Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Pictures from the Mission!!

Me and Spot

Spot the Snake

Chillin with Sister Kim

Animal Rescuer / Missionary

So not going to lie this was a pretty terrible week. ahaha probably one of the worst on the mission, buuuuut whatever! We survived and now its a new week! woohoo! All of our appointments cancelled, 2 investigators dropped us and we got chastised hahaha. Good times as a missionary!!
So Tuesday we went to help Kat clean her trailer, but we got there and she wasn't feeling very good so she asked if we could come back another day and she said ya. When I was on exchanges she was talking about her snake named Spot and I asked if we could hold it one day, so haha we went and held spot the snake! He's like 4 feet long! Mom you would have loved it!! ;). Mary cancelled our appointment with her. We went and stopped by this la family and we talked to bro Lichtenberg for a long time. Haha he was showing us his strawbale garden. It was kind of cool! Richard also cancelled the appointment we had with him . We met Rhondas daughter and gave her a book of mormon. The bishop texted us and wants us to go to this la girls house and get her son baptized. Lol our bishop is totally just baptizing for numbers! This little boy will be baptized right into inactivity. We saw the Babbitts and we read from Alma 32 with them! I think Colonel Babbitt was really starting to think about it, which is good. Then we quickly rushed over to the Crosbys because we had our appointment with them and the people they found for us to teach! Their names were Juve and Pilar! They were soooo nice! Turns out they live in Rancho Cordova, but we still had a really good lesson with them! We taught them the restoration and the spirit was really strong!! It was so great! So we sent them in as a referral to the missionaries in rancho. And haha right as we got home and I was about to start our prayer for planning I heard our phone and it was President Lewis!! So I quickly answered and he was calling to ask about the email I wrote him last week about the Crosbys finding those people to teach!! That was kind of cool having president call to ask about it! Hahah he was so excited about it! Love that guy!
Wednesday: So this day sucked. we had lunch at a members house and on our way there Rhonda texted us and dropped us, the Jones cancelled to be able to come to an appointment with us and then the Vollraths called and cancelled their appointment. Boom all of that in a 15 minute drive! It was terrible! Lol So after lunch we were all sad and stuff but then we just kept on trucking. We saw Louie, we gave brother Lequieus wife a book of mormon in vietnammese.  and we saw the Jones! And then we survived the day!
Thursday. hahaha oh wow this day. The morning started out slow, no one was home who we had planned to see. So we kept trying and then decided to head up to distrit meeting. This district meeting was all about obedience, it was really good. Everyone had a lot of good input. We even reviewed a parable from doctrine and covenants. But then hahah we got chastised by our zone leaders. hahaha it was not very fun. Then we had lunch with the Babbbitts ahaha so funny. They are so old. We saw Ashley Nessmith, then saw the masseys and then we went to follow up with the eversoles and recommitted them to the 7 day challenge.  Then it was home time and we were super sad and we cried. hahahahaha. mission life.
Friday: This was the weirdest day ever. We had a rough start cause of our rough night but then we did the usual had lunch and were going to start planning when the GreenValley sisters called us and asked us to come help them move this lady. Lol so we were like ya no biggy we can do that! So we get there and this lady was a total HOARDER!!! Oh my gosh! Hahaha it was so gross! There was poop on the floor animals kept popping up out of everywhere and just stuff everrrrrywhere! It was super gross. So apparently this lady had been given 60 days to get out of her house and the time was up and she was supposed to be out by 6pm that night!! lol! It was an impossible job. Lol and our stake president showed up and was talking to her and then this guy showed up and was like "oh hey pres" and then handed her her you've been served papers ahahahah. oh my gosh. It was ridiculous!! It was the weirdest situation ever! And this lady wasn't even taking it seriously! I was getting so frustrated! But ya hahah we ended up leaving after the stake president got there! haha on our way out we accidentally took a wrong turn and we turned into the road and the streets were RIDICULOUSLY wide!! we were like what??? so confused! then we looked down a little further and every house had AIRPLANES! It was a whole little community for airplane owners!!!! It was soooo cool! Then we tried to plan, didn't get very far, had dinner with one of SKims members from Elk Grove ahahah SO FUN. I love that woman! Then we went to follow up with 2 families on our 7 day challenge. No one had anyting for us so we recommitted them and hahaha on our way home we had the weirdest nature drive ever! First a peacock (peacock calls are HILARIOUS) then we saw a deer pooping! hahaha oh my gosh, it was in full on in squatting position and it was making eye contact with us the whole time!! hahaha oh my gosh. I'm serious it was so funny! I'll send you the picture! LOL.
Saturday was an alright day! We started out going to see a few people with a member, but no one was really home! What a bummer! Then we decided to plan!  While planning Marion texted us and dropped us! Then we went to save some kittens! They ended up giving us 2 big cats and one kitten. Kat took the kitten and named it Wybee :) he's sooo cute! The one who was supposed to take one of the cats wasn't home so we ended up having the cat in a kennel with us part of the evening hahaha we brought it to dinner. Then we went out with Ashley Dean, loooove that girl. And we ran into Richard #3 the guy who we had a great resto lesson with and then he didn't answer the door for his return appointment. Then we had a lesson with a guy named Justin, then in the evening we coorelated with our ward mission leader and then someone invited us over for rootbeer floats! woohoo!
sunday was good. Some people made some cool comments during sunday school. Sister Marston said revelation is like a radio, the music is always there but you just have to tune in! And then we watched this video that compared a babys life to baptism. it said babies need 3 things, water, blood and a spirit! And baptism is the same. The water, the blood of Christs atonement and the gift of the holy ghost! Pretty cool right?? Then we had dinner with this weird family haha and ended the night at Kats! Love her!
Today was a fun pday we played soccer and scatter ball and just did our little bit of shopping and thats about it!
I hope you are all doing SO GREAT! Love you so much!!!!!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pictures from the Mission!

