Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sheep Sheering Pictures!!

Me and the sheep I caught.

Sheep on the go-kart!

Baptism symbol I painted on the sheep.

John 10:4

Painted Sheep!

Riding in the Truck!

Our ward mission leader!

Our ward mission leader - the owner of the sheep.

Me and Sister Henderson

Me and Sister Bishop

Elder Sanhueza putting the sheep wool on Elder Boddie!

The elders taking a ride!

My Zone at the sheep sheering!



Hello family!
Well this was another service filled week! So much fun! This new announcement of having 10 hrs of service a week is sooo awesome! I love it!
Sooooo our week:
Wednesday: This day was good we decided to go back down to the part of our area that is less worked in, cause we had a good experience the last time we went. But before we went there Sister Blodgett asked us to stop by cause she said she had some things for us, so we swung by there. She had some things for us to drop by to Nina so we grabbed those and went and visited with Nina, by the way she is the 95 year old lady in our area. We had a nice visit with her. so then we went down to our  area, we ended up visited wit Tommy and Faith Hawke. Man they are so cute and old I love them. Tommy doesn't seem like he wants to church, but Faith has been studying with the JW's but I think she might consider studying with us! also hahaha she got a hip surgery and waas telling us about it and then all of a sudden she pulled down her pants and showed us her scars hahahaha that was weird. #grannypanties hahaha it was hilarious. I guess she is feeling pretty comfortable around us lol. Then we visited with Sister Mathis who is unfortunately less active. She has a testimony but doesn't come to church... that one is hard for me to understand,,, but whatever they say I guess! Then we visited with Sarah Milton! She has a 9 year old daughter who is not baptized so we went over there and talked a little bit to her about that. She said she wants her to understand why she needs to be baptized and really desire it, I thought that was really good, but also, she needs to be baptized and a 9 year old probably isn't going to figure out and ask if she can be baptized. So we are going to try and work with her and help her understand the importance of baptism :).  Then in the night we had the transfer dinner. Good times! Some new missionaries came in that I have already served with so it was fun to see them! And I can't rememebr if I said this last time, but Sister Parkinson is here now :) so that will be fun. (She was who I was companions with for 6 days! ) In the evening we visited a few more people and we actually went and saw Richard Humphrey! Awwww I've missed him. He is stilll studying with the Jw's. But he was happy to see us!! I hope he comes around!

Thursday: This was a good day. We had district meeting with our new district leader! His name is Elder Black and he actually knows Cameryn Elhert! So shoutout to her haha. He did a really good district meeting, all about our purpose. It was good. Then we tried a few other people up in that neck of the woods of our area, then we had our pass off lesson with Laura. Turns out she lives in the Rescue ward, which is the ward that the zone leaders cover. So we had to have the pass off lesson with them. Haha it went good. It was sad to see our only investigator leave us. hahah. Oh well. We're all working for the same team :) (team Jesus) Then we met up with Sister Jones because she is the new RS pres so we gave her some insight on the people we know, and she had some people she wanted us to stop by. Then we had dinner with her and then visited some more people and called it a night.

