Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Pictures from the Mission!

Me and Sister Kim

My Zone on a LARGE tree stump!

Me and the another Large Tree

Tunnel through the tree!

Cute little ladies from GALT!  The lady in the green is 93 years old!

Sweet new ride in Galt!  Only lasted a few days then I was transferred.

The "Lethbridge Family" from Galt.  I was born in Lethbridge

Me and Sister G at the Temple!

The Family I lived with in Galt!  Love them!!

Cute house in my new area!

Me and Sister Kim relaxing after an exhausting appointment!

Donkeys and Zebras mixed makes a ???

Our Jeep Compass on the walking trail!

Me and Sister Kim on the walking trail.

Turning our Jeep around on the trail!  Ooops!  

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