Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Conference was Great!

Hey Family! How is everybody doing? Did you love Conference?? I sure did! It was so good!
This week was good, nothing too exciting to report on... we're really just trying hard to find people to teach! We made some new goals to go tracting everyday haha and in this area its like hiking. So it should be fun! 
Tuesday was April Fools, nothing too exciting to report on, someone really funny pulled a prank on the elders. It was pretty funny... lol. We had a great lesson with a part member family, the wife does not understand why she needs to be rebaptized so that's not going anywhere anytime soon. But they allowed to let us teach practice lessons so we're going to do that, and hopefully the wife will feel the spirit or somethhing and will reconsider.
On Wednesday we taught Margaret a lesson about the Godhead, it was really needed because she thought the Holy Ghost was Jesus reincarnated. hahah so it's a good thing we cleared that up.  We also taught Kat about the Godhead and she was pretty familiar with it, but she was just knew it as the trinity. We met some crazy guy named Jim who basically is insane. But we decided we might come back and try and teach him. Also we had a great time tracting, but no one was interested. 
Thursday we had a really great zone training! Our zone leaders are really great and they taught us a lesson about the gospel of jesus christ but applied it completely to missionary work. It was great. 
Friday: we had exchanges! I went to East Sac with Sister Dees. I love Sister Dees! She is super great, just great spirited great missionary. We had a lot of fun in her area. A bird starting having an egg on me. It was disgusting! Like literally one of the grossest things ever hahaha but luckily someone got it off of me before it finished doing its thing. I met the ASL sisters and they are so cool! They aer amazing at doing sign language! There is a sister who is deaf, and she is just so cool!
Saturday was conference! It was so great. We watched one session at the Seymours and one session with Margaret. They were both really great, I don't have my notes, but I know I loved Elder Hollands talk, He is so great. 
Sunday: We watched conference at the Dolds and at the Jones (the Jones are the one who texted you mom) It was great again! I loved the talk about the olympics, and bednars about our load. So good! And the one about joseph smith and how he's either a pretender or a prophet. Also Sister Jones is so sweet, she bought me a scarf! So nice! And brother Jones gave us watches! They are really cool! He decided he wanted to make a watch, soooo he did. And it has his signature on it! ahaha its so cool! 
Monday we did service for Consuelo, taught the Babbits and had interviews with President. Last interview ever... maybe? Not too sure. But weird to think about. Hahah we accidentally sold a Book of Mormon. Hahaha jk, Colonel Babbit said hewouldn't take it for free, so he gave us $5. hahahah so funny.
Then today was a super fun pday. We had a bbq with our zone at consuelos house! Its been a great day!
Well thats the week!!
Hope you're doing GREEEEEAT

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