Friday: Woooo! So much fun service! So first we did weekly planning, haha no one to plan for...... oh well! we must plan anyways! so after we did that we met up at Brother dolds to shear the sheep! Hahaha wow. What a funny experience! So first of all, brother dolds property is huge there are only 2 sheepm but catching them was so hard! hahah they would run so fast! hahaha i didn't even know sheep could run so fast! So we tried cornering them and stuff, but they got away, so they ended up running into the christmas tree farm hahaha and when we followed them in there we got those stupid stickers ALL over us! So elder Sanhueza and I had stopped to get all of them out of our shoes cause we could barely walk hahah, but then Elder Taphous and Sister Wheelwright followed them in, and haha i guess Elder Taphous got it and was holding on but the sheep was still running and was like dragging him through the Christmas trees hahaha. But eventually the got it to stop, and then brother dold came and they got it on the gokart. hahaha so that was hilarious. Then we somehow caught the other one. So we had them tied up, then layed them down on the tarp so we could shear it. hahaha so it was kind of cool, i mean they just had a giant shaver basically and you just have to line it up right, and once you shave it you cant go over it again so you want it to be as close to the skin as you can. Hahah they only shear them once a year, so you can just imagine all the cling ons on their butts. hahahah so brother dold tackled the rear end. Hahaha it was pretty funny. But ya we got it all shaved with minimal cuts to the sheep and then when it was all done we painted it! hahaha so we painted a baptism symbol and John 10:4! Hahah it was so great! And we only ended up having time to do one of them so we let the other one go! so then we rushed off to dinner had dinner wit the Defriez's, oh my gosh so cute. But ahhhh sister Defriez almost like died, she was eating and swallowed something down the wrong pipe and then she was coughing and like threw up! It was really scary and sad! But she was totally fine once she got it out hahaa. Yah... So then after dinner we went and did more service, we helped them family load their garage full of stuff into a moving trailer, which we knew we would be unloading into a storage unit the next day! After we finished there we went and saw Kat and then called it a night!
Saturday: So we started out the day by unloading the moving truck at the storage unit. Haha it went pretty quick it was all good. Then we were supposed to go paint a house, but it cancelled and we were all like, well we're already in our service clothes and already planned in our plans to do service so lets find some service! So haha we called Brother Dold and asked if we could come back and do the other sheep. So he said yes and we headed over there! haha this was just as much fun again, but this time more of the zone came! We found out Sister Henderson was getting ET'd :( so sad. So we will miss her. But Sister Fenton who I came out with is coming here... but I don't think she will be here long! So ya, we shaved the other sheep and it was good times, then the Dolds bought us pizza and we all had lunch together haha some of the elders were running through the sprinklers haha they are so funny. Then we went home and got all cleaned up and went out and worked. So we met this potential named Jaspree, turns out he believes in God but not in Jesus Christ so we got to teach him all about Jesus Christ, so that was a cool experience, but in the end he didn't want to learn more. Then we went to see Susan and she was acutallly home and asked if we could read from the Bom with her!!!! of course we said yes! So we read a chapter and then made an appointment to come back. Then we saw Tammy haha. she was telling us all sorts of stuff.... the jw's have her so confused. She thinks that when we die we just rest in the grave... WRONG. But oh well, didn't want to argue so we just said well we believe quite differently.  Then hahah we were supposed to have dinner with the Eversoles, but they never answered their phone, so we didn't know if we were going to or not... so we just showed up... and haha they had totally forgotten so they just gave us money and then we went to Applebees. haha it was good times. So then we wentto meet this lady in our ward whose husband is the ysa bishopbric so we just always assumed she went there but apparently not... ahahha so we show up and she answers the door, not happy to see us, and so we thought maybe it wasnt her, so we asked if it was, and sure enough it was and so she says "Can i help you?" in this super ruuude way!! hahha soooo apparently her husband is totally active and she is NOT. so that was a funny surprise, so now she is our goal to activate. Then we visited with the Fishers and got some insight about their ex daughter in law who is someone we're trying to work with and do service for and baptize hahaha.
Sunday: This was a good sunday! Kat came to sacrament meeting!! It was so good to see her, it had been so long! This recent convert of a year went through the temple and hahaha his wife is trying to set me up with one of the missionaries who baptized him. Hahha i know him and he is still in the mission! hahah very funny!  Our RS lesson was on the holy Ghost! It was good Sister Dold said "Its not the details its the feeling" How true is that with the spirit, often times we will forget the details, but we won't forget how we feel. I think that is why during talks and general conference they say don't write down word for word, write down what the spirit says to you! Also, it RAINED! Can you believe it!? Just a little bit! But it was amazing and sooo needed. It is drier than dry over here! We had dinner at the Stattis haahha hilarious parents and very socially awkward children hahah good times! And then we went and visited Sister Taylor, she is totally 100%  active and is married to a non member, I hope her husband comes around one day!
But ya it was a good week! I'm sure we will be doing a lot more service this next week too! Its a lot of fun so I'll do it! And hopefully more importantly we will find some new investigators!!!! That is our goal!!!!!!!
Well I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

More Pictures!

Sister Kim and Sister Lacusta

Spreading the word!  Gotta plant those seeds!

Sister Kim, Sister Lacusta and Sister Wheelwright

Goodbyes are sooo Hard!

The goats we rescued!

The street signs are so hilarious!

Study Time or Nap Time?

The MTC Gang!  

