Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Staying in El Dorado

Hello family!
Well the results of transfers are........ Staying in El Dorado with Sister Kim!! Woohoo! So we've got 6 weeks to baptize the whole area :) Wish us luck!! even better.... pray for us! :D
This was a good week. Man I gotta say, I don't remember anything anymore hahah "mission brain" all the weeks just mesh together! But lets see what I can remember!
So I will just tell you the highlights! 
Did I tell you about the lady who lives outside of our area in Camino? Her name is Toinette. Well on Thursday we went to visit her before district meeting, and it was such perfect timing! We pulled up right as she was leaving to take her dog on a walk, so we just joined her on her walk! So we were asking her if she had a chance to read the scriptures we left her, and she did! But haha it was kind of funny, she definitely got  a prompting from the spirit. It was Mosiah 5 that we left her, and she said she felt like she needs to stop drinking and smoking and that she's been doing it all wrong her whole life! Ahah but Mosiah 5 has nothing to do with that? So it was very cool. So we taught her more about the restoration  and answered some more questions of her and then we went to district meeting. It was good. interesting.. but good! 2 elders from our zone are going home! So that is kind of crazy! After district meeting we went to do service for this guy. His name is Mike and he is in a wheelchair. We don't know his last name so we just put him in our phone as Mike P Bag. lol (he had his pee bag on his lap when we met him) So ya he is disabled and just moved into this apartment and the people who moved him in just dumped his stuff and it was all over the place. So we got 2 sets of elders to come help us and we basically rearranged his house so he could actually move around. But wow, thank goodness the elders we there. He was pretty creepy. There  was just a bad spirit in his house. Also he started smoking pot in front of us.... thats always uncomfortable. So we did the service, and we will probably never go back!
On Saturday we had a super fun easter! We spent most of it with the Seymours! they had a super intense easter egg hunt. I found an egg with 50$ in it! wooowooo! but I gave it away. My conscious is just too honest! But we did get some fun prizes.
We were supposed to have an appointment with Consuelo, but they had to cancel :(.
The rest of the week was good, just visiting lots of people and teaching lots of lessons :). Still working on finding some more solid investigators though!
I hope you had a great easter! I'll hopefully have a better email next week, but in summary, things are great, and the church is true!!!!

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