Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Knife Throwing on the Mission!

Sister Kim, Sister Lacusta and the Placerville Elders

Knife Throwing - First Attempt

Knives used for Knife Throwing!

Me Knife Throwing!

Me on the Slackline

More Slackline!

Staying in El Dorado

Hello family!
Well the results of transfers are........ Staying in El Dorado with Sister Kim!! Woohoo! So we've got 6 weeks to baptize the whole area :) Wish us luck!! even better.... pray for us! :D
This was a good week. Man I gotta say, I don't remember anything anymore hahah "mission brain" all the weeks just mesh together! But lets see what I can remember!
So I will just tell you the highlights! 
Did I tell you about the lady who lives outside of our area in Camino? Her name is Toinette. Well on Thursday we went to visit her before district meeting, and it was such perfect timing! We pulled up right as she was leaving to take her dog on a walk, so we just joined her on her walk! So we were asking her if she had a chance to read the scriptures we left her, and she did! But haha it was kind of funny, she definitely got  a prompting from the spirit. It was Mosiah 5 that we left her, and she said she felt like she needs to stop drinking and smoking and that she's been doing it all wrong her whole life! Ahah but Mosiah 5 has nothing to do with that? So it was very cool. So we taught her more about the restoration  and answered some more questions of her and then we went to district meeting. It was good. interesting.. but good! 2 elders from our zone are going home! So that is kind of crazy! After district meeting we went to do service for this guy. His name is Mike and he is in a wheelchair. We don't know his last name so we just put him in our phone as Mike P Bag. lol (he had his pee bag on his lap when we met him) So ya he is disabled and just moved into this apartment and the people who moved him in just dumped his stuff and it was all over the place. So we got 2 sets of elders to come help us and we basically rearranged his house so he could actually move around. But wow, thank goodness the elders we there. He was pretty creepy. There  was just a bad spirit in his house. Also he started smoking pot in front of us.... thats always uncomfortable. So we did the service, and we will probably never go back!
On Saturday we had a super fun easter! We spent most of it with the Seymours! they had a super intense easter egg hunt. I found an egg with 50$ in it! wooowooo! but I gave it away. My conscious is just too honest! But we did get some fun prizes.
We were supposed to have an appointment with Consuelo, but they had to cancel :(.
The rest of the week was good, just visiting lots of people and teaching lots of lessons :). Still working on finding some more solid investigators though!
I hope you had a great easter! I'll hopefully have a better email next week, but in summary, things are great, and the church is true!!!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pictures - Reagan, Animals and Signs!!

"Wegotta Way"

Crazy Ducks

Lords Way

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Sister Kim and the goats!

Sister Lacusta  and the goats!

Even our car does missionary work!

Little Blessings from Heaven!