There are two Chaparral Drives! Canada and the US

The LLama

He didn't like our message!


Hello Family!
Wow so Darren you are in the MTC ahhhh that's crazy! Hope you are surviving ;) haha jk I know you are. 
Ummm we had transfers here, and surprise surprise I am staying! Heres to 6 months in this area too! Woohoo! I'm actually really excited though! I would have been sad if I left. I love my ward sooo much! But ummm I'll get to the events of the week. But exciting highlight: we now are being asked to do 10hrs of service a week! Woohoo!! So much service! Its going to be sooo fun!
So our week:
Tuesday: This was a good day, just working like usual. We met with Heather who is the step mom of some less actives in our ward and she kind of spilled out her heart to us, we bore our testimony and let her know that  this is Christs church and could help her. We went to see a potential named Mary, and her husband Andy answered the door and so he is not very nice he just wants to bible bash, and so we asked if there was anything we could do for them and then Andy was like "Ya actually there is" And I was thinking ohhh crap, what did I do, cause I thought he was going to say something rude like, stop coming to my house, or stop preaching bla bla bla, but all he asked was if he could get some help with family history. I was like what. That's it? Ya we can do that! haha fewf.  We had a lesson with Laura, and it went really good the spirit was strong we all shared experiences of when the Holy Ghost has helped us in our lives or experiences with the spirit. Then we asked her how her experience was with praying and asking if what we've been telling her is true, and she said that when she prayed she just got a really happy feeling! We were like ahhhhhhh that's the spirit!!!! But shes no convinced that that is her answer yet, so we're going to keep working with her. Then after our lesson we checked out phone and we had like 3 missed calls from a random number. Turns out it was this random homeless lady who got our number and wanted help. It was quite the experience. Hahah. In the evening we went to see  the Quates with the Marstons, they are potentials. Lol the Marstons were like "these sisters have an amazing message to share with you" but then they kept talking and talking and talking. Sooo we barely got to do any teaching lol. Oh well. Thent that evening we helped the Marstons with some of the stuff they need to do for the mission. Just organizing gas receipts and stuff.
Wednesday: hahah nothing too exciting this day. We went to see a member.... and I saw her through the window when we pulled up and then I saw her leave the living room and then we rang te doorbell and she didn't answer the DOOR. It was soooo ridiculous! Haha she is a piece of work lol we Met this weeeeird potential named Jeff and oh my gosh. He's so weird. We were trying to teach him but he kept interrupting and he was hard to understand and oh man, we couldn't stop laughing. He was sooo weird. Hahah it was definitely a pearls before swine situation. haha. ridiculous.  We had dinner with they Seymours which was great and sister Seymour was telling us about a book called Heaven is For Real, and apparently some of it actually lines up pretty nicely with what we believ! Sounds interesting!
Thursday: This morning we did some service, we moved more bricks! But it was a piece of cake compared to the last 2 times we did it! Then we had zone training, it was really good! All about having a vision for our area! I got fired from being the chorister at zone training. Hahah must be cause I was crying the last time I did it. hahahha nah jk.  That was basically the highlight of this day. This is when they announced to us that we need tto do 10 hrs of service every week :D.
Friday: So much service! We painted a hosue in the morning, hahahah after we were done the elders found a RAT and killed it! hahah oh my gosh. So funny. I  was on "quality control" with Elder Pugh and Elder Padilla. Hahah that was a lot of fun.  We had to make sure all of the rooms were painted to the highest quality. hahaha Then we made new planners for the new transfer and then we did more service where we moved dirtt... ahah we pick axed it, then shovelled it into a wheelbarrow, and then moved it up a hill. By the way it was like 97 this whole day lol.  After moving dirt we stayed for dinner and it was a good time. During dinner a member of the bishopbric called us and asked if we would speak in chuch on sunday. And after dinner us and the elders sang a song at the piano. It was fun!
Saturday: More service! In the morning we went to help this house clean up, they had totally gutted the whole thing and so we were hauling all the drywall and debree into a dumpster. It was fun, ahah then on the way home we saw the elders moving the dirt, so we drove past and waved hahaha then we turned around to see if they wanted mor help. So we did that for a bit. Then the rest of the day was just the usual going and seeing people.
Sunday: We gave our talks in church, I thuoght they went pretty good. We saw Margaret in the evening, it was her birthday on saturday so we gave her a present. Then we visited with some other people, and right before curfew we stopped by the Blodgetts and Sister Blodgett had printed off the picture of Darren and Sister Kim! ahhh! I loved that! That was awesome!!
Yesterday: Awww so cute , we had more service planned and we needed a weedwhacker so we asked Brother McAllister if we could borrow one, and he said ya, and then he offered to take us out for lunch! So sweet. So we did that, then visited with Kat, and then at 2:30 we went and did more service. Oh my gosh it was 107 outside, which I think is  like 41 celsius. Hahah so the elders were weedeating, and then we were raking everything that they weedeated. Oh my goodness. I was sweating up a storm! hahahah its sooo hot! But im surviving way better than I thought I would be! Then we had dinner with the Starks, they are great! I got on our family history and WOW who has been doing all the hard work on the family tree?? It goes so far back now! On both sides!!!! Great work! Then we saw Consuelo, and then in the night we visited with a less actives non member husband, maybe he will warm up to us! ;). And ya we got transfer calls! Not too many people from our zone are leaving, but some of my favourites are so that is sad. But good news! Sister Parkinson my companion that I had for 6 days is coming to serve here in El Dorado! Yay!! She is going to be our new STL they are changing how STLs are now! So that will be interesting!!!!!
Well I hope you are all doing great!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH

