Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Mission Life Is Great!

Hey family!
Guess what! I get to talk to you in less than a week! crrrazy!
So i'm thinking 6 my time. I forgot what that is normal time. Does that work okay? Cause we have 9-12 church and you have 1-4 church. and we have dinner at someones house, so i think 6 will work best. Also we will need to do facetime! I don't know that will work... but i'll email you before and we'll set it all up!
Tuesday: in the morning we went to help this lady named sister frank with a sort of service project... its kind of a crazy project! ahaha she's got all this craft stuff, that she has been like hoarding. so we were helping her make all sorts of beads/ charms for this project. ahah we helped for like an hour and then took some home. The rest of the day was good, just visiting people and doing our usual. We had dinner at the crosbys they are this super adorable old couple. I love them! Picture rich old people from movies and you will have them spot on. After we were done dinner for some reason my feet swelled up to the size of balloons!!! I couldn't walk! It was so weird! So we had to call it a night!
Wednesday: This was the craziest day ever. We told Consuelo that we would come over and exercise with her in the morning, and then we would help her with some stuff she needed help with. so we met her at 6:15 then drove to her house, we exercised, had breakfast then starting helping her with her stuff. We told her we could only stay till 11, but she ended up leaving, while we were doing the service (we were organizing her receipts lol)  so we were STRANDED at her house till 2 o clock!!! it was crazy! We were going crazy! ahah but eventually we got home, then visited some people, then had dinner 
Thursday was a good day, we had zone training which is always good! The theme was cheerfully doing all things that lie in our power. It was good! After that we went and visited Louie, he was in a good mood so that was a nice change, we saw a pmf the Masseys, had a nice lesson with them, saw a recent convert brother bergstad, he's got a cool conversion story, then we had a RS dinner. It was super fun! Just a lot of food and a lot of conversation
Friday we had weekly planning and had an interesting lunch with sister storey, then we finally went to meet this guy named richard who had been in our backup plans for weeks, so we finally met him and it was so great! we had a great lesson about the restoration and even set up a return appointment for sunday! 
On saturday we were supposed to have a lesson with Rhonda, but she cancelled :( we managed to have a great lesson with Bob and Consuelo about the restoration, and also we discussed a lot about the sabbath. They think that the sabbath  is on saturday! Way off!  We also had a great lesson with sister Goffs grandkids, we taught them about the plan of salvation. We were tracting and we met another guy named richard and added him as a new investigator. and ahhah when we were going into this gated community and we were behind a limo and we just decided to follow it into the house it was going to ahahaha. It was so funny!
Sunday was a good fast sunday. This ward kind of needs to learn what an actual testimony is ahaha a lot of friendimonies lol. and we went to go to our appointment with richard, but they were definitely in the house, but they just didn't answer the door! So rude! but its all good
BUT thats about it.
We had a good week!

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