Pony farm haha

Check out the Hair?!

Sister Kim!

P-Day card game!

The only Canadians in our Mission!  Me and Elder Bowden from Edmonton.

Dogs, Goats and Donkeys!

Hello Family! 
We had a great week! It flew by sooooo fast! Like I swear I blinked and then it was over 
Tuesday we were on exchanges! I stayed in my area and Sister McLelland came with me! She is so fun haha, she was just in our  zone until she became an STL. So we had a super awesome busy day, we saw so many people are were able to teach a lot. We didn't see any of our solid investigators, but we saw a lot of potentials. On our way out in the morning we saw this huge snake! It was like 3 feet long! haha Mom i'm sure you would have loved that ;). We saw this old lady named Nina and we invited her to be baptized, so she said she's going to pray about it and we said we'd follow up next week. We had dinner at the Defriez's house haha they are this old couple and Bro Defriez was in love with Sister McLelland hahah it was so funny. We challenged them to find us someone to teach in 7 days and they straight up said no hahahaha it was super funny. So ya it was an awesome day. When we were switching back up at the end of exchanges we ran into the other sisters in our zone and you know how all the cruzes are getting recalled? Well they had one and they are driving a Cadillac as the rental car!! And the STL's in Lodi are driving a Camero!!! how crazy is that! lol Now our jeep doesn't look so cool :( jk, its still awesome.
Wednesday haha this was a weird day, but it was good.In the morning we were out seeing some active members, and our last stop was Sister Halbleib cause we were going to ask her if she could come see our investigator Richard with us, but she said yes but then someone came to her house to check something out so then we never got to go lol. So we went home to have some lunch and then went to do service for a member. Oh my gosh, the member asked us to do service and we said yes and we didn't know what we were doing. So we went at 1:30 and we were planting pumpkins for her! Sounds like no big deal right? lol, ya it wasn't except for it was 97 degrees outside!!!! ahhhh I thought I was going to die LOL but it was all good. We survived. So after we finished that we went to go contact this referral across the street and hahaha this was the weirdest experience of my life. So we are walking up the long drive way and there are 2 goats out and 3 dogs. So it was weird that the goats were out anyways, we figured they somehow got out. But then the dogs were chasing the goats. So it started out really hilarious, the goats were running and the dogs were chasing them and just nipping their feet and stuff, so we were standing there watching and stuff, but then!!! the dogs got really mean!! They starting like seriously attacking the goats! The biggest dog out of the  3 was grabbing the one goat by the neck and was flinging it around like it was trying to kill it! So we were like oh my gosh! We gotta help this little goat!! So we were yelling at the dogs to stop and then hahah I went to open the gate where the goats are supposed to be in, and this donkey is trying to get out and then i get it open and the 1 goat just runs in super fast, and in the meantime the dogs are still attacking the other goat. So then the goat just passes out on the ground hahaha like it was in total shock. It just stopped moving, it went all nobones on us. Ahahah so then sister kim picked it up and brought it to the gate. HAHA so we saved 2 goats lives! It was the weirdest sight I've ever seen!! hahaaha We felt like HEROES!! So after that we had some phone calls to make so we did that and then we went to dinner and then we met this girl named Mary and added her as an investigator. Then we went to visit this family called the Williams, they are the ones who attacked us that one day and we just were like we're not here to bash with you. So we did like a drop lesson with her and she was like "I'm glad I'm on team UNCONVERTABLE" looooooool. It was really silly. So then we visited a few more people and called it a night!