Does the Messenger Match the Message?

Hello hello hello!
Well this was a good week, it went by faaast! I love it when that happens!
Tuesday: Well this morning we were supposed to have a lesson with an investigator that we found named Erica, well... she ended up not being there so we went and saw Richard Ramirez, we taught him about repentance and the gojc, it was good. We were with Ashley Dean for this. After she asked us if we wanted to go for lunch! Haha so she took us out to in n out (shout out to BEN). She is so sweet! I love Ashley Dean! Then we went home to get some things, We tried Nina but she wasn't home, went to see Louie but ended up talking to his mom... ahaha interesting lady. We went onto the Reservation for the first time! (oh ya there is a reservation in my area lol) They let us right in! Hahah didn't even ask who we were there to see. So we visited with a family from our ward and asked them about these former investigators who are their cousins. Sooo hopefully maybe something will come from that.  We had dinner with the Kroffs, they are great I like them a lot! Then visited with the sr Dolds, they updated us on all their missionary work they've been doing, and then we went to see the Algers.
Wednesday: Hahah this morning we tried Erica again, but not home so we went around to the low income apartments in the area to get applications for this person who needed them. Hahaha do you know how hard it is for people to get people to talk to us when they see our tags? Hahah they immediately say no, and then we told them we just wanted applications and then their whole attitude changes and they give them to us. hahah so funny. gahhh we had lunch at the H's oh man I can hardly understand what Bro H is ever saying. Hahah but we survived.  We were supposed to have an appointment in the evening with Adam, but he wasn't home :/.... so Marsha ended up taking us out for dinner, how nice of her. Also we went tracting in 97 degree weather. Ohhh good times. THis one family had a greg olson painting on their wall but they were't interested!! IT was like waaaait do you even know what is on your wall!!!!!
Thursday: This day marked 1 year of me going through the temple! Wow time flies!!!! That is sooo crazy! District meeting was unexpectedly cancelled so we readjusted our plans and went waaaaaaay down to the bottom of our area. Hahaha so far down I had never even been there before. It was good times. We met some really nice less active people. Hahah for dinner that night we went to the Starks house and while they were bringing out dessert Brother Stark told me comp she better have two because she is too skinny. Then he said that she is going to need it to be able to keep up with me....... Sooooo I'm going to choose to think that he was talking about that I am working Sister Wheelwright so hard that she needs energy and not choose to think that was a fat joke. hahahahah. Ohhhhh the members.  We did moooore tracting in the 97 degree weather. Met a lot of rude people :) my favourite. not.
Friday: Haha this was a fun day! We had zero proselyting, which was probably for the best since it was the 4th of july. So we weekly planned in the morning, then at 1:15 we met up with the other Sisters and carpooled to East Sac to meet President Jardine! He seems awesome! I like him already! His wife sure did a lot of talking though.... I wanted to hear more from him! THey had a painting that said "Does the messenger match the message?" I thought that was great. We gotta make sure we are always representing Christ, especially as missionaries, but also as members of the church! THen after that we went to our ward party, soooo fun! We invited our district to come hahah that was awesome. Oh man, but first they had some big long boring american speach, and they did this thing that apparently they do when people become American citizens.... soooo I didn't do that... it made me feel uncomfortable LOL. And then the whole ward was asking if I did it or not and if I was American now. Hahahh they told me I was an honorary american citizen lol. Thanks guys ;). THen in the evening we played sports with our zone, it was fun. Haha this one elder was being a baby and didn't want to play sports so I knew there was some games in the library lost n found so we played uno and jenga! It was a lot of fun! hahaha
Saturday: hahaha oh man, we started this day out with a zone service project. Cleaning a hoarders house :) fun times! I got to vacuum up poop, spider webs, and some things that I don't even know what they were and I don't want to know :)/ Hhaha the other sisters got stuck cleaning the kitchen HAHA there was food in there that I don't even know how long it had been there!! soooo nasty. HAhaha the elders were working outside cleaning up trees and weed whacking and stuff (btw did oyu know americans call weedwhackers, weedeaters? weird) Hahah one of our zls was cleaning up this one area and then stepped onto what he thought was just a pile of sticks, but then turns out it was covering this hole that led to the septic tank HAHAH ew. So he got a whole lot of you know what on his shoe. But ya, we made a lot of progress.... but still qiute a mess over there. Then we saw lots of people and in the evening we visited with this guy named Grandpa Jack. He's a pretty cool guy, he was a pastor for another church for like 60 years, and he met mother Teresa 4 times! Pretty cool! hahah he gave us this book he wrote. Lol I think I'm going to keep it just cause its hilarious. It has this huge cross on it. hahahaha so funny.
Sunday: Good sunday! Fast and testimony meeting was great. I got up and bore my testimony. Brother Jones got up and bore his testimony and part of it he said "I have a testimony of Sister Lacusta" That was awesome. What a way to make me feel good. Its always good to know that the members trust us! The rest of the day was good. Hahah we saw MArgaret and I think I made her madLOL. but it was too funny. She was talking about how Californians aren't really bad drivers, that its all of these new people who move to California who make them look like bad drivers by speeding and doing all sorts of things.... that all of the people who have been here for 70 years don't speed and drive bad. So i said "maybe it's cause you're all 70 years old" hahahahaah oops. It just slipped out. Margaret didn't like that.
But ya, that was our week! Today was a fun pday we just played games with the zone!
This starts WEEK 6. Pday will be on tuesday next week, just a heads up! We'll find out if i'm continuing training or if I'll be moved! woooowzee P.Jardine has got to totally follow the spirit for this transfer call! haha!

