Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Rain, Rain and More Rain!!

Hello family!
So this was a good week. Not too much to report on, but i'll give you the down low on whats been going on in El Dorado!
Tuesday: This was an awesome day. We were working hard, all of our plans were working and it was awesome! We went to a temple prep class that some less actives were supposed to be attending, but they were sick, and remember the Houstons from my last email? They were there haha so it was like dejavu of their motor mouths hahaha. But it was good. Then we went and met some formers/potentials from the area book. One of the guys we met was a very strong 7th day adventist. Interesting to learn more about their beliefs... haha. Last week we had received a referral from some sisters in another area, and it is this pmf that moved out from their area and moved into ours. So we went to go meet them, but they weren't home. So we went and met with the Babbits. Then we headed back to closer to where we live to talk to this la 16 year old boy to see if he was coming to mutual or not... but then he wasn't even home. And in that process we got a call from the AP's that that referrral of the pmf moving in needed help moving! So we called our dinner appointment she quickly made us sandwiches and we headed over! Right when we got there it started POURING rain! hahaha, so we quickly called the elders and got some extra help! They got there super quick and we helped do all the moving. This poor family haha all of their stuff was outside of the house in cardboard boxes, and then it started pouring. Thankfully they had some giant tarps to cover the stuff with. Haha it was sooo fun though! We got them all moved in!
Wednesday:This wasn't our best day, but it was still a good day. We had a lesson with Margaret (who is a recent convert from before I got here) and haha we weren't doing the teaching, it was the new member lessons and the Sr Dolds are taking over on doing those for her. Haha they were supposed to be teaching the Plan of Salvation, and its a good thing she had already been taught the plan of salvation or else she would have no idea what it was hahaha. The rest of the day it was just raining and we were trying to meet people, but it seemed like no one was home! It was crazy! Also a super hilarious weird thing happened. There was this past referral that Sis Kim hadn't contacted yet, so we went to see them. The lady answers and is super grouchy and we try to you know do our thing. And she said "You can stay if you can bring back to life the DEAD HORSE thats under the tarp!" hahaha so weird. So then we left, and sister kim wanted to like give it a blessing... I was like ummm bro we don't have the priesthood. But we said a prayer anyways. So if that house is back alive then that lady should join the church!! lol!
Thursday: We had district meeting this day, (haha there actually was district meeting) and it was good. Our district leader tries to make it fun and memorable. This training was all about "finding" So he had army men and he hid them all over the gym, then we had 2 minutes to find 10 of them just on our own, 2nd round we had 2 minutes but there were 30 of them and we had to find the 10 with binoculars, and then the 3rd round we had a "member" to ask for help. Hahah it was cute. It took a long time though, and every companionship got to do it haha, so while the other companionships were finding, the rest of us were just having fun haha. So it was a good time. Oh by the way, I can't remember if I mentioned that Sister Kim caught a frog? Hahah well she did... actually shes caught quite a few now... We brought one of them to district meeting (Larry) and one of the elders threw Larry at me!! hahahaha It was so gross lol. The rest of the day was good, we were just going out and meeting people, we did a little bit of tracting, and then ya
Friday: This was weekly planning, (haha the same every week) not much to plan for... but we still have to do it.After planning we went and saw Bob and Consuelo, they are the pmf we helped move in. Haha Consuelo put us to work unpacking it was kind of funny. Then we had dinner at the Moodys hahaha they are such a funny family, I was cracking up all dinner long. Then we met some potentials haha, some bible bashing potentials. Its funny how people never want to read from the Book of Mormon, they say "I don't need to read and ask if its true. I already know it's not" And then i'm thinking, whats the harm in asking? If they are right, then praying will just confirm to them that they are right. But I know they are wrong hahaha so they must know it too :). Then in the evening we went and saw a former named Karla who is super nice, she apparently had some concerns about Adam being Michael the arch angel. So Sister Kim shared something from the bible dictionary about that, and she seemed to enjoy it.
Saturday: Moooore rain. Hahah so much rain this week. We went out and about all day going to find people. No one is ever home when its raining for some reason lol. In the afternoon this girl from the ward came out with us and we had a pretty good time. We met this awesome black lady named Shirley and had a good lesson with her, but in the end she didn't want to pray about the book of mormon. Then we had dinner and watched the womens broadcast! It was so good! I loved it! And i'm so excited for conference!! After the womens conference we had correlation with our WML and then called it a night.
Sunday was a good day, we had church, it was fast sunday, then had dinner with another hilarious family. The most socially awkward kids i've ever seen. Hahahahaha it was so weird. And the parents were making fun of them ahaahh it was hilarious!  And then we just visited more people and called it a day haha. Good times!
I hope you all had a great week :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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