to teach gospel of Jesus Christ, and what did I do.... i didn't listen to the spirit. GOSH, what kind of dummy move was that? But it was cause I didn't want my little companion to get confused and thrown off, and we had planned for POS, I just stuck with the plan. But yup, it went pretty terrible, ( i mean not like burst into flames terrible or anything, but just that the spirit was kind of absent and I don't think she was understanding) She has sda beliefs, so the whole spirit world thing really confused her.... she thinks we just sleep in our grave till we get resurrected. So thats a big one right there. Lol. But ya, not the best lesson ever. But its okay, we have another lesson tomorrow, and I'm not even too sure if she is progressing anymore.... so we might end up dropping her... we will see! She doesn't want to commit to baptism or even coming to church.... sooo ya. We will see! After that we did some tracting, met a lot of not interested people. Some were nice, some not so much lol. This one lady was like "Oh i'm sorry i'm CHRISTIAN" we're like "Oh great we are too!!" And then she went off on how we're "not christian" and how bla bla bla all this stuff. It was just like, okay have a nice day. LOL. some people, haha so rude. We had dinner at the Sellers home, he is in the stake presidency, they are soo nice. It was a fun dinner, they gave us a few referrals to try.
Wednesday: In the morning we saw Sister Frank, ahaha she was kind of crazy. Going off about Obama and all this stuff. I'm just like first of all I don't care, second of all we're not allowed to talk about that. Hahah so I just linked it to how we need to put our faith in Christ and then all will be well even if politics and the world around us are crazy. Then we had lunch with the Grewes, they are a nice older couple, they took us to Dennys and haha it was so funny. The whole ward already thinks my companion is 12, and then she went and ordered milk at lunch and the grewes just looked at her and like laughed ahahha it was so funny.  We visited with Nina, she is the 94 year old, haha she told us we need to ring the doorbell when we come by..... we do.... every single time... more than once... she just never hears it hahahaha ( #oldpeopleprobs) I got a package from YOUUUU when I got home! What an awesome fun filled package! Wow I just loved it! Hahaha the little stories/articles in it were soooo funny! And the clothes and stuff are cute! Thanks so much :). We visited more people during the day and in the evening we visited with the Bergstads ( he is a recent convert preparing to go through the temple) and then we visited with the Bishop. I asked him if he could tell us who is speaking each week so we can go and visit them and tell them to invite friends to hear them speak, but he said he couldn't help with that.... oh bishop. 
Thursday: Wow, so this morning I had another appointment with the dermatologist, but before we got picked up Sister Goff came into our room and told us we would be moving out of their house and I just started crying. Wow it was sooo sad. Brother Goffs cancer is really serious I guess, and they don't want it to affect us. So its really heart breaking and so sad. We don't mind staying, we just want what is best/ most comfortable/ least stressful for the Goffs. So I totally udnerstand, but I was so sad. My heart is breaking for Brother and Sister Goff. So after I cleaned up my crying face I went back to the dermatologist, he said I might be allergic to mint..... he looked at me for literally 30 seconds and said that. He iddn't even pay attention. He is dumb. Lol. But I'll give it a shot. So then we came home and had lunch and then went to district meeting. It was all about how we can be more converted and how can we show it to our investigators. It was a good training. After that we had our 12 week study to do and it was on the computer all about family history.  And this whole time my head was just pooounding cause I had been crying. So after we finished that up we went to see some more people, no one nice or interested, but then my head hurt soo bad that I needed some ibuprofen so we stopped at the Andrews and got some. Then we went back out. Hahaha one of the people we went to see was a new move in, and he lives in a gated community and of course he was so rude and bla bla bla all that good stuff, and then he asked "Are you allowed to be in here?" hahaha we were like UM YA. Lol. so rude. We did meet a nice couple, first one in a long time, they were buddhist though... soooo ya. Then we had dinner at the Larsens, the cutest young couple ever. Love them!
Friday: Sister Goff called us this morning and said We're not moving!! woohoo! But I don't know whether to be happy or sad because obviously I'm happy to stay, but I don't know what is best for brother Goff at this point... so I feel like they just felt bad cause I was crying and that's why they let us stay. So hopefully thats not it. I'm going to tell President Lewis what is going on and maybe they can assess the situation. Cause I don't know what would be best. :(. We had weekly planning, nothing too exciting. We went to see Kat and she got ALL of her teeth pulled!!! ahahah oh my goodness. yikes!  We ended up teaching her and Jay about the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity haha. Always fun. Kat picked up smoking again.... :(. Not good. So we're going to help them stop smoking!  Somehow! Then we had dinner at President Westons house (he is our stake president) and wow. It felt like I was being interrogated the whole time. Sooo hopefully I answered everything right. No pressure at all haahh. Then we had an appointment with the Camino elders and the girl named Becca so we could pass her off officially. So that went pretty good. She is quiet, but I felt like it went well. Then we just visited a few more people and called it a night!
Saturday! Another saturday in the mission field hahah. Always tons of fun. Today wasn't actually that terrible, but still. First we tried a few people in the morning, no one was home so we went and saw Barbara Bigby, she is rlds. haha so she is hard to go anywhere with because she thinks that we believe the same things.... nope... we don't lol. But we talked about the word of wisdom so that was good. Then we had lunch with Sister Defriez. The cutest little old lady ever, and guess what! SHE IS CANADIAN :D. She is from Rosemary! How cute! We tried a bunch of new move ins and all sorts of people, no one really home or interested.  So we went and followed up with the Kroffs an active family in the ward who we challenged to do something. did they do it? Nope.  Brother Crosby is the only reliable person  when it comes to missioary work. geeeeeez. Visited with the Sr Dolds, we picked some apricots off their tree. YUM. then we correlated with WML Bro Dold, then went home for dinner, tried a few other people, and then we just went to the Seymours and got cheered up by them. 
Sunday was a great sunday. It was Josh Andrews mission farewell (he's the one gooing to Tahiti) we had a great sunday school and great relief society. Apparently Kat fell and broke her leg?! Also Margaret fell so she wasn't at church.We had dinner at the bishops house, then we went and saw Margaret and saw Ashley Nessmith, then we sent in numbers and called it a night. 

But ya that was our week!
This next week will be eventful, we've got the new missinoary meeting tomorrow, exchanges wednesday, then on friday we say goodbye to President and Sister Lewis :'(
Well I love you all so much!!!!!! Hope you are doing great!!!!!

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