Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Challenge - Find an investigator in 7 days!

Hello family!
Well it was so great talking to you last night! It felt just like old times :) Everyone looks so good and is doing so great! 
Last week was a really great week! Like one of my favourites on the mission!
Tuesday: So this day was good. I'll just give you the highlights. At our last zonet training, our zone leaders challenged us to invite the members we have dinner with to find us someone to teach in a week! Like find an investigator for us in 7 days. Sounds crazy right? But we decided hey we'll try it. The zone leaders have been doing it and they really have been seeing the results from it! So we were like, what the heck why not! So our dinner appointment was at the Crosbys (the same ones as last week lol) and we were like okay, we're gunna invite them. So we did. And brother Crosby was like "A week?! Okay we'll do it!" so we were like woohoo! Brother Crosby is soooo missionary minded so we knew he would accept the challenge! I'll get to the rest of this story later in the week. But oh ya, earlier in this day we went to see the Babbitts, the really old people who are sort of investigators. And Gloria answered the door (she is 89) and was like who is it? We're like it's the missionaries! and she's like How did you find us? And we were like whaaaat? She didn't remember who we were!!!! Like it was as if we had never met before and that we had been wiped right from her memory :'(. It was the saddest thing ever. But we got the Colonel and then she started to remember who we were. Poor Gloria :'(.
Wednesday: This day was pretty sweet!! We found 3 new investigators! Well first we went to visit this less active named Rachel, so we just visitedand got to know her a little bit, then we had plans to go to the very tippy top of our area, so we went up there to see some former investigators and it was the most perfect timing ever! First house was this lady Marion, we pulled up and she was so happy to see us, her neice had been baptized about a year ago but I guess she started going less active (shes ysa) and Marion said she really misses the spirit in her home, and she asked if she could come to church and start getting the lessons again so obviously we were like YA! So that was awesome, then we went to see these other formers, who everytime we've gone to their house no one is home. We pulled up and they were both outside!!!!!! So after some talking we figured out why they stopped taking the lessons, then asked if they'd be willing to try it again, and they said yes!!!! So we set up an appointment to see them next week! So hopefully that will go well. We know what not to do now. Ahah apparently one of the other sisters who was here before pointed at him, hisname is Terry, and asked him to pray right then and there. And I guess he didn't like that. Lol, so not pointing. So ya!!!!! Then we visited this member she gave us a referral, then we had dinner at the Jones' and it was so fun as usual. And we challenged them to find someone for us to teach in a week and they also accepted!!!! Throughout the day we were making phone calls like crazy cause we were setting up appointments and calling members and all sorts of good stuff. A new family moved in and needed help, but our day Thursday was totally full so we had to delegate it to others ahaha it was fun
Thursday: This was an awesome day! We were packed full with appointments!! at 10:30 we had an appointment with Richard and the Sr Dolds came along. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation. He said he doesn't know if its true, but he wouldd like to beleive it. The Sr Dolds were awsome fellowshippers! It was great! We just really want Richard to understand that families can be  sealed together forever because his wife died like 4 years ago and he is soooo sad :(. So we're hoping to help him. After that we had to wuickly eat lunch then go to district meeting, it was good. Then we had an appointment at 2 with Toinette, gahhh she drives me crazy! We watchd Finding Faith in Christ with her. She loved it, but she doesn't understand why we need to show our faith. We're like how do we show our faith? She's like I say it outloud, isn't that enough?? We're like ahhhhh noooooooo!!! lol, so we're actually trying to pass her off to the Camino elders since technically she's in their area. But in the mean time we're trying to help her understand why it is important to follow the commandements! After that we zooomed back to our area and we had an appointment with Rhonda and Sister Halbleib came, it went pretty good! We taught the Pos and the GOJC, she seemed to understand and accept it all.... except repentance!! lol I thought that was the easiest concept to understand.... lol i guess not. Then after that appointment we had dinner with some less actives, it went fine. Then we went to meet the family that just moved in, the elders helped them get all their stuff out of the moving truck, and then in the evening we saw Margaret and then calledit a night! It was an awesome day!!
Friday:Weekly planning day... ahah nothing exciting to report, except we actually had lots of peopple to plan for! It was awesome! We had dinner at a cute little active families, invited them to find someone for us to teach and they accepted! Wahoooo! Its going to be great!
Saturday: Well this was supposed to be a regular productive day....but it turned out a little differently lol. During our comp study the Camino elders told us they had a ward breakfst and they had all the extra food. Haha so we went and it was basically a district party plus the spanish elders haha it was fun. After that we went and got our oil changed and did some service at the house that the spanish elders live at. After all that we went and had dinner with the Goffs (thats the family we live with) then visited some other people, then in the night we made cookies to give away on mothers day.
Sunday :). Church was good. We woke up early for ward council... but I guess there was no ward council lol. we sang in Relief society. After church we were going to deliver the cookies we made and the little cards we made. lol we had like 12 stops we needed to make, and we only got 5 done!! Everyone kept inviting us in and talking to long. And haah we dropped one off to Consuelo and then they had read the intro to the book of mormon and were so upset that Joseph Smith said it was the most true book on earth. Lol we were like ya it is. And then they were like bla bla bla the bible, bla bla bla. And we're like we're not saying the bible is untrue, its just that the book of mormon is MORE true! Hahah it was crazy. So then after that I came home and talked to all of you! So much fun!  I loved talking to you! I am glad to see you are doing so great!  I am too!
I love you soooo much and I'll email you next week!!!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

As a zone we have been challenged to invite the members we have dinner with to find us someone to teach in 7 days, and so we've started doing that and have been having awesome results! We invited this one family named the Crosbys they are a retired older couple. We invited them and they said "A week!? What that's crazy! But we'll do it". On Thursday we got a call from Brother Crosby and he told us the most amazing miracle! Brother and Sister Crosby had been praying all day, then even went to the temple so they could help find us someone to teach, and so Brother Crosby had 3 names in mind. He tried the first one, no answer, so he decided to go see the second one, but on his way to the second one, the first one showed up at his house! So he started talking to him and told him, he said "I'm a very simple man. There are 2 things that make me happy in this life. My work and my church! I want you and  your wife to learn more about the gospel." So he invited them over for a dinner where we would be there and they said yes!!! It was so amazing! The Crosbys said their testimonies grew and so did ours! It was awesome! This truly is the Lords work and miracles still happen! SO WE HAVE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THEM NEXT WEEK!!!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!! Love you!!!

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