Hello Family! Well this was a great week! Seriously! We had a lot of fun, were working hard, and our numbers were on fire! It was great!
Sister Kim and I filled out our "stewardship worksheet" a few weeks ago, which is basically a piece of paper to set goals for our area, our companionship and ourselves. And we've really started implementing the goals we made, and it is working! One of our goals is to tract at least 6 houses a day. (now you're probably thinking that's not very many houses, but trust me! haha in this area its a lot. With all of the hills and how spread out the houses are it can take a while! so its a really great goal! So everyday this week we did 6 @ 6. And wow this week was such a success! It was awesome! We got a few new investigators, none of them came from tracting, but we are positive that it is coming from us putting our faith out there and trusting the Lord! We know  that this is His work and that He wants it to be done, so we just have to have faith and work!! And voila its working!
So on Wednesday we went and saw Louie again, and he has still got the same issues. He can't see the big picture, the eternal picture. He can only focus on his personal tribal issues right now. It's pretty ridiculous. We're hoping that he might change, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. We we started tracting this one street called Monarch this week, and we met some of the nicest people ever, none of them were interested but they commended us on our work and they let us share with them about the Restoration. We also visited a 95 year old lady named Nina, she is very cute. Not really interested or anything, but we'll work on her ;). And we were able to teach a less active named Ashleys kids a lesson. It was a good day.
Thursday: Our phone has decided it totally sucks and it doesn't want to receive texts from our district leader, so district meeting is usually supposed to be at 10:30, so we planned our day that way, and then when we left I was like Oh wait! We never got a text from Elder Prudent (our district leader) we should probably double check with someone. Sure enough! District meeting was at 12:30 instead of 10:30 ahaha so we readjusted our whole day and made it work. District meeting was good, Elder Prudent wanted us to do a self evaluation. So we filled out the attribute activities in PMG and did a transfer report of ourself. Its to help us see who we want to be when we're done our mission, and to see what we need to work on in order to be at that level. We taught Margaret a lesson about Faith and why it is important. She enjoyed that. We continued tracting on Monarch, met some more nice people, still no one interested but it was okay. We received a media referral today! Which was awesome! you know in movies when little care packages come down in mini parachutes? Thats how I feel about media referrals! They are little blessings sent from heaven! hahah! This referral is named Toinette, and she doesn't actually live in our area, but she prefers sisters over elders, soooo we got the referral. We had dinner with a super hilarious young family tonight.
Friday we had weekly planning, which was good. Just did the usual planning. We are doing really good with the goals we set for ourselves. And it is really helping out our area. We visited Kat in the afternoon and went to see a member to follow up on a referral she gave us. And we arranged a service project to help them fill in this giant trench in their front yard, so we've got the elders on board for that and we're gunna do it on saturday. BYOS. Bring your own Shovel. ;). haha. We did some more tracting, didn't meet anyone too special, but it was still a good experience, and we're still going out and trying. Then in the evening we visited a few less actives.
Saturday was a really good day. In the morning we just did some "house keeping" stuff, like making phone calls and getting things updated and stuff. And then after lunch just as we were about to head out, out phone decided to die..... ( we don't get very good service at our house, so it only stays charged for like 8 hours, it barely makes it overnight) So we had to go out though, hahah so we went out with a dead phone. We went and met Toinette! Turns out her sister was the one who sent in the referral, she is a member in idaho, and she is concerned for her sister(Toinette) because they are both super old and Toinette has not been baptized. Toinette believes in Jesus Christ, and even reads from the Book of Mormon. So we taught her the Restoration, and I invited her to be baptized, and hahah she said yes I will be baptized. BUT I don't want to stop drinking beer or smoking cigarettes. hahahaa. So we asked her if Jesus Christ asked her to stop smoking and drinking would she? And she said he would have to come right to her and tell it to her face. Soooo we've got a long path in front of us, but it will all be good.She is a nice lady. She is 81, but she looks like she's like 60. So I'll update more on her once we get to know her better. After that we met up with Ashley, she is a young woman in the ward, she comes out with us sometimes, she is awesome! She's going to go on a mission once she's 19. Hardly anyone was home, but the few people we talked to weren't very interested. Then we had dinner at the Elzinga family. Haha it was a funny time. Then we went and visited an active family called the Middlemans. After that we went to visit this family of "formers" and hahah oh my gosh. We got ATTACKED. It was brutal. We come in, and they had their other born again Christian friend over, and then all of a sudden then she whipped out her bible and this piece of paper with bashing points for other religions, which obviously aren't coming directly from the source. So they started just attacking us and telling us what we "believE" (which wasn't accurate at all) But they said they wanted to ask us questions, but they didn't even let us talk, so it was just them talking the whole time (lol and this is a sassy black woman just so you can get the full effect) ahaha. But then finally we just said we're not here to be told what we believe and to be attacked and to not even get a chance to talk. Then sister kim shared my favorite scripture 2 Nephi 25:26, testified and then we left. Lol it was crazy. They make nooooo sense in what they believe. We have no idea if they think that the Godhead is 3 separate beings, or 1 person. I'm not too sure if they know or not. Gah, it was just nuts. And they believe that you can be saved by Grace alone. Makes NO sense! Why would Jesus say Do what I do? Follow me. Follow the commandments. Faith without works is DEAD. Does that sound like you just need a belief in Jesus to be saved? Nah I didn't think so either haha. They just don't have the full picture. Its sad for them. But ya, we'll keep trying, but we're not going to try to have lessons in their home anymore cause the spirit just wasn't there! haha, ya after that we met with Brother Dold, our WML and then called it a night!
Then it was sunday! Church was good. All of the talks were on the Atonement which was really nice, during Sunday school we were able to meet with this 15 year old named Chris who is a non member and he had a lot of questions regarding the Atonement and sacrament and Jesus Christ, so we answered those and it was really good. We gave him a book of mormon and we're hoping for another appointment this week. After church we visited this Less active brother Lequieu. He is really interesting. He has cancer really bad, and so he's really studying and trying to figure out everything he can about God, but he is a verrry logical thinker and so he's trying to put the pieces together logically, but that's  not how religion works! So ya, we're going to keep working with him. Then we had an appointment with brother Workman ( a less active) and the bishop. Lol the bishop wanted us to teach him and we decided to do the plan of salvation and he was just shooting down everything we asked. It was ridiculous. Then we had dinner at the bishops house, hahah what an interesting family. Then we visited a couple less actives and then went to a fireside (cause we were specially invited and cause Chris the boy we taught at church was there) It was really cool. This guy in our ward named Scott traveled to Southeast asia and he showed us pictures and stuff. It's really beautiful over there! 
Today is Pday! So its been good. We played ultimate frrisbee as a zone, and thats about it! :)
Throughout the week we have also been trying to catch a duck, oh and also somehow wasps keep getting into our room so we think our attic may be invested with wasps so we called the pest control ahahah. Good times! But it has been a great week! ITS A GREAT DAY IN THE KINGDOM :)
I love and miss you all!!!!!
ps Next week is transfers (but pday is still on monday), so i'll report back what will be happening! 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