Thursday: We had to do weekly planning this day, soooo ya it was a slow day, just planning and stuff. We have quite a busy upcoming week so it should be fun! We called Toinette and had a lesson with her over the phone hahah and we officially handed her over to the elders. Thank goodness hahah she drives me nuts! Then we had dinner at the Moodys and hahah oh my gosh I love this family! They are just sooo funny! So its always a good time! And then in the evening we cleaned our car and made sure it was all perfect!
Friday was zone conference!! wooohooo! I love zone confernce! In the morning we left at like 7 to get there on time. And it was just such a great zone conference! I would say the main emphasis on the day was teaching short and powerful lessons and obedience! So it was good. Gahhhhhhh oh my gosh. like 2 weeks ago we were asked to prepare 2 lessons that were 5 minutes long. One of the Pos and one on the Restoration. So we kind of briefly prepared them. So during one part of zone conference we were supposed to pair up with another companionship from our zone and teach them our short lesson. Well our zone has 9 companionships.... can't pair that up evenly. So Sister Kim and I had to role play with the ASSISTANTS! ahhhhhh it was terrible! We felt like horrible teachers compared to them! hahah they were so amazing! But it was cool to learn from them! So ya! But just in general it was a really good day! President Lewis told us whats going to happen when President Jardine comes in :'(. I dont want President and Sister Lewis to leeeeeave. Oh well I will survive! So ya, it was just a great day!
Saturday was a good day hahaah. Our morning was really good we met this new potential, she was nice, but very pregnant so she told us to come back later. The placerville elders know these people who had a litter of kittens that they don't want, so part of our day was trying to find a home for the kittens! hahha so we managed to do that! and teach a lot of lessons! It was like 2 birds with one stone, it was great! haha. I also got cactus burrs in my leg hahahah it kind of really hurt. Oops. We had dinner again with that old lady that was hating on me last time. But I think I must have redeemed myself somehow hahah. She didn't hate me so much anymore lol. It was kind of funny. She's now the primary president.
Sunday ws good. Church was great! After church we went to see our investigator Richard with Sister Goff and we had a really short and powerful lesson with him and we invited him to be baptized if he came to know these things are true and he said yes!! woohoooo! So now he just needs to find out that these things are true :) which he will if he prays!! so then Richard will be baptized! I can soooo see him becoming a member and then working in the tempple! It will be so great!!! :) We visited others during the rest of the evening and then just had a good day.
Today was pday and I've been in a trio with 2 other sisters all day cause our companions are all at Coloma! So we just played sports with the zone and then did our shopping and stuff. Its been a good day!
We weren't able to see our investigator Rhonda all week.... so we don't know whats up with her. But ya, things are great! We've got a lot of appointments this week, so it should be busy and fun! A lot of things are starting to happen in our area :) So keep us in your prayers!!! 
Love you all!!!!!!

Challenge - Find an investigator in 7 days!

