Monday, 3 March 2014

Tony Got Baptized!

Hello hello hello!
What an exciting week! I don't even remember everything that happened. Haha days and weeks start to blend together after a while, so sorry if my emails keep getting more and more vague.
Monday: Always a good time because it's pday. After emailing and shopping and stuff we went home and went to the singles fhe potluck. This is a bunch of single ladies who have fhe every week, and then once a month they all feed us. Its super nice. And sometimes hilarious. Hahaha these old ladies are always talking about something interesting.
Tuesday: This was the day of Tonys baptism! Woohoo! So we went over to his house and filled out his baptismal form and showed him a picture of what it will look like when he gets baptized. Hahah he then asked us if we could take a picture of him getting baptized in the font... ahaha we were like ummm no sorry. Lol. So funny. Sister Hale has been sick this week, so we just kind of took it easy for her, and then went over and got the church all set up for his baptism. It ended up being a really nice baptism.  Hahah Brother Bigelow gave a great talk on baptism, then Tony got baptized when he was in the water he was like "im never gunna get outta here" hahah I guess it was warm! Then Sister Lethbridge gave a great talk on the Holy Ghost and then bishop welcomed him into the ward and it was great! Tons of ward members came so that was awesome, and the english sisters from Lodi came with an investigator, so that was exciting for them! Then we went home, the elders gave us some steak! that was awesome. So we had steak for dinner, and then the english sisters came and picked me up for exchanges!
Wednesday: So this whole day I was in Lodi with Sister Jolley. (She was Sister Gutierrez's follow up trainer) She is a great missionary! It was a fun day. Hahah they were out of miles for the month so we ended up just parking the car and doing a lot of walking, and it was raining out so that was a lot of fun. We had a lesson with their investigator who is getting baptized next week, had dinner at a really funny members home, and went to teach a practice lesson at a members home. and we did lots of contacting. Sister Hale and Sister Maughn had a good day in Galt. They found us a new investigator and went to Thornton  they got lost getting there. Pretty funny.
Thursday: We had district meeting at 10 in the morning, which was good as always, and then we decided to have a district lunch! That was fun, hahahah me and Sister Hale went and grabbed taco bell and the elders came back and all made sandwiches it was just so opposite of how you think it would be it was funny. The rest of the day we visited some people, went and saw Peggy, that was a lot of fun. And had dinner with the Trinnamans. They are one of my favourite families from the ward!
Friday: Weekly planning day! Sister Hale was really sick again this day, so we didn't do a lot. We had dinner at the Chantry familys home, that was super fun!
Saturday: This was a good day, we saw Lloyd, he decided he is coming back to church :) So that is really good! And he's starting to slowly stop smoking! woohoo! Then we saw Bob, he's been reading his book of mormon, but he wont come to church! Then we went to help Tony with something  he wants to sell his furniture, so we helped him put it on craigslist. We were at the bishops doing that. Then we had to go home, and on our front step Sister Johnson ( the bishops wife) had brought us some beautiful flowers! So that was super nice of her. Then we saw Debbie  she is always sooo funny. She was back in the hospital earlier this week, but she said they kicked her out because they heard her laughing in her room cause she was watching "The Mask" with Jim Carey and she was laughing really hard. Super funny! Then we had some dinner and called it a night.
Sunday: This was a great sunday. It was fast and testimony meeting. Tony got up and bore his testimony! (It was more of his whole life story... but thats okay, he'll learn) We forgot his baptismal record at home, so we had to run home and grab that during sunday school so bishop could sign it, and then we came back for relief society and we taught the lesson, we taught it on missionary work! Then we had dinner with Brother Williams, Enchiladas made by the spanish branch and then visited some other people and called it a night. 
Now it is PDAY! woohooo! And today we are going to some place called "Big Trees" With our district! So I guess we're gunna go see some big trees , I'll take pictures for next week :)
ps. Next week pday is on tuesday! So i'll email then :). And its transfers!
I have a funny feeling i'll be staying in Galt another transfer.... buuuuuut we'll wait and see!

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