Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Animal Rescuer / Missionary

So not going to lie this was a pretty terrible week. ahaha probably one of the worst on the mission, buuuuut whatever! We survived and now its a new week! woohoo! All of our appointments cancelled, 2 investigators dropped us and we got chastised hahaha. Good times as a missionary!!
So Tuesday we went to help Kat clean her trailer, but we got there and she wasn't feeling very good so she asked if we could come back another day and she said ya. When I was on exchanges she was talking about her snake named Spot and I asked if we could hold it one day, so haha we went and held spot the snake! He's like 4 feet long! Mom you would have loved it!! ;). Mary cancelled our appointment with her. We went and stopped by this la family and we talked to bro Lichtenberg for a long time. Haha he was showing us his strawbale garden. It was kind of cool! Richard also cancelled the appointment we had with him . We met Rhondas daughter and gave her a book of mormon. The bishop texted us and wants us to go to this la girls house and get her son baptized. Lol our bishop is totally just baptizing for numbers! This little boy will be baptized right into inactivity. We saw the Babbitts and we read from Alma 32 with them! I think Colonel Babbitt was really starting to think about it, which is good. Then we quickly rushed over to the Crosbys because we had our appointment with them and the people they found for us to teach! Their names were Juve and Pilar! They were soooo nice! Turns out they live in Rancho Cordova, but we still had a really good lesson with them! We taught them the restoration and the spirit was really strong!! It was so great! So we sent them in as a referral to the missionaries in rancho. And haha right as we got home and I was about to start our prayer for planning I heard our phone and it was President Lewis!! So I quickly answered and he was calling to ask about the email I wrote him last week about the Crosbys finding those people to teach!! That was kind of cool having president call to ask about it! Hahah he was so excited about it! Love that guy!
Wednesday: So this day sucked. we had lunch at a members house and on our way there Rhonda texted us and dropped us, the Jones cancelled to be able to come to an appointment with us and then the Vollraths called and cancelled their appointment. Boom all of that in a 15 minute drive! It was terrible! Lol So after lunch we were all sad and stuff but then we just kept on trucking. We saw Louie, we gave brother Lequieus wife a book of mormon in vietnammese.  and we saw the Jones! And then we survived the day!
Thursday. hahaha oh wow this day. The morning started out slow, no one was home who we had planned to see. So we kept trying and then decided to head up to distrit meeting. This district meeting was all about obedience, it was really good. Everyone had a lot of good input. We even reviewed a parable from doctrine and covenants. But then hahah we got chastised by our zone leaders. hahaha it was not very fun. Then we had lunch with the Babbbitts ahaha so funny. They are so old. We saw Ashley Nessmith, then saw the masseys and then we went to follow up with the eversoles and recommitted them to the 7 day challenge.  Then it was home time and we were super sad and we cried. hahahahaha. mission life.
Friday: This was the weirdest day ever. We had a rough start cause of our rough night but then we did the usual had lunch and were going to start planning when the GreenValley sisters called us and asked us to come help them move this lady. Lol so we were like ya no biggy we can do that! So we get there and this lady was a total HOARDER!!! Oh my gosh! Hahaha it was so gross! There was poop on the floor animals kept popping up out of everywhere and just stuff everrrrrywhere! It was super gross. So apparently this lady had been given 60 days to get out of her house and the time was up and she was supposed to be out by 6pm that night!! lol! It was an impossible job. Lol and our stake president showed up and was talking to her and then this guy showed up and was like "oh hey pres" and then handed her her you've been served papers ahahahah. oh my gosh. It was ridiculous!! It was the weirdest situation ever! And this lady wasn't even taking it seriously! I was getting so frustrated! But ya hahah we ended up leaving after the stake president got there! haha on our way out we accidentally took a wrong turn and we turned into the road and the streets were RIDICULOUSLY wide!! we were like what??? so confused! then we looked down a little further and every house had AIRPLANES! It was a whole little community for airplane owners!!!! It was soooo cool! Then we tried to plan, didn't get very far, had dinner with one of SKims members from Elk Grove ahahah SO FUN. I love that woman! Then we went to follow up with 2 families on our 7 day challenge. No one had anyting for us so we recommitted them and hahaha on our way home we had the weirdest nature drive ever! First a peacock (peacock calls are HILARIOUS) then we saw a deer pooping! hahaha oh my gosh, it was in full on in squatting position and it was making eye contact with us the whole time!! hahaha oh my gosh. I'm serious it was so funny! I'll send you the picture! LOL.
Saturday was an alright day! We started out going to see a few people with a member, but no one was really home! What a bummer! Then we decided to plan!  While planning Marion texted us and dropped us! Then we went to save some kittens! They ended up giving us 2 big cats and one kitten. Kat took the kitten and named it Wybee :) he's sooo cute! The one who was supposed to take one of the cats wasn't home so we ended up having the cat in a kennel with us part of the evening hahaha we brought it to dinner. Then we went out with Ashley Dean, loooove that girl. And we ran into Richard #3 the guy who we had a great resto lesson with and then he didn't answer the door for his return appointment. Then we had a lesson with a guy named Justin, then in the evening we coorelated with our ward mission leader and then someone invited us over for rootbeer floats! woohoo!
sunday was good. Some people made some cool comments during sunday school. Sister Marston said revelation is like a radio, the music is always there but you just have to tune in! And then we watched this video that compared a babys life to baptism. it said babies need 3 things, water, blood and a spirit! And baptism is the same. The water, the blood of Christs atonement and the gift of the holy ghost! Pretty cool right?? Then we had dinner with this weird family haha and ended the night at Kats! Love her!
Today was a fun pday we played soccer and scatter ball and just did our little bit of shopping and thats about it!
I hope you are all doing SO GREAT! Love you so much!!!!!!

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