Hello family!
Well it was so great talking to you last night! It felt just like old times :) Everyone looks so good and is doing so great! 
Last week was a really great week! Like one of my favourites on the mission!
Tuesday: So this day was good. I'll just give you the highlights. At our last zonet training, our zone leaders challenged us to invite the members we have dinner with to find us someone to teach in a week! Like find an investigator for us in 7 days. Sounds crazy right? But we decided hey we'll try it. The zone leaders have been doing it and they really have been seeing the results from it! So we were like, what the heck why not! So our dinner appointment was at the Crosbys (the same ones as last week lol) and we were like okay, we're gunna invite them. So we did. And brother Crosby was like "A week?! Okay we'll do it!" so we were like woohoo! Brother Crosby is soooo missionary minded so we knew he would accept the challenge! I'll get to the rest of this story later in the week. But oh ya, earlier in this day we went to see the Babbitts, the really old people who are sort of investigators. And Gloria answered the door (she is 89) and was like who is it? We're like it's the missionaries! and she's like How did you find us? And we were like whaaaat? She didn't remember who we were!!!! Like it was as if we had never met before and that we had been wiped right from her memory :'(. It was the saddest thing ever. But we got the Colonel and then she started to remember who we were. Poor Gloria :'(.
Wednesday: This day was pretty sweet!! We found 3 new investigators! Well first we went to visit this less active named Rachel, so we just visitedand got to know her a little bit, then we had plans to go to the very tippy top of our area, so we went up there to see some former investigators and it was the most perfect timing ever! First house was this lady Marion, we pulled up and she was so happy to see us, her neice had been baptized about a year ago but I guess she started going less active (shes ysa) and Marion said she really misses the spirit in her home, and she asked if she could come to church and start getting the lessons again so obviously we were like YA! So that was awesome, then we went to see these other formers, who everytime we've gone to their house no one is home. We pulled up and they were both outside!!!!!! So after some talking we figured out why they stopped taking the lessons, then asked if they'd be willing to try it again, and they said yes!!!! So we set up an appointment to see them next week! So hopefully that will go well. We know what not to do now. Ahah apparently one of the other sisters who was here before pointed at him, hisname is Terry, and asked him to pray right then and there. And I guess he didn't like that. Lol, so not pointing. So ya!!!!! Then we visited this member she gave us a referral, then we had dinner at the Jones' and it was so fun as usual. And we challenged them to find someone for us to teach in a week and they also accepted!!!! Throughout the day we were making phone calls like crazy cause we were setting up appointments and calling members and all sorts of good stuff. A new family moved in and needed help, but our day Thursday was totally full so we had to delegate it to others ahaha it was fun
Thursday: This was an awesome day! We were packed full with appointments!! at 10:30 we had an appointment with Richard and the Sr Dolds came along. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation. He said he doesn't know if its true, but he wouldd like to beleive it. The Sr Dolds were awsome fellowshippers! It was great! We just really want Richard to understand that families can be  sealed together forever because his wife died like 4 years ago and he is soooo sad :(. So we're hoping to help him. After that we had to wuickly eat lunch then go to district meeting, it was good. Then we had an appointment at 2 with Toinette, gahhh she drives me crazy! We watchd Finding Faith in Christ with her. She loved it, but she doesn't understand why we need to show our faith. We're like how do we show our faith? She's like I say it outloud, isn't that enough?? We're like ahhhhh noooooooo!!! lol, so we're actually trying to pass her off to the Camino elders since technically she's in their area. But in the mean time we're trying to help her understand why it is important to follow the commandements! After that we zooomed back to our area and we had an appointment with Rhonda and Sister Halbleib came, it went pretty good! We taught the Pos and the GOJC, she seemed to understand and accept it all.... except repentance!! lol I thought that was the easiest concept to understand.... lol i guess not. Then after that appointment we had dinner with some less actives, it went fine. Then we went to meet the family that just moved in, the elders helped them get all their stuff out of the moving truck, and then in the evening we saw Margaret and then calledit a night! It was an awesome day!!
Friday:Weekly planning day... ahah nothing exciting to report, except we actually had lots of peopple to plan for! It was awesome! We had dinner at a cute little active families, invited them to find someone for us to teach and they accepted! Wahoooo! Its going to be great!
Saturday: Well this was supposed to be a regular productive day....but it turned out a little differently lol. During our comp study the Camino elders told us they had a ward breakfst and they had all the extra food. Haha so we went and it was basically a district party plus the spanish elders haha it was fun. After that we went and got our oil changed and did some service at the house that the spanish elders live at. After all that we went and had dinner with the Goffs (thats the family we live with) then visited some other people, then in the night we made cookies to give away on mothers day.
Sunday :). Church was good. We woke up early for ward council... but I guess there was no ward council lol. we sang in Relief society. After church we were going to deliver the cookies we made and the little cards we made. lol we had like 12 stops we needed to make, and we only got 5 done!! Everyone kept inviting us in and talking to long. And haah we dropped one off to Consuelo and then they had read the intro to the book of mormon and were so upset that Joseph Smith said it was the most true book on earth. Lol we were like ya it is. And then they were like bla bla bla the bible, bla bla bla. And we're like we're not saying the bible is untrue, its just that the book of mormon is MORE true! Hahah it was crazy. So then after that I came home and talked to all of you! So much fun!  I loved talking to you! I am glad to see you are doing so great!  I am too!
I love you soooo much and I'll email you next week!!!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