No One Said it Would be Easy!

Hello my dear family! I hope you are having fun in the USA! It is 106 here today! woohooo! Very hot!
Sooo last week was a busy one! It was great, a lot of tears, but that seems to be the theme this transfer :)
So Tuesday we had the new missionary meeting, this is where all of the new missionaries and their trainers meet together and we get to see how everyone is doing and we get to give advices and stuff like that. So we had a good training from the Assistants oh now to plan better for our investigator, I liked that, it was good for us. Then we had a break and oh my goodness, Sister Brown, my mtc companiion asked me how El Dorado was, (cause she was serving here right before I got here) and then I broke down. ahahah just crying everywhere. It was super embarassing. I'm sure all of the elders were thinking what the heck is wrong? But it was all good. I composed myself and was able to tell her how things are. President Lewis said there has been new revelation given on how to improve our teaching as missionaries, he said we will probably learn more about it in the next upcoming weeks. So that will be interesting. We had a little break out session and the trainees and trainers split up, and we all got to ask questions. So as trainers we got to ask questions about how to help our trainees. My question was how do I get her to talk more, and how do I help her to not be so discouraged. Lol. But ya, everyone else had the same question with getting them to talk more (haha the missionaries who are training someone who is learning a different question said how do we help them so that people will understand them, I was wondering the same thing about my comp haha ) But ya, and then someone said tell her that is was never easy for Christ so why would it be easy for us? I thought that was a really good point. Nothing worth it is easy. So after the new missionary meeting we quickly came home and had a lesson with Susan, we had planned out a nice lesson and then didn't end up doing the plan at all. Someone in her family died so she was asking about that and so we talked about that and just were following the spirit. In the end it got to talking about coming to church, so we  invited her and she said no. So I think we are going to drop Susan. After that we just visited some other people, had dinner and then in the evening we met up with the STL's so we could go on exchanges! Wohoo!
Wednesday: So for exchanges I was with Sister Dees in our area. It was sooooooooo nice to be with another companion. Wow I can't even tell you. I felt like  a huge major weight was lifted off of my shoulders. It was definitely a humbling exchange though. But then I realized after talking to Sister Dees that my problems are SO SMALL. She was telling me how just this transfer she got knews that her sister was in an accident and broke both her arms, her legs, and her back, and that they keep finding new broken bones. So she was telling me all about this, and it was just like wow. K, my life is good. As long as my family is safe I should be happy. So ya. It really humbled me. Sister Dees is an amazing missionary, it will be sad to see her go (She goes home this transfer). We had a lot of fun, we were doing tons of contacting, we actually contacted someone an they turned out to be from Canada! wooohoo! From Edmonton even! What a small world! We went and saw Kat in the hospital. THey had to put a rod and bolts in her leg. But no cast! She is doing pretty dang good for breaking her leg. We saw some other people, nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary. In the evening we had about 15 minutes before we needed to be heading home so I said okay lets try one more person. It was this potential named Kelsy we'd been trying to meet. So we go to her house, and Kelsy didn't live there, but someone named Erica did, and she said she would be willing to meet with us again! So we have an appointment with her on Tuesday! Woohooo! 
