Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dogs, Goats and Donkeys!

Hello Family! 
We had a great week! It flew by sooooo fast! Like I swear I blinked and then it was over 
Tuesday we were on exchanges! I stayed in my area and Sister McLelland came with me! She is so fun haha, she was just in our  zone until she became an STL. So we had a super awesome busy day, we saw so many people are were able to teach a lot. We didn't see any of our solid investigators, but we saw a lot of potentials. On our way out in the morning we saw this huge snake! It was like 3 feet long! haha Mom i'm sure you would have loved that ;). We saw this old lady named Nina and we invited her to be baptized, so she said she's going to pray about it and we said we'd follow up next week. We had dinner at the Defriez's house haha they are this old couple and Bro Defriez was in love with Sister McLelland hahah it was so funny. We challenged them to find us someone to teach in 7 days and they straight up said no hahahaha it was super funny. So ya it was an awesome day. When we were switching back up at the end of exchanges we ran into the other sisters in our zone and you know how all the cruzes are getting recalled? Well they had one and they are driving a Cadillac as the rental car!! And the STL's in Lodi are driving a Camero!!! how crazy is that! lol Now our jeep doesn't look so cool :( jk, its still awesome.
Wednesday haha this was a weird day, but it was good.In the morning we were out seeing some active members, and our last stop was Sister Halbleib cause we were going to ask her if she could come see our investigator Richard with us, but she said yes but then someone came to her house to check something out so then we never got to go lol. So we went home to have some lunch and then went to do service for a member. Oh my gosh, the member asked us to do service and we said yes and we didn't know what we were doing. So we went at 1:30 and we were planting pumpkins for her! Sounds like no big deal right? lol, ya it wasn't except for it was 97 degrees outside!!!! ahhhh I thought I was going to die LOL but it was all good. We survived. So after we finished that we went to go contact this referral across the street and hahaha this was the weirdest experience of my life. So we are walking up the long drive way and there are 2 goats out and 3 dogs. So it was weird that the goats were out anyways, we figured they somehow got out. But then the dogs were chasing the goats. So it started out really hilarious, the goats were running and the dogs were chasing them and just nipping their feet and stuff, so we were standing there watching and stuff, but then!!! the dogs got really mean!! They starting like seriously attacking the goats! The biggest dog out of the  3 was grabbing the one goat by the neck and was flinging it around like it was trying to kill it! So we were like oh my gosh! We gotta help this little goat!! So we were yelling at the dogs to stop and then hahah I went to open the gate where the goats are supposed to be in, and this donkey is trying to get out and then i get it open and the 1 goat just runs in super fast, and in the meantime the dogs are still attacking the other goat. So then the goat just passes out on the ground hahaha like it was in total shock. It just stopped moving, it went all nobones on us. Ahahah so then sister kim picked it up and brought it to the gate. HAHA so we saved 2 goats lives! It was the weirdest sight I've ever seen!! hahaaha We felt like HEROES!! So after that we had some phone calls to make so we did that and then we went to dinner and then we met this girl named Mary and added her as an investigator. Then we went to visit this family called the Williams, they are the ones who attacked us that one day and we just were like we're not here to bash with you. So we did like a drop lesson with her and she was like "I'm glad I'm on team UNCONVERTABLE" looooooool. It was really silly. So then we visited a few more people and called it a night!
Thursday: We had to do weekly planning this day, soooo ya it was a slow day, just planning and stuff. We have quite a busy upcoming week so it should be fun! We called Toinette and had a lesson with her over the phone hahah and we officially handed her over to the elders. Thank goodness hahah she drives me nuts! Then we had dinner at the Moodys and hahah oh my gosh I love this family! They are just sooo funny! So its always a good time! And then in the evening we cleaned our car and made sure it was all perfect!
Friday was zone conference!! wooohooo! I love zone confernce! In the morning we left at like 7 to get there on time. And it was just such a great zone conference! I would say the main emphasis on the day was teaching short and powerful lessons and obedience! So it was good. Gahhhhhhh oh my gosh. like 2 weeks ago we were asked to prepare 2 lessons that were 5 minutes long. One of the Pos and one on the Restoration. So we kind of briefly prepared them. So during one part of zone conference we were supposed to pair up with another companionship from our zone and teach them our short lesson. Well our zone has 9 companionships.... can't pair that up evenly. So Sister Kim and I had to role play with the ASSISTANTS! ahhhhhh it was terrible! We felt like horrible teachers compared to them! hahah they were so amazing! But it was cool to learn from them! So ya! But just in general it was a really good day! President Lewis told us whats going to happen when President Jardine comes in :'(. I dont want President and Sister Lewis to leeeeeave. Oh well I will survive! So ya, it was just a great day!
Saturday was a good day hahaah. Our morning was really good we met this new potential, she was nice, but very pregnant so she told us to come back later. The placerville elders know these people who had a litter of kittens that they don't want, so part of our day was trying to find a home for the kittens! hahha so we managed to do that! and teach a lot of lessons! It was like 2 birds with one stone, it was great! haha. I also got cactus burrs in my leg hahahah it kind of really hurt. Oops. We had dinner again with that old lady that was hating on me last time. But I think I must have redeemed myself somehow hahah. She didn't hate me so much anymore lol. It was kind of funny. She's now the primary president.
Sunday ws good. Church was great! After church we went to see our investigator Richard with Sister Goff and we had a really short and powerful lesson with him and we invited him to be baptized if he came to know these things are true and he said yes!! woohoooo! So now he just needs to find out that these things are true :) which he will if he prays!! so then Richard will be baptized! I can soooo see him becoming a member and then working in the tempple! It will be so great!!! :) We visited others during the rest of the evening and then just had a good day.
Today was pday and I've been in a trio with 2 other sisters all day cause our companions are all at Coloma! So we just played sports with the zone and then did our shopping and stuff. Its been a good day!
We weren't able to see our investigator Rhonda all week.... so we don't know whats up with her. But ya, things are great! We've got a lot of appointments this week, so it should be busy and fun! A lot of things are starting to happen in our area :) So keep us in your prayers!!! 
Love you all!!!!!!

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