As a zone we have been challenged to invite the members we have dinner with to find us someone to teach in 7 days, and so we've started doing that and have been having awesome results! We invited this one family named the Crosbys they are a retired older couple. We invited them and they said "A week!? What that's crazy! But we'll do it". On Thursday we got a call from Brother Crosby and he told us the most amazing miracle! Brother and Sister Crosby had been praying all day, then even went to the temple so they could help find us someone to teach, and so Brother Crosby had 3 names in mind. He tried the first one, no answer, so he decided to go see the second one, but on his way to the second one, the first one showed up at his house! So he started talking to him and told him, he said "I'm a very simple man. There are 2 things that make me happy in this life. My work and my church! I want you and  your wife to learn more about the gospel." So he invited them over for a dinner where we would be there and they said yes!!! It was so amazing! The Crosbys said their testimonies grew and so did ours! It was awesome! This truly is the Lords work and miracles still happen! SO WE HAVE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THEM NEXT WEEK!!!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!! Love you!!!

Mission Life Is Great!

Hey family!
Guess what! I get to talk to you in less than a week! crrrazy!
So i'm thinking 6 my time. I forgot what that is normal time. Does that work okay? Cause we have 9-12 church and you have 1-4 church. and we have dinner at someones house, so i think 6 will work best. Also we will need to do facetime! I don't know that will work... but i'll email you before and we'll set it all up!
Tuesday: in the morning we went to help this lady named sister frank with a sort of service project... its kind of a crazy project! ahaha she's got all this craft stuff, that she has been like hoarding. so we were helping her make all sorts of beads/ charms for this project. ahah we helped for like an hour and then took some home. The rest of the day was good, just visiting people and doing our usual. We had dinner at the crosbys they are this super adorable old couple. I love them! Picture rich old people from movies and you will have them spot on. After we were done dinner for some reason my feet swelled up to the size of balloons!!! I couldn't walk! It was so weird! So we had to call it a night!
Wednesday: This was the craziest day ever. We told Consuelo that we would come over and exercise with her in the morning, and then we would help her with some stuff she needed help with. so we met her at 6:15 then drove to her house, we exercised, had breakfast then starting helping her with her stuff. We told her we could only stay till 11, but she ended up leaving, while we were doing the service (we were organizing her receipts lol)  so we were STRANDED at her house till 2 o clock!!! it was crazy! We were going crazy! ahah but eventually we got home, then visited some people, then had dinner 
Thursday was a good day, we had zone training which is always good! The theme was cheerfully doing all things that lie in our power. It was good! After that we went and visited Louie, he was in a good mood so that was a nice change, we saw a pmf the Masseys, had a nice lesson with them, saw a recent convert brother bergstad, he's got a cool conversion story, then we had a RS dinner. It was super fun! Just a lot of food and a lot of conversation
Friday we had weekly planning and had an interesting lunch with sister storey, then we finally went to meet this guy named richard who had been in our backup plans for weeks, so we finally met him and it was so great! we had a great lesson about the restoration and even set up a return appointment for sunday! 
On saturday we were supposed to have a lesson with Rhonda, but she cancelled :( we managed to have a great lesson with Bob and Consuelo about the restoration, and also we discussed a lot about the sabbath. They think that the sabbath  is on saturday! Way off!  We also had a great lesson with sister Goffs grandkids, we taught them about the plan of salvation. We were tracting and we met another guy named richard and added him as a new investigator. and ahhah when we were going into this gated community and we were behind a limo and we just decided to follow it into the house it was going to ahahaha. It was so funny!
Sunday was a good fast sunday. This ward kind of needs to learn what an actual testimony is ahaha a lot of friendimonies lol. and we went to go to our appointment with richard, but they were definitely in the house, but they just didn't answer the door! So rude! but its all good
BUT thats about it.
We had a good week!