Thursday: This was a good day, we had District meeting, this was probably Elder LaMonts best one yet. It was all about making sure we have a VISION while we are doing our missionary work. Our vision should be to baptize! It was a good one. We saw Consuelo and she said just the night before she was wondering when we would stop by and was hoping we woulld, and then bam, here we were the next day. She was pretty stressed and so we shared with her about Christ and how he knows exactly what we're going through at all times, it seemed to help her. We did some tracting, and people were actuaally nice! what a shock! haha no one too interested, but at least we got to share with them about the Restoration. In the evening we went and saw JCW's, ( Joyce, Cindy and Wendy) Apparently wendy isn't doing too good and they were telling us all about that
Friday: this was weekly planning, not too brutal, we had an interesting comp inventory, At 4 we had our "Till We Meet Again" goodbye conferece. Ohhhhhhh it was so sad. I'm going to miss President and Sister Lewis so much. They showed us this silver platter that has the Sacramento temple on it with "California Sacramento Mission" on it and they said when we get married they willl send us one! :) how cute is that? We had a training from PResident and Sister Lewis which was really good. Then we sang "God be with you till we meet again" And wow, that's just not fair. That song gets me everytime. So I was conducting the music and basically I was just standing there waving my arm and crying and blowing my nose hahaha. So sad. Even some elders were crying, wow so sad. Then we got to give PResident and Sister Lewis a hug. Sooooo sad. President whispered to me "don't worry I know where Canada is" And Sister Lewis said "I've always wanted to come to Canada" :) so maybe they'll come to my wedding and hand deliver my silver platter :D. So cute. Then we had dinner visited some other people, met a new less active in the ward, hahah she showed us all her canning.... mom please don't even start canning meat. It looks disgusting LOL.
Satruday: This was a great day. Started out by trying to see Susan, apparently she moved to the bay area (san francisco) and soooo ya, I guess she is officially dropped now lol) but we taught her father in law all about the Word of Wisdom. Then we met with the STL's they wanted to do a study. So basically they committed us to be exactly obedient for this next week for President and Sister Jardine (There is hardly anything we need to improve on ;).Then we went tracting with Ashley Dean, man I love Ashley Dean she is just awesome! we found a new investigator named Adam, we've got a return appointment for Wednesday. Then we saw KAt and Jay, and Jay said something pretty cool ( I think he is really starting to warm up to the church) He said that us and Marilyn were the only ones who visited KAt while she was in the hospital, not even any of their very good friends that they've known for years. So I think he's starting to realize that we just love and care about them! We coorelated with bro dold. we had dinner at MArshas. WOW. what an amazing conversion story. She is so great! Then we went to help the sisters with a service project and haha we showed up, and everyone was there to help, EXCEPT the sisters! haha it was funny. Then we called it a night.
Sunday: this was a nice sunday. It was a good sacrament meeting on following the spirit, sunday school was about fasting (how fitting) and then it was the 5th sunday so combined RS and we learned all abou the 12 step program. It was good to learn more about it.  Hahahah at church there was this lady that I didn't know so I went to go meet her and my comp came too and hahah the lady looks at my comp and says "You look like you're 12!" hahaha it was so funny. I was dying. The whole ward thinks she is 12 too. Same here. hahaah jk. But seriously.  We had dinner at the bishops again, their son Jeremy has a friend who wants to take the missinoary discussions so we set up an appointment to meet with her tonight! THat will be fun. But of course she's not in our area..... so we'll end up passing her off haha. Then we tried some less actives, helped Kat move a couch and then called it a night! 
It was a good week! 
This next week should be good. We get to meeting President Jardine annnnnd its 4th of July so we get to party alll day :D. jk only from 6-9. Woohoooo!
But ya, thanks for all of your love, support and prayers!
I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Week in the Field!

