Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Moses Said "Let my People Go"

Hello Family!
Well this was just the weirdest week ever. Hahah nothing that we planned to do worked out the whole week. It was so weird!
Tuesday we started out by going to practice this song we were asked to sing in church. You should go look it up cause it is super beautiful. It is "I'll go where you want me to go" And its by Lindy Kerby. Or kirbymusic.com or something. Its really cool. But at first we hated it. haha but once we figured it out we loved it. So we were practicing at this members house, then we went to visit some less actives, they ended up giving us a tour of their whole backyard and their chicken coops hhaha and they gave us some free eggs! Kind of fun, everyone has chickens here so everyone just gets their own eggs. We went tracting and man it was a rough crowd hahah. Not one person was interested. We had dinner at this hilarious familys house, they are kind of less active. And the husband is just sooo funny! His wife was giving us a tour of their house and showing us all of her art work and it ended up being a long tour and then the husband yelled from the bottom of the stairs "MOSES SAID LET MY PEOPLE GOOO" hahaha. We were dying laughing
Wednesday the day started out great we had a practice lesson with the Towers. It was a good thing we taught the lesson cause they didn't remember anything about the whole restoration haha. Then we had a lunch appointment with the Houston family and ohhhh myyy goshhhh they talked so much! Hahah it was exhausting, cause I couldn't even understand what they were saying or talking about, but it was good. Thennn we went to visit this less active lady named Marjorie and oh my GOSH she talked even mooooore!! We were held captive for like and hour and 15 minutes!! It was oh my gosh. I almost died!!!! But when we finally got out of her house there was a frog on her wall so Sister Kim caught it! Haha so we had a frog, we named him Jerry. Then we went to visit a less active she-male. HAHA this is probably one of the funniest people i've met on my mission so far. So her name is Nicole, but she goes by Nicolas (Its actually her dad who is the la member, but sister kim had told me about her/him so I wanted to meet her/him hahah). So we knock on the door and she answers in silky pajamas and a santa hat, and we asked if her dad is there. She's like "no, he's not here. I'm his son. Actually I'm the only male on the whole planet. Actually i'm God. I don't pray. But there are 2 kinds of praying. Praying and Preying. I'm more familiar with the preying. Because I'm the only male on the planet, and all women are in love with me." Then she goes on to tell us that we obviously don't have boyfriends cause we don't look like the type who have boytoys hahahahaha. And during one point Sister Kim started laughing hahah and  then I almost started laughing. But nicolas/nicole is completely serious the whole time. hahahaha. So we left. And we were dying laughing, and then we decided to send it in as a referral to the ysa elders hahaahahah. So we did. 
Thursday is the day we usually have district meeting, and we have it at 10:30. so we drive to the church and no one is there.... so we were like a little early so we figured that the elders were just running late. Nope. turns out there was no district meeting! And we had no idea because our phone sucks hahahaha. So we showed up and its cancelled. So we went home and had to rearrange our whole day. Lol, because the reason it got cancelled is because we had a special training with president on Friday, which we had no idea about. Hahah so good thing we found out, or else that would have been terrible. The rest of the day was kind of crazy, just visiting some people and meeting some referrals. I had a crazy allergy attack hahha good times. We had dinner at the Blodgett family and they were running late and we had an appointment after so we just did our spiritual thought first and then had dinner. But haha I guess I was a little bold with the commitment I was leaving cause Brother Blodgett was asking me if I was studying law and hahah he kept trying to get out of doing his missionary work and I'd be like Hey! don't change the subbject! And he eventually agreed to it haha good times.
Friday was not weekly planning cause we had our special training with president lewis. It was super good. He is just the best! Now eveyone is feeling pumped up and ready to do missionary work! woohoo! The rest of the day was just sort of a normal day visiting people and doing our thing.
Saturday was when we did our weekly planning and ahahah in the middle of it the zone leaders (ysa elders) called us about the referral Nicolas we gave them hahahah sounds like it was just as crazy for them. We're not sure if they figured out it was kind of a joke or not. Hahah but either way hilarious. The rest of saturday was so crazy. We went to see Louie and ended up dropping him. His heart is just too hard. Then we went to contact this referral and we typed it into the gps (not mine, but the one that is in our car) and oh my gosh this gps is a piece of junk!! hahah it led us on a wild goose chase!!! Hahaha we were following it and started going down this road, and then all of a sudden its like this dirt road with a lot of ditches, (which isn't uncommon in this area) but this one looked a little iffy. But the gps said to go on it, so we followed it. We keep driving and we see 2 ladies walking. Turns out it was a walking path! hahaha so we were in the middle of a walking path in our big jeep compass! hahaha so funny! After that little adventure we went to our ward activity which was an "international potluck" it was lots of fun! All of the families we committed to bring non members to actually brought nonmembers!! none of them live in our area, but still! It was great! 
Sunday was a great Sunday we had our early meetings, then church. Our song went good the ward loved it! annnnd the rest of the day was good. We had dinner at a pmf which was a lot of fun. Then we basically called it a night! 
So it was kind of a weird week, but still a good one! hahah lots of funny stories!!!
Love you allll!!!!!!!!

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