Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Community Day of Service!

Hello Helloooo!
Well things are good up here in the El Dorado zone!
Our zone changed quite a bit from transfers last week, but everyone seems really great! So that is nice! We got a new zone leader and a new district leader.
Tuesday: We got off to a slow start on Tuesday, but eventually we got rolling and things were good! We went and visited this guy named Richard... he personally gives me the creeps a little bit but we managed to teach him a little lesson about how important saying your prayers and reading your scriptures is! We also got a ride up to see Toinette with a member, but when we got there she just answered the door said "I'm not up for this right now" and then slammed the door in our face! ahaha, wowza. We were like okaaaay so much for that 20 minute drive up there. But its all good. We went and visited some more people we saw Margaret the rc, and a less active boy named Zach. We had dinner at the Storeys (she is a ward missionary) and it was so funny! She is straight from Germany has a great accent. In the evening we saw this boy named Chris who isn't in our area, but who has been attending our ward and we taught him a short lesson too. We had planned service at Consuelos house and had been calling her all day to see if we were still on, and  at 9:50pm she cancelled on us!!
Wednesday was a good day, we were supposed to do service, but since Consuelo bailed we had to make other plans, it ended up being a good day. We found a new investigator named Rhonda which was kind of crazy. We were teaching her the Restoration,  and then all of a sudden her son pops in out of no where and wanted to bash haha. But it went good. They are really nice. We had our zone dinner this night, every transfer the stake provides all the missionaries with a dinner, its a really great opportunity for us to be able to meet the stake presidency. It was fun
Thursday: we had a lesson with Toinette in the morning with a member from the Camino ward, and it went really well. Toinette and the member hit it off and the spirit was really strong. She still hasn't prayed about whether or not she should be baptized... and now she is out of town... We had district meeting, our district is small now, we lost one companionship!  But its all good. Our district meeting was about remembering our purpose and how we should always be inviting those we're teaching to be baptized! Hahah on sunday it was ward conference, so they were doing ministering visits on this night. ahahah we happened to be at 2 of the houses where they stopped to do ministering visits. It was kind of funny. One at Ashleys N's house and the other at Kat and Jays. Lol so weird when all of a sudden the stake pres and bishop walk into the home of a pmf family we were working with. But it was good. 
Friday was weekly planning, we made some great plans. Filled out our stewardship worksheet and made some great goals! I'm excited for this transfer. We were also able to see Chris and Consuelo and have great lessons with them. 
Saturday was our Community Day of Service, used to be called Mormon Helping Hands day. This was super fun. In the morning at 8:30 we went and cleaned up this old horse ranch. There were about 95 members of our ward who showed up to help! It was so great! We were taking down fences, making burn piles, chopping and stacking wood, collecting metal and weed whacking! It was so fun! After that we went home and did our studies, then went to another service project helping out at a highschool fundraiser, lol we were just checking peoples tickets. After all the service we saw the Babbits, had a lesson with them about eternal families which really got them thinking which was great, and we had dinner at a former investigators home. Dad, she is from Peru! And she was so excited when I told her thats where you served your mission! Then after dinner we had our coorelation with our wml, then called it a night.
Sunday was ward conference and it was really great. We had great talks by the bishop and by the stake president. All about developing our christlike attributes and not getting offended and about the power that the book of mormon has. After church we did studies, then had dinner at this crazy old ladies house. Lol ya... just crazy. Then we visited some la's and called it a night i thnk.
Today was such a fun pday! We played captue the flag for like 3 hours in our wml christmas tree farm! ahah it was blast!
This should be a good upcoming week! I hope you are all doing great!!!!!!!
Thanks for all the emails!! LOVE YOU:)

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