Hello Family!
So this week was good, it went be really fast which was really nice!
Tuesday: Well we started out this day by meeting up with Brother Dold, Sister Goff, Big Mike and Donna. Hahah we are planning a wedding! So background info, Donna is Margarets nm daughter. Mike is her fiance, and sooo they've been planning on getting married for a while, but were worried about all the costs, so brother Dold told them they could get married at the church and that we would all help with the wedding. Lol so somehow we got roped into this, which was pretty hilarious when you think about it. So we meet at the church and discuss all these wedding plans... lol so not where my mind is at, a wedding? But it ws good, they talked about all the temporal things, and then we linked it to eternal families/ marriages. That was more up my ally haha. So it was good we talked all about that. Donna was talking about how she has noticed a change in her mom and dad after they joined the church, so  that was cool to hear her talk about that. After our wedding planning we had a lesson with Susan Hacker, and well.... this was one of my worst lessons ever, we planned to teach her about the plan of salvation, but the spirit was saying to teach gospel of Jesus Christ, and what did I do.... i didn't listen to the spirit. GOSH, what kind of dummy move was that? But it was cause I didn't want my little companion to get confused and thrown off, and we had planned for POS, I just stuck with the plan. But yup, it went pretty terrible, ( i mean not like burst into flames terrible or anything, but just that the spirit was kind of absent and I don't think she was understanding) She has sda beliefs, so the whole spirit world thing really confused her.... she thinks we just sleep in our grave till we get resurrected. So thats a big one right there. Lol. But ya, not the best lesson ever. But its okay, we have another lesson tomorrow, and I'm not even too sure if she is progressing anymore.... so we might end up dropping her... we will see! She doesn't want to commit to baptism or even coming to church.... sooo ya. We will see! After that we did some tracting, met a lot of not interested people. Some were nice, some not so much lol. This one lady was like "Oh i'm sorry i'm CHRISTIAN" we're like "Oh great we are too!!" And then she went off on how we're "not christian" and how bla bla bla all this stuff. It was just like, okay have a nice day. LOL. some people, haha so rude. We had dinner at the Sellers home, he is in the stake presidency, they are soo nice. It was a fun dinner, they gave us a few referrals to try.
Wednesday: In the morning we saw Sister Frank, ahaha she was kind of crazy. Going off about Obama and all this stuff. I'm just like first of all I don't care, second of all we're not allowed to talk about that. Hahah so I just linked it to how we need to put our faith in Christ and then all will be well even if politics and the world around us are crazy. Then we had lunch with the Grewes, they are a nice older couple, they took us to Dennys and haha it was so funny. The whole ward already thinks my companion is 12, and then she went and ordered milk at lunch and the grewes just looked at her and like laughed ahahha it was so funny.  We visited with Nina, she is the 94 year old, haha she told us we need to ring the doorbell when we come by..... we do.... every single time... more than once... she just never hears it hahahaha ( #oldpeopleprobs) I got a package from YOUUUU when I got home! What an awesome fun filled package! Wow I just loved it! Hahaha the little stories/articles in it were soooo funny! And the clothes and stuff are cute! Thanks so much :). We visited more people during the day and in the evening we visited with the Bergstads ( he is a recent convert preparing to go through the temple) and then we visited with the Bishop. I asked him if he could tell us who is speaking each week so we can go and visit them and tell them to invite friends to hear them speak, but he said he couldn't help with that.... oh bishop. 