More Pictures!!

Check out the Street Name!!!

Me and Sister Kim after helping people move in the Rain!  

More Pictures!

 Zone BBQ
Zone BBQ

Looking for GOLD?!

Me and Sister KIM!

Conference was Great!

Hey Family! How is everybody doing? Did you love Conference?? I sure did! It was so good!
This week was good, nothing too exciting to report on... we're really just trying hard to find people to teach! We made some new goals to go tracting everyday haha and in this area its like hiking. So it should be fun! 
Tuesday was April Fools, nothing too exciting to report on, someone really funny pulled a prank on the elders. It was pretty funny... lol. We had a great lesson with a part member family, the wife does not understand why she needs to be rebaptized so that's not going anywhere anytime soon. But they allowed to let us teach practice lessons so we're going to do that, and hopefully the wife will feel the spirit or somethhing and will reconsider.
On Wednesday we taught Margaret a lesson about the Godhead, it was really needed because she thought the Holy Ghost was Jesus reincarnated. hahah so it's a good thing we cleared that up.  We also taught Kat about the Godhead and she was pretty familiar with it, but she was just knew it as the trinity. We met some crazy guy named Jim who basically is insane. But we decided we might come back and try and teach him. Also we had a great time tracting, but no one was interested. 
Thursday we had a really great zone training! Our zone leaders are really great and they taught us a lesson about the gospel of jesus christ but applied it completely to missionary work. It was great. 
Friday: we had exchanges! I went to East Sac with Sister Dees. I love Sister Dees! She is super great, just great spirited great missionary. We had a lot of fun in her area. A bird starting having an egg on me. It was disgusting! Like literally one of the grossest things ever hahaha but luckily someone got it off of me before it finished doing its thing. I met the ASL sisters and they are so cool! They aer amazing at doing sign language! There is a sister who is deaf, and she is just so cool!
Saturday was conference! It was so great. We watched one session at the Seymours and one session with Margaret. They were both really great, I don't have my notes, but I know I loved Elder Hollands talk, He is so great. 
Sunday: We watched conference at the Dolds and at the Jones (the Jones are the one who texted you mom) It was great again! I loved the talk about the olympics, and bednars about our load. So good! And the one about joseph smith and how he's either a pretender or a prophet. Also Sister Jones is so sweet, she bought me a scarf! So nice! And brother Jones gave us watches! They are really cool! He decided he wanted to make a watch, soooo he did. And it has his signature on it! ahaha its so cool! 
Monday we did service for Consuelo, taught the Babbits and had interviews with President. Last interview ever... maybe? Not too sure. But weird to think about. Hahah we accidentally sold a Book of Mormon. Hahaha jk, Colonel Babbit said hewouldn't take it for free, so he gave us $5. hahahah so funny.
Then today was a super fun pday. We had a bbq with our zone at consuelos house! Its been a great day!
Well thats the week!!
Hope you're doing GREEEEEAT

Rain, Rain and More Rain!!

