Monday, 3 March 2014

Just Another Week in the Mission

Hello family!
I don't have too much to report on this week, but it was a good week!
Monday after pday was over we had dinner at the bishops and Tony came! It was so great! Tony loves the bishop and the bishop loves him, he is going to be a great addition to the ward! We showed him a short video about the Restoration and talked about how Joseph Smith restored the gospel. We asked Tony to pray about if Joseph Smith was really a prophet and he said he would do it no problem.
Tuesday: We went and saw Tony and haha he cut our hair! It turned out pretty good. It was kind of funny having such an old guy who is our investigator cut our hair! But now it is healthy. Tony is such a great guy I hope you guys can come meet him some day! Then we had dinner with Judy! Which was fun as usual! Then we went back to her house and were talking and stuff.
Wednesday: We went and taught Tony the Big 3! This is tithing, the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. Hahah just as we figured Tony didn't have any issues with the Law of chastity. And he is so sweet. He said if the Lord commands me not to drink coffee I won't drink any coffee! Hahah How awesome is that? I just love this guy. We went and visited some other people that night and stuff but that was about the highlight.
Thursday: We had our district meeting, we talked about all of our different investigators and stuff and talked about how we can help each other. It was a good district meeting. We went and saw Elaine and talked with her, she won't be at church this sunday cause her and her family are going to 6 Flags. But she is reading from the book of mormon. We saw tony today too and he cooked lunch for us! Hahah real Italian spaghetti! It was delicious! 
Friday: We had weekly planning, then we were able to see Jim and Lloyd and Peggy. We hadn't seen Jim since Sister Hale got here so it was good to see him. He was excited to see us and wants to come to the single ladies fhe on monday night haha. Lloyd isn't doing so good :( He decided he's not going to come to church until he can stop smoking. So that was a real bummer.
Saturday: Hahah there was a bridal shower being hosted at the Williams house and with like 20 cars parked in the driveway we had no  chance of getting out. So we just stayed for the whole thing. It was really fun. Then we were on chair duty. Part of being a missionary I guess ;). Then we went to dinner visited some less active people and called it a night.
Sunday: This was a great sunday. Tony came to church, Bishop announced his baptism and the ward is super supportive :) Then we had dinner at the relief society presidents house which was fun. Her whole family as there and it reminded me of all our good family times hanging out :).
So not much to write about, but still a good week.
Tony is all set for his baptism TOMORROW :D We're so excited! 
Next week I'll send pictures :)

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