Thursday: Wow, so this morning I had another appointment with the dermatologist, but before we got picked up Sister Goff came into our room and told us we would be moving out of their house and I just started crying. Wow it was sooo sad. Brother Goffs cancer is really serious I guess, and they don't want it to affect us. So its really heart breaking and so sad. We don't mind staying, we just want what is best/ most comfortable/ least stressful for the Goffs. So I totally udnerstand, but I was so sad. My heart is breaking for Brother and Sister Goff. So after I cleaned up my crying face I went back to the dermatologist, he said I might be allergic to mint..... he looked at me for literally 30 seconds and said that. He iddn't even pay attention. He is dumb. Lol. But I'll give it a shot. So then we came home and had lunch and then went to district meeting. It was all about how we can be more converted and how can we show it to our investigators. It was a good training. After that we had our 12 week study to do and it was on the computer all about family history.  And this whole time my head was just pooounding cause I had been crying. So after we finished that up we went to see some more people, no one nice or interested, but then my head hurt soo bad that I needed some ibuprofen so we stopped at the Andrews and got some. Then we went back out. Hahaha one of the people we went to see was a new move in, and he lives in a gated community and of course he was so rude and bla bla bla all that good stuff, and then he asked "Are you allowed to be in here?" hahaha we were like UM YA. Lol. so rude. We did meet a nice couple, first one in a long time, they were buddhist though... soooo ya. Then we had dinner at the Larsens, the cutest young couple ever. Love them!
Friday: Sister Goff called us this morning and said We're not moving!! woohoo! But I don't know whether to be happy or sad because obviously I'm happy to stay, but I don't know what is best for brother Goff at this point... so I feel like they just felt bad cause I was crying and that's why they let us stay. So hopefully thats not it. I'm going to tell President Lewis what is going on and maybe they can assess the situation. Cause I don't know what would be best. :(. We had weekly planning, nothing too exciting. We went to see Kat and she got ALL of her teeth pulled!!! ahahah oh my goodness. yikes!  We ended up teaching her and Jay about the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity haha. Always fun. Kat picked up smoking again.... :(. Not good. So we're going to help them stop smoking!  Somehow! Then we had dinner at President Westons house (he is our stake president) and wow. It felt like I was being interrogated the whole time. Sooo hopefully I answered everything right. No pressure at all haahh. Then we had an appointment with the Camino elders and the girl named Becca so we could pass her off officially. So that went pretty good. She is quiet, but I felt like it went well. Then we just visited a few more people and called it a night!
Saturday! Another saturday in the mission field hahah. Always tons of fun. Today wasn't actually that terrible, but still. First we tried a few people in the morning, no one was home so we went and saw Barbara Bigby, she is rlds. haha so she is hard to go anywhere with because she thinks that we believe the same things.... nope... we don't lol. But we talked about the word of wisdom so that was good. Then we had lunch with Sister Defriez. The cutest little old lady ever, and guess what! SHE IS CANADIAN :D. She is from Rosemary! How cute! We tried a bunch of new move ins and all sorts of people, no one really home or interested.  So we went and followed up with the Kroffs an active family in the ward who we challenged to do something. did they do it? Nope.  Brother Crosby is the only reliable person  when it comes to missioary work. geeeeeez. Visited with the Sr Dolds, we picked some apricots off their tree. YUM. then we correlated with WML Bro Dold, then went home for dinner, tried a few other people, and then we just went to the Seymours and got cheered up by them. 
Sunday was a great sunday. It was Josh Andrews mission farewell (he's the one gooing to Tahiti) we had a great sunday school and great relief society. Apparently Kat fell and broke her leg?! Also Margaret fell so she wasn't at church.We had dinner at the bishops house, then we went and saw Margaret and saw Ashley Nessmith, then we sent in numbers and called it a night. 

But ya that was our week!
This next week will be eventful, we've got the new missinoary meeting tomorrow, exchanges wednesday, then on friday we say goodbye to President and Sister Lewis :'(
Well I love you all so much!!!!!! Hope you are doing great!!!!!