Hello family!
So this was a good week. Not too much to report on, but i'll give you the down low on whats been going on in El Dorado!
Tuesday: This was an awesome day. We were working hard, all of our plans were working and it was awesome! We went to a temple prep class that some less actives were supposed to be attending, but they were sick, and remember the Houstons from my last email? They were there haha so it was like dejavu of their motor mouths hahaha. But it was good. Then we went and met some formers/potentials from the area book. One of the guys we met was a very strong 7th day adventist. Interesting to learn more about their beliefs... haha. Last week we had received a referral from some sisters in another area, and it is this pmf that moved out from their area and moved into ours. So we went to go meet them, but they weren't home. So we went and met with the Babbits. Then we headed back to closer to where we live to talk to this la 16 year old boy to see if he was coming to mutual or not... but then he wasn't even home. And in that process we got a call from the AP's that that referrral of the pmf moving in needed help moving! So we called our dinner appointment she quickly made us sandwiches and we headed over! Right when we got there it started POURING rain! hahaha, so we quickly called the elders and got some extra help! They got there super quick and we helped do all the moving. This poor family haha all of their stuff was outside of the house in cardboard boxes, and then it started pouring. Thankfully they had some giant tarps to cover the stuff with. Haha it was sooo fun though! We got them all moved in!
Wednesday:This wasn't our best day, but it was still a good day. We had a lesson with Margaret (who is a recent convert from before I got here) and haha we weren't doing the teaching, it was the new member lessons and the Sr Dolds are taking over on doing those for her. Haha they were supposed to be teaching the Plan of Salvation, and its a good thing she had already been taught the plan of salvation or else she would have no idea what it was hahaha. The rest of the day it was just raining and we were trying to meet people, but it seemed like no one was home! It was crazy! Also a super hilarious weird thing happened. There was this past referral that Sis Kim hadn't contacted yet, so we went to see them. The lady answers and is super grouchy and we try to you know do our thing. And she said "You can stay if you can bring back to life the DEAD HORSE thats under the tarp!" hahaha so weird. So then we left, and sister kim wanted to like give it a blessing... I was like ummm bro we don't have the priesthood. But we said a prayer anyways. So if that house is back alive then that lady should join the church!! lol!
Thursday: We had district meeting this day, (haha there actually was district meeting) and it was good. Our district leader tries to make it fun and memorable. This training was all about "finding" So he had army men and he hid them all over the gym, then we had 2 minutes to find 10 of them just on our own, 2nd round we had 2 minutes but there were 30 of them and we had to find the 10 with binoculars, and then the 3rd round we had a "member" to ask for help. Hahah it was cute. It took a long time though, and every companionship got to do it haha, so while the other companionships were finding, the rest of us were just having fun haha. So it was a good time. Oh by the way, I can't remember if I mentioned that Sister Kim caught a frog? Hahah well she did... actually shes caught quite a few now... We brought one of them to district meeting (Larry) and one of the elders threw Larry at me!! hahahaha It was so gross lol. The rest of the day was good, we were just going out and meeting people, we did a little bit of tracting, and then ya
Friday: This was weekly planning, (haha the same every week) not much to plan for... but we still have to do it.After planning we went and saw Bob and Consuelo, they are the pmf we helped move in. Haha Consuelo put us to work unpacking it was kind of funny. Then we had dinner at the Moodys hahaha they are such a funny family, I was cracking up all dinner long. Then we met some potentials haha, some bible bashing potentials. Its funny how people never want to read from the Book of Mormon, they say "I don't need to read and ask if its true. I already know it's not" And then i'm thinking, whats the harm in asking? If they are right, then praying will just confirm to them that they are right. But I know they are wrong hahaha so they must know it too :). Then in the evening we went and saw a former named Karla who is super nice, she apparently had some concerns about Adam being Michael the arch angel. So Sister Kim shared something from the bible dictionary about that, and she seemed to enjoy it.
Saturday: Moooore rain. Hahah so much rain this week. We went out and about all day going to find people. No one is ever home when its raining for some reason lol. In the afternoon this girl from the ward came out with us and we had a pretty good time. We met this awesome black lady named Shirley and had a good lesson with her, but in the end she didn't want to pray about the book of mormon. Then we had dinner and watched the womens broadcast! It was so good! I loved it! And i'm so excited for conference!! After the womens conference we had correlation with our WML and then called it a night.
Sunday was a good day, we had church, it was fast sunday, then had dinner with another hilarious family. The most socially awkward kids i've ever seen. Hahahahaha it was so weird. And the parents were making fun of them ahaahh it was hilarious!  And then we just visited more people and called it a day haha. Good times!
I hope you all had a great week :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!