Monday, 16 June 2014

New Companion!

Well hello family I'm so glad you are all doing alright! I am doing well.
It was a sad week here in El Dorado, Sister Kim is home :'(. She was definitely my favourite companion and things were so good! Now I am into the world of training and with a new companion.
So Wednesday we woke up got Sister Kim all packed up and ready to go :'( then Sister Halbleib came and picked us up to take us to the mission office. So I get there and all the Sisters from my MTC district are training!! it was so fun to see everyone again! So we got a little bit of training on how to be a trainer (lol) and then we stood up sang Called to Serve and then we got our trainees. There is a couple missionaries who have to learn english and I thought for sure I would get one of those Sisters but I didn't. My new companion is Sister Wheelwright from Blackfoot idaho. She is 19.

So ya that night we were supposed to have an appointment with the Vollraths which I was thinking oh great me and my trainee, but we got there and they weren't even home which was kind of a bummer! But its all good. We had brother Jones with us so we went and visited a couple of other people. We saw Marion who was one of our investigators who dropped us. Oh ya we also had the transfer dinner this night, which was fun. Our zone definitely changed a lot and its not going to be as fun :( but thats okay. We will endure!
Thursday we woke up did studies ( we now have an additional hour of study since i'm training) and then we had district meeting! Haha it was alright. It was on being accountable to our goals. Which i've never felt i've had a problem with, so it was good. We had a lesson with Richard about the gospel of Jesus Christ which went pretty good. Oh Richard, I don't know what to do with that guy. He's giving me a run for our money... i'll talk more about him later. So then we went to see some people in this apartment complex, none of them were home so we did some tracting nobody really answered except this one guy named Ryan who we shared all what we are about with, and he listened and stuff and then in the end he said don't come back lol. He was nice and stuff but was satisfied with his religion. We went to see Kat and Jay but only Jay was home so that was pretty different. I forgot that Kat was getting teeth pulled so she wasn't home. Then we went and taught Ashley nessmiths kids a little lesson, they are soo crazy lol. Visited with the Seymours, love them. and then in the evening we followed up with the Eversoles which is an active family we did our 7 day challenge with. lol they did nothing. I  was like are you kidding me? But whatever.
Friday! haha oh my gosh, so I woke up went to the bathroom and then I flushed the toilet and I could tell it sounded different, but I didn't go look or anything, and then I went to wash my hands and No water came out of the taps! hahahah so i was like whaaat? Then I hear Brother Goff calling my name from downstairs and he said either the Well was out of water or there was a problem with the pump, but either way we had no water. haha so it was a good thing we showered the day before. But ya, so we got ready and then at 7 we met Sister Gulling at the park n ride so I could go see the dermatologist! Turns out he thinks i've got excema so he gave me some cream for that, and if its not that I might be allergic to something lol. But ya it was good. Then we went to Dennys for breakfast which was also pretty fun. Then we came home and did weekly planning. Its funny how close minded missionaries are from the MTC, they think the only thing to teach is what is next on the list of lessons, they don't actually think of what the investigator needs... lol I'm asking my comp question to help her learn, but ya. wow. umm okay. So after weekly planning we went and saw some less active people. Judy Marquis was not home but get this. She had gotten injured at work and was supposed to be out of work for 6 weeks, she got a priesthood blessing and now she is already back at work! Less than 2 weeks later!! Woohooo the church is so true :)
Saturday was good, it was really productive. We added a new investigator named Susan Hacker. I think she is native american and so we told her about how the Bom is about the now native americans and we read with her from 3 nephi 11 when Christ comes to the americas and she really enjoyed that! So we set up a return appointment with her for this  week so hopefully it goes well :). Also we invited her to be baptized and haha her response was, well can you be a member of two churches? Hahah we told her she would have to pray and find out which one is true. We went to see our "investigator" Mary and her husband Andy answered the door... I'm pretty sure he told me a different name last time we were there... but whatever. He just wanted to bash. He knows all about mormons cause his preacher told him about us... must be legit huh. LOL not. But ya in the end I just bore my testimony and told him what we're here to do.  We visited a few less actives, really nice. we saw Bob and Consuelo for the first time in a long time. Lol oops I pressed some of Consuelos buttons. Cause on mothers day is the last time we talked to them and they had read the intro to the BoM and didn't like that is said the BoM is the most correct book. They were taking that to mean the bible is incorrect. Soooo I asked them if they had read any more from the Book of Mormon and they said no bla bla bla that they didn't think the book of mormon could be real cause they have the bible, so I asked them that didn't they think that was limited God? hahah they didn't like that. Consuelo got all upset. But I told them we come to share these things because we love them and we care about them and this gospel has brought happiness to us so we want them to have the same happiness. Lol, Bob is really starting to think about things, but Consuelo is really close minded. Its a shame. They would honestly be amazing members of the church. 
Sunday was fast sunday because last weeik we had stake conference (lol sorry I didn't write about it last week I just didn't have time/ there was so much going on) but ya, stake conference was amazing! So church was good. We had a nice dinner then visited some people. haha we went and saw the Algers and bro Alger nick named my comp "Gabby" cause she "talks so much" hahah so funny. Love that guy. 
Today: Today right as we were starting our comp study richard called us and dropped us :( It was so sad! He said he decided to study with the jw's and not us. It really broke my heart. I really loved and cared about Richard and really knew that this gospel could bless him so much!!!! But maybe he will see another day.  The rest of this day we've just been playing sports and getting groceries! By the way its been like 105 or more this whole week!! ahahh its been HOT. Thank goodness for Air conditioning! But i'm surviving a lot better than I ever thought I would!!!! Lol
Well I hope you are all doing great! I miss you and love you all! I would appreciate many prayers cause I'm back to the world of having a new companion  into the world of FINDING. Two difficult things in missionary work! But i've done it before I can do it again :)
Thanks for all you do!!!!!

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