Community Day of Service!

Hello Helloooo!
Well things are good up here in the El Dorado zone!
Our zone changed quite a bit from transfers last week, but everyone seems really great! So that is nice! We got a new zone leader and a new district leader.
Tuesday: We got off to a slow start on Tuesday, but eventually we got rolling and things were good! We went and visited this guy named Richard... he personally gives me the creeps a little bit but we managed to teach him a little lesson about how important saying your prayers and reading your scriptures is! We also got a ride up to see Toinette with a member, but when we got there she just answered the door said "I'm not up for this right now" and then slammed the door in our face! ahaha, wowza. We were like okaaaay so much for that 20 minute drive up there. But its all good. We went and visited some more people we saw Margaret the rc, and a less active boy named Zach. We had dinner at the Storeys (she is a ward missionary) and it was so funny! She is straight from Germany has a great accent. In the evening we saw this boy named Chris who isn't in our area, but who has been attending our ward and we taught him a short lesson too. We had planned service at Consuelos house and had been calling her all day to see if we were still on, and  at 9:50pm she cancelled on us!!
Wednesday was a good day, we were supposed to do service, but since Consuelo bailed we had to make other plans, it ended up being a good day. We found a new investigator named Rhonda which was kind of crazy. We were teaching her the Restoration,  and then all of a sudden her son pops in out of no where and wanted to bash haha. But it went good. They are really nice. We had our zone dinner this night, every transfer the stake provides all the missionaries with a dinner, its a really great opportunity for us to be able to meet the stake presidency. It was fun
Thursday: we had a lesson with Toinette in the morning with a member from the Camino ward, and it went really well. Toinette and the member hit it off and the spirit was really strong. She still hasn't prayed about whether or not she should be baptized... and now she is out of town... We had district meeting, our district is small now, we lost one companionship!  But its all good. Our district meeting was about remembering our purpose and how we should always be inviting those we're teaching to be baptized! Hahah on sunday it was ward conference, so they were doing ministering visits on this night. ahahah we happened to be at 2 of the houses where they stopped to do ministering visits. It was kind of funny. One at Ashleys N's house and the other at Kat and Jays. Lol so weird when all of a sudden the stake pres and bishop walk into the home of a pmf family we were working with. But it was good. 
Friday was weekly planning, we made some great plans. Filled out our stewardship worksheet and made some great goals! I'm excited for this transfer. We were also able to see Chris and Consuelo and have great lessons with them. 
Saturday was our Community Day of Service, used to be called Mormon Helping Hands day. This was super fun. In the morning at 8:30 we went and cleaned up this old horse ranch. There were about 95 members of our ward who showed up to help! It was so great! We were taking down fences, making burn piles, chopping and stacking wood, collecting metal and weed whacking! It was so fun! After that we went home and did our studies, then went to another service project helping out at a highschool fundraiser, lol we were just checking peoples tickets. After all the service we saw the Babbits, had a lesson with them about eternal families which really got them thinking which was great, and we had dinner at a former investigators home. Dad, she is from Peru! And she was so excited when I told her thats where you served your mission! Then after dinner we had our coorelation with our wml, then called it a night.
Sunday was ward conference and it was really great. We had great talks by the bishop and by the stake president. All about developing our christlike attributes and not getting offended and about the power that the book of mormon has. After church we did studies, then had dinner at this crazy old ladies house. Lol ya... just crazy. Then we visited some la's and called it a night i thnk.
Today was such a fun pday! We played captue the flag for like 3 hours in our wml christmas tree farm! ahah it was blast!
This should be a good upcoming week! I hope you are all doing great!!!!!!!
Thanks for all the emails!! LOVE YOU:)